4.20.18 POWRi 600cc Outlaw Micro League Results - Dirt Racing Report

4.20.18 POWRi 600cc Outlaw Micro League Results

Belleville, IL – When fans think of POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro League racing at Belle-Clair Speedway, one of the first names that comes to mind is Joe B. Miller. Miller tallied his 31st career win with the POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro League tonight and added the 27th Annual Arnie Knepper Memorial to his resume.
Starting inside row three, Miller fell into third behind early race leader Tyler Rennison and Tyler Rust. By lap two Miller had already moved into the second position and was working the treacherous curb on the Belle-Clair boards. Moving into the lead on lap five, Miller never relinquished the lead, standing tall after multiple cautions and red flags. Tyler Rennison held onto second, surviving a last lap, last corner altercation with Austin Schaefer, while Chad Elliott rounded out the podium in third.
“We always gel well with this place,” commented Joe B. Miller. “We almost always get a big cushion right up against the wall, which is kind of my style. The guys work on the car and have it tuned in pretty good and the motor was running good. It takes more than one thing; it all adds up to get the win.”
“We about got it taken away from us at the last second,” Tyler Rennison said. “We might have lost a Jacob’s ladder and definitely a right rear, but man Joe B.’s fast. I’m glad we were challenging him when we could. That car’s fast.”
“We started off really good at the beginning, started passing cars and then about mid-way I moved up a groove,” said Chad Elliott. “The top was different than most nights when we run Belleville. It was more aggressive, so when they all started battling I went to the bottom and started picking more off and at the end we got a little bit of luck.”
Speedway Motors Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: 20 – TAYLER HUNGATE, Heat 2: 98P – MILES PAULUS, Heat 3: 14H – HARLEY HOLLAN, Heat 4: 38 – JACKSON FRISBIE, Heat 5: 84 – TYLER DAY, Heat 6: 71S – AUSTIN SCHAEFER
Toyota Semi Feature Winners: 23C – TONY CLIFTON, 42 – ANDY BISHOP
Mesilla Valley Transportation Feature Winner: 51B – JOE B MILLER
POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro League Feature Results (20 laps): 1. 51B – JOE B MILLER 2. 47R – TYLER RENNISON 3. 65E – CHAD ELLIOTT 4. 38 – JACKSON FRISBIE 5. 35 – TYLER ROBBINS 6. 14H – HARLEY HOLLAN 7. 2C – CHASE PORTER 8. 99 – DANIEL ROBINSON 9. 98P – MILES PAULUS 10. 3J – JORDAN HOWELL 11. 44T – ZAC TAYLOR 12. 28 – GUNNER RAMEY 13. 23C – TONY CLIFTON 14. 12C – CARLEE GRESS 15. 84 – TYLER DAY 16. 37 – BLAKE CARRICK 17. 44 – TREVIN LITTLETON 18. 71S – AUSTIN SCHAEFER 19. 42 – ANDY BISHOP 20. 14 – KURT WESTERFIELD 21. 05 – BRYANT PAVER 22. 20 – TAYLER HUNGATE 23. 2R – TYLER RUST