4.21.18 - 411 Motor Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report 4.21.18 - 411 Motor Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report
Sunday, September 24, 2023

4.21.18 – 411 Motor Speedway Results

After a long rainy few months Tennessee’s action track was back in action with a standing room only crowd and all seven classes in action.
The first race of the night was the 20 lap Modifed Street feature. The 2017 track Champion Wayne Rader picked up where he left off setting fast time and earning the pole for the A main. Rader would put his #01 on point on the start ahead of Rocky Ogle, Austin Atkins, Tracy Wolfe and Ryan Watson. It was a rough night for the #44 of Ken Hall as he first went for a spin and then tagged the wall on the restart ending his night with right front damage. Austin Atkins picked up the win last weekend at Volunteer Speedway and was on go again as he moved past Ogle and into the runner up position behind Rader. David Clark started in the rear of the field but was putting on a clinic as he was already up inside the top five by mid race eventually being all the way up to the third spot by race end. Atkins would give chase but Rader would inch away in the end to pick up the win.
1: #01 Wayne Rader
2: #14 Austin Atkins
3: #13 David Clark
4: #9 Rocky Ogle
5: #11 Tracy Wolfe
6: #11 Ryan Watson
7: #53 David Beeler
8: #01 Jason Rollins
9: #51 Dalton King
10: #44 Ken Hall
DNS: #74 Freddy Hillard
DSN: #10 Dustin Ratliff
Trevor Sise put his #73 on pole for the Crate feature. The green waved and Sise jumped out front ahead of Rusty Ballenger, Jesse Lowe and Josh Henry. The caution would wave very quickly as John Lewellyn got caught up in an accident in turn four ending his race with heavy right side damage. Back to green and Jesse Lowe would lose a couple positions as his car seemed to be getting a tight condition. The night would come to an early end for Ruben Mayfield who pulled off track just seven laps into the race. Ballenger began to inch closer to the the leader as the early laps ticked off the scoreboard. Josh Henry continued his charge to the front of the field as he moved up to battle Greg Martin for the fourth position. Trevor Sise had dominated the race but on lap 18 that all came to an end as he went up in smoke ending his night and putting Ballenger in control of the race. Ballenger would hold off a late charge from Josh Henry to go to victory lane.
1: #29 Rusty Ballenger
2: #B00 Josh Henry
3: #24 Greg Martin
4: #5J Jesse Lowe
5: #171 Kyle Courtney
6: #2 Danny Yoder
7: #32H Greg Husky
8: #109 Eli Beets
9: #73 Trevor Sise
10: #5C James Cole
11: #555 Ryan Carey
12: #00 Ruben Mayfield
13: #32 Jason Manley
14: #2 John Lewellyn
The Classic Car race got off to a rough start for the #11 of Tim Bounds as he went up in a smoke on the very first lap of the race. The caution wouldn’t be necessary however as he quickly got off the racing surface and into the infield. Shaun Sise had control of the race early on with Lee Merritt in chase. The top two put distance between themselves as they battled it out for the lead. Sise saw his lead shrink every lap until on lap 10 Merritt made his move taking the top spot away. Other than some slower traffic late in the race, Merritt would not be challenged again and pulled away to pick up the win.
1: #14 Lee Merritt
2: #59 Shaun Sise
3: #3 Ritchie Overholser
4: #17D Tom Juhl
5: #9 Eli Keck
6: #89 Ray Marvin
7: #27 Charlie Bates
8: #58 Will Carey
9: #0 Russell Hefti
10: #00 Mac Lockhart
11: #31 Jim Canning
12: #14 Clyde Mincey
13: #J23 Todd Beeler
14: #29 Billy Ray Jr
15: #11 Tim Bounds
DNS: #20 Brad Dyer
David Crabtree set fast time in the Steelhead Late Model race being the only car in the 13 second mark. The green waved and Crabtree set sail ahead of Layne Clifton, Mike Price, Austin Neely and Greg Martin. Jason Cardwell and Chase King battled it out for the track championship last season but had their work cut out for them as neither driver had a great qualifying lap. Cardwell picked his way up through the field moving past Ellery Leake with King following him through. Trouble for Austin Neely as he went for a spin in turn four bringing out the caution and ending his strong run. Back under green and Chase King had worked his way up into the top five. Greg Martin had a strong third place run going but would slow with mechanical issues in the second half of the race. Up front it was all David Crabtree who cruised to the win ahead of Layne Clifton and Jason Cardwell.
