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10.10.20 Wayne County Speedway Results

Friday & Saturday October 9 & 10, 2020​By Mike Swanger​ The racing season came to a close at Wayne County Speedway this week end with the running of the 8th annual Ohio Dirt Blowout with a total of eight different class’ of cars during the two day event. Starting the Saturday night action were the Pine Tree Towing and Recovery Sprint Cars racing for the Rick Susong Memorial and at the drop of the green flag, Strasburg’s Henry Malcuit out hustled dash winner R J Jacobs into turn one and would lead all the way for his first feature win aboard the Red Malcuit Inc., Malcuit Engines and McIntosh Oil ​#70. Jacobs would keep the pressure on Malcuit early on in the race as Chris Myers was right behind the two leaders. Jacobs, who was driving the Prosser owned #19, would try a slider in turn one and two but came up short of completing the pass for the lead on lap 15 and then three laps later, his night would end when he hit the guardrail in turn one and flip over the guardrail. he would walk away ok. This would put Myers in second with Tom Schinderle in third and after the restart, Schinderle’s car really hooked up as he challenged Myers for second and with three laps to go secured second place from Myers but could not catch Malcuit in the last three circuits. Myers finished third with Dean Jacobs, who was in the Ray Miller owned #22 finished fourth with Troy Kingan, the heat winner, taking fifth. Charlie Duncan would lead the opening lap of the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Model feature but as he came out of turn two on the second lap went off the back stretch and ended his race as pole sitter Dave Hornikel would take the lead back. He would open up about a 10 car length advantage early on as Ryan Markam, Brett Bee, Doug Drown, Justin Chance and Mitch Caskey all were racing tightly for position. Markham would bounce off the turn one guardrail and suffer a flat tire on lap nine. He would change tires and would work his way back through the field. Drown would take second on lap 13 and chase down Hornikel and finally passed Hornikel on lap 20 but Hornikel wasn’t giving it up easy as he come back and lead laps 21 and 22 before Drown would take over for good aboard the B.A.’s Place Malcuit Tavern and Malcuit Engines #79. With two laps to go, Caskey powered past Hornikel and then on the last lap, Markham came back to finish third ahead of Hornikel as Cody Scott grabbed fifth place after starting 15th. Chance and Drown topped the heat races. Randolph’s Larry Baldwin would start outside front row of the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock feature and set the pace for the opening three laps as pole sitter Tyler Wiles would do a slider on Baldwin coming out of turn four on lap four to take the lead for that lap but Baldwin and his All Star Performance, Aamco and Friendship Acres Bar & Grill #7up would retake the point on the next circuit and then steadily pull away for the win. Doug Drown would take second on lap 6 but could not chase down Baldwin, who was the heat winner also. Wiles would end up third with Brandon Craver and Chase Alexander filling out the top five. It was also the last night of the Swanger Sports ‘Summer Series’ for the Super Stocks and with his 6th place finish in the feature, John Wilson claimed the four race championship with Chase Alexander second and Brandon Craver third. The wildest feature of the week end was the Modified feature with Kyle Moore quickly taking the point on the opening lap from his fourth starting spot with outside pole starter Nathan Loney following Moore, who would start to open up a good size lead but on lap six would bounce off the guardrail in turn two and allow Loney and Doug Drown, who had moved into third on the fourth lap to close in. Things changed on the ninth circuit as the Lapped car of Scott Boyd spun in front of Loney and Drown. Loney would make hard contact with the spun car while Drown clipped Loney’s car. Loney’s car was hauled off ending his night while Drown was able to continue with his damaged car. As the action went back to green and both Moore and Drown driving cars that were damaged and hard to handle both were able to pull away from the rest of