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4.6.14 NDRL Racing Results From Mercer Raceway Park

4.6.14 NDRL Racing Results From Mercer Raceway Park

4.6.14 NDRL Racing Results From Mercer Raceway Park

Gregg Satterlee and Rich Michael Jr. Capture NDRL NE & NDRL Mod portion of ‘Chiller Thriller’

Mercer, PA (April 6, 2014) Gregg Satterlee of Indiana, PA took the lead on lap 26 of the 30 lap ‘Chiller Thriller’ at Mercer Raceway Park after a daring move to the outside of then leader Tim Fuller to win the inaugural NDRL Northeast Late Model Series event.

Fuller and Russell King brought the field to the green flag with King gaining the early advantage followed by Fuller. Dan Stone and Satterlee had an intense battle for the third spot as Fuller stalked the race leader King. By lap six, Fuller drove to the outside of turns one and two to pull alongside of race leader King and used his momentum to blast by King in turns three and four to take over the race lead. Stone, who was running fourth, came to a stop on the backstretch on lap 14 to bring out the events first caution.

During the Delaware style restart, Fuller continued to lead while Satterlee took advantage of his outside starting position to make his way around King for second and begin his assault on the leader. After a second caution slowed the pace, Fuller continued to lead as he moved to the outside to hold off the hard charging Satterlee.

The third and final caution flew on lap 18 setting up another Delaware style restart, Fuller again ran a similar line as Satterlee to block his advances. The duo battled back and forth through the next eight laps before Satterlee was finally able to make the pass on the outside of turns three and four on lap 26. A lap later Fuller slowed with a flat right rear tire and retired from the event surrendering the second position to Keith Barbara who got by King for third on the lap 18 restart. Satterlee set a blistering pace the final four laps to take home the $3,000 top prize ahead of Barbara, King, Mike Knight, and Max Blair who rounded out the top five. Justin Kann finished sixth ahead of Brent Rhebergen, Greg Oakes, Jared Miley, and Chad Hollenbeck who finished tenth.

Mike Kinney and Steve Dixon led the NDRL Modifieds field to the green flag with Kinney jumping out the early lead. Dixon wasted no time though and took the lead off of Kinney as the pair roared out of turn two. Just like Dixon, fourth starting Rich Michael Jr. wasted no time in making a move past Dixon for the race lead on lap three. Michael Jr. would pace the field for the remaining 17 laps to capture the $1,000 top prize followed by Joel Watson, Steve Dixon, Brent Rhebergen, and Randy Hall who finished fifth. Sixth was Mike Potosky while Justin Carlson was seventh, Mike Kinney in eighth, ninth was Ken Zimmer, and Jeff Johnson rounded out the top-ten.

NDRL Northeast Late Models
‘Chiller Thriller’ Mercer Raceway Park
Sunday, April 6, 2014

Finish / Car # / Name / Purse
1. 22G Gregg Satterlee $3,000
2. 17 Keith Barbara $1,500
3. 56 Russell King $1,200
4. 9K Mike Knight $1,000
5. 111 Max Blair $800
6. 66 Justin Kann $650
7. 07R Brent Rhebergen $600
8. 22 Greg Oakes $500
9. H1 Jared Miley $450
10. 4DS Chad Hollenbeck $400
11. 12 Andy Boozel $390
12. 32 Billy Dickson $380
13. 57 Bo Lockwood $370
14. 22JR Michael Oakes $360
15. 19 Time Fuller $350
16. 10 Ryan Christoff $340
17. 14R Clay Ruffo $330
18. 03 Doug Eck $320
19. 21D Dan Stone $310

NDRL Modifieds
‘Chiller Thriller’ Mercer Raceway Park
Sunday, April 6, 2014

Finish / Car # / Name / Purse
1. 17X Rich Michael Jr. $1,000
2. 92 Joel Watson $600
3. 68 Steve Dixon $400
4. RD1 Brent Rhebergen $325
5. 10 Randy Hall $300
6. M20 Mike Potosky $280
7. 55 Justin Carlson $260
8. 3 Mike Kinney $240
9. 62 Ken Zimmer $220
10. 27 Jeff Johnson $200
11. 4 Rusty Wheeler $175
12. 70 Steve Burns Jr. $150
13. 117 Jim Turley $135
14. 79.2 John Boardman $130
15. 1J Jim Dellinger $125
DNS – 11M Mike McGee
2014 NDRL Northeast Point Standings
1. 22 Gregg Satterlee 200
2. 17 Keith Barbara 196
3. 56 Russell King 194
4. 9K Mike Knight 192
5. 111 Max Blair 190
6. 66 Justin Kann 188
7. 07R Brent Rhebergen 186
8. 22 Greg Oakes 184
9. H1 Jared Miley 182
10. 4DS Chad Hollenbeck 180

2014 NDRL Modifieds Point Standings
1. 17X Rich Michael Jr. 200
2. 92 Joel Watson 196
3. 68 Steve Dixon 194
4. RD1 Brent Rhebergen 192
5. 10 Randy Hall 190
6. M20 Mike Potosky 188
7. 55 Justin Carlson 186
8. 3 Mike Kinney 184
9. 62 Ken Zimmer 182
10. 27 Jeff Johnson 180

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