1: #C5 David Crabtree
2: #23 Layne Clifton
3: #07 Jason Cardwell
4: #44 Chase King
5: #32 Mike Price
6: #39 Eddie King Jr
7: #97 Bobby Giffin
8: #3 Austin Neely
9: #00 Ruben Mayfield
10: #12K Greg Martin
11: #34 Ellery Leake
12: #2 Michell Childress
Bradley Lewelling had some touch luck the previous night at Crossville Raceway but was looking to change his luck as he set on the pole for the 20 lap Sportsman feature with a lap almost good enough to break the Sportsman track record. Green in the air and Lewelling took off with Chris Coffey, Jed Emert, Brad Seagle and Zach Sise rounding out the top five. Trouble early on for the #J1 of Brandon James who went for a spin and put some fluid down on the first lap. Back under green and the battle was on between Emert and Brad Seagle for the fourth position. Emert would bounce off the front stretch wall but continue on without any damage. Seagle had clearly hit the setup just right on his #31 as he moved into the third spot setting his sights on the #98 of Coffey. It wouldn’t take long for him to get there and take the runner up spot away. Seagle would close in quickly on Brad Lewelling but could never find a way around him.
1: #10B Bradley Lewelling
2: #31 Brad Seagle
3: #98 Jed Emert
4: #0 Zach Sise
5: #97 Chris Coffey
6: #50 Adam Mitchell
7: #22 Jaylon Shannon
8: #79 Josh Sneed
9: #07A Addison Cardwell
10: #49 James Kelso
11: #00 Tyler Pearson
12: #32A John Adams
13: #32 Cody Gloyne
14: #J1 Brandon James
15: #95 Nicholas Shelton
Shawn Henry would lead early on in the 602 Street Stock race. A great battle between Henry, Wendell Williams and Josh Driskill for the majority of the race for the top spot. Eventually Williams would move past Henry and pick up the win.
1: #71 Wendell Williams
2: #C5 Shawn Henry
3: #D00 Josh Driskill
4: #B01 Brandon Johnson
The final race of the night as the 20 lap Open Wheel Modeified feature. Wayne James set fast time in qualifying but went for a spin on the very first lap of the race. James would be able to continue on just with slight cosmetic damage. Back under green and James took the top spot with Amos Bunch, Brian Skaggs, Shane Roberts and Billy Palmer in his tire tracks. Skaggs was making the trip down from Ohio and was putting on a show as he moved past James taking the lead away in his debut at 411 Motor Speedway. Bunch had a great run going in the early laps but tagged the turn four wall bringing out the caution. He would be able to continue on as back to green we went. James began to have smoke trail his #4 machine until he would have to pull off track ending his bid for the win. Michael Woods, a former Mod Street driver was making his first ever start in the Open Wheel division and it was going great as he was up into the top three but slowed with issues late in the race. Up front it was all Brian Skaggs who picked up the win.
1: #20 Brian Skaggs
2: #17 Shane Roberts
3: #50 Amos Bunch
4: #36 Billy Palmer
5: #5C James Cole
6: #J4 Tyler James
7: #66 Michael Woods
8: #J1 Terry James
9: #4 Wayne James
10: #21 Dustin Duncan
11: #50J Justin Blevins
12: #52 Courtney Smith
13: #2 Charlie Harris
DNS: #6M Todd Mingey