the field. With the laps clicking off, Drown was trying every groove to get around Moore for the lead but could not do it but as the two went down the backstretch for the last time, three lapped cars would come into play. Moore elected to go to the low groove while Drown went to the highside going into turn three and Moore would get hung up behind one of the lapped cars while Drown and his Custom Race Engines and SID Racing #5 was able to clear the slower cars and beat Moore back to the finish line by less than a car length as the Wooster driver would pick up his second win of the night. Colton Shaw made a last lap pass on Robbie Ledger for third as John Mollick filled out the top five. Heat winners were Moore, Drown, and D J Cline. The JoyRide Transport Mini Stocks would be competing for the Sam Huffman Memorial and with thier feature wins on Friday night, Jordan James and Cody Newbury would start on the front row it would be all James all the way. Driving the Loudonville based, Ugly Duck Bar & Grill, Lorentz Lawn Care and Lochevale Farms #83 would lead all the way for the win. Newbury would drop out with mechanical issues on lap three as Colton St. John would pester James for the lead but never could swipe the point away. Bobby Searls would take third with Travis Hutton and Johnny Bruce Sr. rounding out the top five. Billy Parsons won the last chance race. Saturday night was also the last night of the Kirsch Properties ‘Summer Series’ for the Mini Stocks and with his win, Jordan James won the series with Doug Hensel second and Travis Hutton third. In Friday nights action, Don Rutt scored his second career win in the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock as the Wooster driver and his D L Rutt Builders, The Rott Shop and the Shuttle Specialties #910 held off Brad Hensel, Chase Alexander, Tyler Wiles and Jordan James, winning the heat races were Brandon Craver and Alexander. The JoyRide Transport Mini Stocks would run two features with the second feature starting with a complete invert of the finish from the first feature. James would win the first feature with Colton St John, Cody Newbury, Travis Hutton, who won the second last chance race, and Bobby Searls in the top five. Even though they started at the very back of the second feature, Newbury would claim the win in the second feature as St. John would finish second again and James would grab third as David Keagy and Anthony Collins would fill out the top five. Friday night heat winners were Dakota Graciani, Collins, Newbury and James with Jolene Voshel winning the first last chance race. Tracy Fritter set the pace for the first four laps of the ModLite main but after that, Toboso’s Jimmy Smith took over and drove away for his second win at ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’ this season. Driving the Phil Stalling Classic car # 280 was chased across the finish line by Fritter, Darrick Hubbard, Tim Callahan and Cody Stillion as Callahan and Smith grabbed the heat checkered flags. Sunbury’s Rob Stambaugh went flag to flag for the win in the Truck feature as the Russell Landscape Services, James Madison Insurance and All City Auto Wrecking, Rolly Heyder owned #10 was followed by heat winner Dewey Powell, Blake Heyder, Derek Cordia and Chad Squires.​WAYNE COUNTY SPEEDWAY RESULTS​Saturday, October 10, 2020​PINE TREE TOWING & RECOVERY SPRINTSDash R J Jacobs, Henry Malcuit, Chris Myers, Tom Schinderle​Heat 1 Troy Kingan, Dean Jacobs, Wyatt Zimmerman, Kris Davis, Shawn Hubler dns, Dylan Kingan dns, Ray Miller dns​Feature Henry Malcuit, Tom Schinderle, Chris Myers, Dean Jacobs, Troy Kingan, Wyatt Zimmerman, Dylan Kingan, R J Jacobs, Kris Davis, Shawn Hubler, Ray Miller dns​MALCUIT TAVERN SUPER LATE MODELS​Heat 1 Justin Chance, Dave Hornikel, Charlie Duncan, Todd Brennan, Alan Baker, Aaron Phillis, Jason Henderson, Cody Scott, Phil Wade, J R Gentry​Heat 2 Doug Drown, Ryan Markham, Brett Bee, Mitch Caskey, Howard Fraley, Jerry Aber, Craig Hartong, Doug Baird, Corey Conley, Hiram Bachmann​Feature Doug Drown, Mitch Caskey, Ryan Markham, Dave Hornikel, Cody Scott, Justin Chance, Brett Bee, Alan Baker, Todd Brennan, Aaron Phillis, Jerry Aber, Jason Henderson, Howard Fraley, Craig Hartong, Doug Baird, Corey Conley, Charlie Duncan, Hiram Bachmann, J R