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11.6.21 411 Motor Speedway Results

The Open Wheel Modifieds took center stage for the second annual Areal 51 event paying $5,100 to win.

The 602 Late Models were the first feature on the docket for their 20 lap feature. Noah Phillips would put his #15 on pole in qualifying earning the pole for the feature. The green waved and it would be outside pole sitter Tucker Anderson who took the lead with Phillips, Tim Bounds, Matt Steward and Dustin Bunch in chase. Curtis Thomas didn’t have a strong qualifying effort but was working his way up as he battled with the #7 of Steward early on to get into the top five. As Anderson began to inch away it was a tight battle a little further back as Eric Hughes and Tiffany Hensley fought it out for position. The field began to get stretched out a bit until a late caution would slow things down. The late restart wouldn’t change the results as Anderson would hold on to pick up his first ever win at 411.

1: #6 Tucker Anderson
2: #15 Noah Phillips
3: #11 Tim Bounds
4: #P7 Matt Steward
5: #2 Dustin Bunch
6: #5 Curtis Thomas
7: #711 Eric Hughes
8: #K28 Brandon James
9: #7T Tiffany Hensley
10: #28 Richard Cox

The Tazewell/Volunteer Street Stock were up next for another 20 lap feature. Shawn Henry would set fast time in qualifying alongside the #M2 of Shannon Emery. The green waved and Emery would set sail ahead of Henry, David Clark, former Classic Car Champion Lee Merritt and Charlie Bates the top five on the start. The top three put some distance on fourth place Lee Merritt who had his hands full with Bates. It looked like Emery was gonna run away until he made contact with the wall in turn three. The #M2 machine slammed the wall hard collecting the #31 of Henry and the #79 of Clark in the process. Emery and Henry would be done with heavy damage but Clark would continue despite heavy front end damage. With Emery and Henry done for the night, Clark would inherit the lead with Merritt now second. Back under green Clark would run away and pick up the win.

1: #79 David Clark
2: #14 Lee Merritt
3: #27 Charlie Bates
4: #38 Bryan Williams
5: #1 Cody Satterfield
6: #M2 Shannon Emery
7: #31 Shawn Henry

The 604 Late Models were up next for a 30 lap feature. Pierce McCarter would put his #71 on top of the board for qualifying earlier in the day. However it would be the #B00 of Josh Henry who took control on the start with McCarter, Mack McCarter, 2021 Champion Brodie Sharp and Eli Beets in chase. Beets had his hands full as he tried to fight off the #07 of Jason Cardwell who was looking to move into the top five. The top three began to pull away with Henry putting a little distance between himself and the McCarter brothers. Henry was setting a blistering pace and found himself in lap traffic early on. They may be family but the McCarter boys were racing hard against one another for the runner up position. The caution would wave on lap 12 for the #4 of Arms who went for a spin in turn four. Greg Martin started back in the 8th spot but was putting on a clinic as he moved into the top five on the restart. Sharp had some trouble getting going and dropped through the pack on the restart. Trouble for the #07 of Cardwell as his strong run came to an end with right rear damage. The #51 of McCarter who had just took over the second spot would also pull off track with a flat tire after an intense battle with his brother. Henry would hold off a hard charge from Pierce McCarter to pick up the win.

1: #B00 Josh Henry
2: #71 Pierce McCarter
3: #24 Greg Martin
4: #109 Eli Beets
5: #21 Trey Bayne
6: #118 Brodie Sharp
7: #76 Perry Delaney
8: #317 Mike Bargo
9: #92 Shane Irvin
10: #51 Mack McCarter
11: #07 Jason Cardwell
12: #2 Michael Bland
13: #R4 Ricky Arms
DNS: #5 Ronnie Johnson

The second annual Areal 51 was up next paying $5,100 to win for 51 laps. Brandon Kinzer would lead us to green ahead of Victor Lee, Taylor Cook, Peyton Harlow and Chris Wilson. Harlow would take off fast moving into the third spot past Cook. Lucas Lee was looking to work his way into the top five as he turned up the heat on Wilson early on. With Kinzer pulling away out front the battles throughout the field were tight. The caution would wave on lap 9 for the #4 of Ricky Arms who went for a spin. Back under green and the fight was on for the runner up spot as Harlow looked low under the #4 of Lee. Harlow and Cook would make contact down the backstretch resulting in a cut tire for Cook who slowed bringing out the caution. After some attention from his crew, Cook would return to the race at the tail end of the pack. Lap Traffic would come into play as the #28 of Cotterman would lose a tire collecting Harlow who was running top three. Harlow would have heavy front end damage and retired for the rest of race. Kinzer would hold off a late charge from Lee and score the big win.

1: #18 Brandon Kinzer
2: #4 Victor Lee
3: #10 Chris Wilson
4: #12 Lucas Lee
5: #327 Ricky Tinch
6: #15 Jeff Hamby
7: #21 Taylor Cook
8: #56 Michael Asberry
9: #R11 Reece Ogle
10: #13 David Clark
11: #77 Robby Reagan
12: #4 Wayne James
13: #C29 Joey Cotterman
14: #K49 Kirk Turner
15: #155 Peyton Harlow
16: #26 Adam Ogle
17: #77 Chad Ogle
18: #28C Jeff Cotterman
19: #R4 Ricky Arms

The Sportsman feature was up next for their 20 lap feature. Jed Emert would set fast time in hotlap/qualifying earning the top spot for the feature. The green waved and it would be Hayden Cardwell who put his #07 on point with Emert, Addison Cardwell, Brad Seagle and Billy Branch your top five on the start. Seagle wasn’t wasting time as he tried to move past Addison Cardwell early on. Trouble for the #24 of Mason Bare who slowed with issues and pulled track. Back under green and the top two began to inch away Cardwell and Seagle working each other over for the third position. Emert was working the very low line until a caution came out for the #7 of Bill Norwood. Hayden Cardwell would hold off Emert to score another win on the 2021 season.

1: #07 Hayden Cardwell
2: #98 Jed Emert
3: #07A Addison Cardwell
4: #31 Brad Seagle
5: #71 Billy Branch
6: #21 Tyler Haynes
7: #14 Sylvan Schuette
8: #47 Jim Gray
9: #32 Cody Gloyne
10: #15 Bryan Cooper
11: #7 Bill Norwood
12: #9 Nicholas Shelton
13: #24 Mason Bare

The Front Wheel Drive would be the final race of the day for 20 laps. Cody Rector would lead us to green ahead of Jacob Sharp, Eric Partin, Amelia McClain and Bradley Owens. Trouble early for the #44 of Scott Valez who would stall on the pit exit bringing out the caution. The #47 Lilly Qualls would also pull off track under the caution. Back under green and it looked to be a two man race as Rector and Sharp fought hard for the top spot. The #21 Jason Wilde would bounce off the front stretch wall resulting in right rear damage and would pull off track shortly after. Trouble for the #75 of Partin who made contact with a lap car ending both of their nights. The fight for the lead was intense as the leaders made contact multiple times putting on a fantastic show for the lead. Rector would hold off and pick up another win.

1: #46 Cody Rector
2: #1 Jacob Sharp
3: #717 Amelia McClain
4: #1 Raymond Fuson
5: #526 Josh Davis
6: #39 Bradley Owens
7: #22 Anthony Brock
8: #85 Travis Weeks
9: #24 Ricky Ritenour
10: #27 Travis Leonard
11: #75 Eric Partin
12: #72 Daryl Teefeteller
13: #12 Jimmy Linville
14: #21 Jason Wilde
15: #44 Scott Valez
16: #47 Lilly Qualls

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