Thursday, November 30, 2023

4.20.18 Davenport Speedway Results

by Mike McGuire
DAVENPORT, Ia. (April 20, 2018) – Things could have gone smoother for Chris Simpson Friday at the Davenport Speedway half-mile track, but not by much. The Oxford, Iowa racer won his heat race, started the feature on the pole and led all thirty laps en route to his second straight Lucas Oil MLRA Late Model victory.
Chad Simpson was hoping for a family one – two finish, but struck the turn one wall late in the race, ending his run early. Brian Shirley started along side Chris Simpson and never ran worse than third. Shirley would finish second. Tyler Bruening came from mid-pack to take third. Tony Jackson Jr. and Payton Looney completed the top five.
Late model hat wins went to Rickey Frankel, Chris Simpson, Frank Heckenast Jr., and Tony Jackson Jr. The consolation race was won by Jordan Yaggy.
Thirty-five late models were on hand representing eight states.

Justin Kay would also win a heat and feature in the Modified class. Kay had to work his way from a fifth row starting spot to the lead. Early race leader Eric Barnes would finish second. Rob Toland recovered from a first lap miscue to finish third. Jeff Larson and Kenny Kostenbader were fourth and fifth respectively.
Tony Olson jumped out to an early lead in the SportMod main and survived a late race restart to claim victory. Keith Blum had a strong run in second. Dustin Schram took third, just ahead of Tyler Soppe. Randy Lamar rounded out the top five.
In Street Stock action, Jeff Struck Jr. also captured heat and feature wins. Jesse Owen finished second with Jeremy Gustaf third. Jefferey Peterson and Donnie Louck were fourth and fifth respectively.
The Lucas Oil MLRA Late Models will return to the Davenport Speedway in two weeks. On May 4th, super late models will compete on the quarter-mile oval.
The next event at the Davenport Speedway is the Koehler Electric Season Opener on Friday, April 27th.
Davenport Speedway
April 20, 2018 –
Lucas Oil MLRA Late Models
Heat #1: 1. Rickey Frankel; 2. Tad Popisil; 3. Mitch McGrath;
Heat #2: 1. Chris Simpson; 2. Chad Simpson; 3. Rob Toland;
Heat #3: 1. Frank Heckenast Jr.; 2. Brian Shirley; 3. Joel Callahan;
Heat #4: 1. Tony Jackson Jr.; 2. Jonathan Brauns; 3. Dave Eckrich;
Semi: 1. Jordan Yaggy; 2. Payton Looney; 3. Jason Feger;
Feature: 1. Chris Simpson; 2. Brian Shirley; 3. Tyler Bruening; 4. Tony Jackson Jr.; 5. Payton Looney; 6. Jason Feger; 7. Jordan Yaggy; 8. Rich Bell; 9. J.C. Wyman; 10. Frank Heckenast Jr.; 11. Mitch McGrath; 12. Raymond Merrill; 13. Joel Callahan; 14. Jeff Roth; 15. Mason Oberkramer; 16. Chad Simpson; 17. Rickey Frankel; 18. Cole Wells; 19. Tad Pospisil; 20. Will Vault; 21. Dave Eckrich; 22. Jonathan Brauns; 23. Rob Toland; 24. Joe Godsey; 25. Jesse Stovall;
Heat #1: 1. Jeff Larson; 2. Rob Toland; 3. Jenny Kostenbader; 4. Eric Barnes; 5. Brandon Durbin;
Heat #2: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Steve Johnson; 3. Thad Wilson; 4. Bob Dominacki; 5. Rusty Daufeldt;
Feature: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Eric Barnes; 3. Rob Toland; 4. Jeff Larson; 5. Kenny Kostenbader; 6. Jaden Fryer; 7. Thad Wilson; 8. Bruce Hanford; 9. Dustin Smith; 10. Bob Dominacki; 11. Rusty Daufeldt; 12. Brandon Durbin; 13. Brekken Kleinschmidt; 14. Steve Johnson;
Street Stocks .
Heat #1: 1. Jeff Struck Jr.; 2. Jeremy Gustaf; 3. Jesse Owen; 4. Jefferey Peterson; 5. Mike Anderson;
Feature: 1. Jeff Struck Jr.; 2. Jesse Owen; 3. Jeremy Gustaf; 4. Jefferey Peterson; 5. Donnie Louck; 6. Mike Anderson;
Heat #1: 1. Tyler Soppe; 2. Keith Blum; 3. Brandon Setser; 4. Randy Lamar; 5. Marcus Ostofi;
Heat #2: 1. Dustin Schram; 2. Tony Olson; 3. Jerry Miles; 4. Andrew Burk; 5. Chance Huston;
Feature: 1. Tony Olson; 2. Keith Blum; 3. Dustin Schram; 4. Tyler Soppe; 5. Randy Lamar; 6. Chance Huston; 7. Brandon Setser; 8. Jerry Miles; 9. Andrew Burk;