Gentry dns, Phil Wade dns​MCKENZIE CONCRETE SUPER STOCKS​Heat 1 Larry Baldwin, Doug Drown, Brandon Craver, Tyler Wiles, Chase Alexander, Brad Hensel, Jason St John, Don Rutt, John Wilson, James Alleman​Feature Larry Baldwin, Doug Drown, Tyler Wiles, Brandon Craver, Chase Alexander, John Wilson, Jason St. John, Brad Hensel, James Alleman, Don Rutt​MODIFIEDS​Heat 1 Kyle Moore, Nathan Loney, John Mollick, Landin Wetzel, Richard Grogg, Cody Basinger, Scott Boyd, Bruce Miller​Heat 2 Doug Drown, Colton Shaw, Chad Coleman, Leighton Wetzel, Mark Gardiner, Mason Canter, Brandon Morrow, Zach Hershey​Heat 3 D J Cline, Robbie Ledger, Mitch Lam, Jeremy Waite, Pauly Hess, Jimmy Smith, Barry JacobsFeature Doug Drown, Kyle Moore, Colton Shaw, Robbie Ledger, John Mollick, Mark Gardiner, Leighton Wetzel, Jeremy Waite, Pauly Hess, Mason Canter, Zack Hershey, Jimmy Smith, Richard Grogg, Cody Basinger, Nathan Loney, Scott Boyd, Chad Coleman, Mitch Lam, D J Cline, Landin Wetzel, Bruce Miller, Barry JacobsJOYRIDE TRANSPORT MINI STOCKS’B’ Main Billy Parsons, Johnny Bruce Sr., Dakota Graciani, Doug Hensel, Kevin Markey, Wayne Newbury, Billy Dawson, Kyle Noel, Clayton Evans, Chris Collins, Matt Shapaka, Jeremy Hudson, Ashley Evans, Steven Lester, Cody Radcliff, Cory Staley dnsFeature Jordan James, Colton St. John, Bobby Searls, Travis Hutton, Johnny Bruce Sr., Anthony Collins, Doug Hensel, David Keagy, Ryan Carder, John Louis, Billy Parsons, Stephen Crowe, Wayne Newbury, Kyle Noel, Billy Dawson, Chris Collins, Kevin Markey, Clayton Evans, Dakota Graciani, Cody NewburyFRIDAY NIGHT RESULTS​October 9, 2020​MCKENZIE CONCRETE SUPER STOCKSHeat 1 Brandon Craver, Doug Drown, Luke Sprouse, Matt Shroyer, Tyler Wiles, Jason St.John, Paul McVicker, Dave UhlerHeat 2 Chase Alexander, Brad Hensel, Jordan James, Don Rutt, Trae Schonauer, Virgil Masters, Paul Holmes, Pete McCuneFeature Don Rutt, Brad Hensel, Chase Alexander, Tyler Wiles, Jordan James, Matt Shroyer, Jason St.John, Trae Schonauer, Brandon Craver, Doug Drown, Paul McVicker, Virgil Masters dns, Paul Holmes dns, David Uhler dns, Pete McCune dnsJOYRIDE TRANSPORT MINI STOCKSHeat 1 Dakota Graciani, Colton St. John, Ryan Carder, Johnny Bruce Sr., Kevin Markey, Cody Radcliff, Jimmy Burns, Brian Tomblin, Jeremy Hudson, Ashley EvansHeat 2 Anthony Collins, David Keagy, Stephen Crowe, Kyle Petit, Jolene Voshel, Doug Hensel, Molly Rannigan, Dan Kinch, Matt HenselHeat 3 Cody Newbury, Cory Staley, Billy Parsons, Brent Boreman, Matt Shapaka, Clayton Evans, Tim Lynn, Travis Hutton, Brian ButlerHeat 4 Jordan James, Bobby Searls, Wes Staley, John Louis, Steven Lester, Coree Boyd, Anthony Short, Chris Collins, Dustin Regan ‘B’Main 1 Jolene Voshel, Jimmy Burns, Cody Radcliff, Brian Tomblin, Kevin Markey, Ashley Evans, Doug Hensel dns, Molly Rannigan dns, Dan Kinch dns, Jeremy Hudson dns, Matt Hensel dns’B’Main 2 Travis Hutton, Steven Lester, Anthony Short, Coree Boyd, Chris Collins, Clayton Evans, Matt Shapaka, Tim Lynn dns, Brian Butler dnsFeature 1 Jordan James, Colton St John, Cody Newbury, Travis Hutton, Bobby Searls, Cory Staley, Brent Boreman, Ryan Carder, Kyle Petit, Stephen Crowe, David Keagy, Jolene Voshel, Wes Staley, John Louis, Steven Lester, Jimmy Burns, Dakota Graciani, Johnny Bruce Sr., Anthony Collins, Billy Parsons, Doug HenselFeature 2 Cody Newbury, Colton St.John, Jordan James, David Keagy, Anthony Collins, Travis Hutton, Bobby Searls, John Louis, Brent Boreman, Wes Staley, Jolene Voshel, Kyle Petit, Stephen Crowe, Doug Hensel, Steven Lester, Jimmy Burns, Cory Staley, Ryan Carder, Dakota Graciani, Billy Parsons, Johnny Bruce Sr.MOD LITESHeat 1 Tim Callahan, Darrick Hubbard, Tanner McLoughlin, Justin Pierce, Cody Stillion, Rick Mardis, Jeremy PadenHeat 2 Jimmy Smith, Tracy Fritter, Jon Preston, Rory Reed, Carson Hubbard, Dustin KolanskiFeature Jimmy Smith, Tracy Fritter, Darrick Hubbard, Tim Callahan, Cody Stillion, Tanner McLoughlin, Justin Pierce, Rick Mardis, Jon Preston, Jeremy Paden, Carson Hubbard, Dustin Kolanski, Rory ReedTRUCKSHeat 1 Dewey Powell, Rob Stambaugh, Blake Heyder, Derek Cordia, Chad Squires, Austin Swisher dns, Andy King dnsFeature Rob Stambaugh, Dewey Powell, Blake Heyder, Derek Cordia, Chad Squires, Austin Swisher dns, Andy King dns

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