4.21.18 New Egypt Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report 4.21.18 New Egypt Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report
Sunday, September 24, 2023

4.21.18 New Egypt Speedway Results

New Egypt, NJ (April 22, 2018) – At New Egypt Speedway, Billy Pauch, Jr. picked up his second checkered flag of the year after beating his rivals in the Modified feature. Art Liedl was victorious in the Hammer Sportsman main event. The Crate Modified feature was won by Jordan Cox. Eric Jennings took top honors in the Larry’s Hot Rods & Harley’s Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars feature. Ryan Heim won the Lyons Construction/Metal Fab Rookie Sportsman race.

Polesitter Chad Barney grabbed the lead as the 30-lap Modified feature began with Richie Pratt, Jr. and Jim Bobbitt next in line. After several caution periods and eight tours recorded, Barney was still in charge with Steve Davis, Matt Stangle, Billy Pauch, Jr. and Pratt, Jr. completing the top five. At the halfway point, the front four of Barney, Davis, Stangle and Pauch, Jr. were racing in close quarters of one another. Shortly afterwards, Pauch, Jr., who started the event in twenty-fourth, began to use the middle racing lanes in the corners and motored into second place on the seventeenth revolution. Two laps later, Pauch, Jr. scooted past Barney to take over first place. Once on top, Pauch, Jr. began to pull away from the field. Behind the leader and with nine circuits to go, Stangle edged up into third while eighteenth place starting David VanHorn continued his march forward as he moved into fourth. As Pauch, Jr. was beginning to approach lap traffic, his comfortable lead evaporated due to a caution period for Tim Apgar with four laps to go. On the ensuing restart, Pauch, Jr. held off Barney with VanHorn advancing into third, Davis riding in fourth and Stangle slipping back to fifth. Over the final laps, Pauch, Jr. distanced himself away from the pack and cruised to his second win of the year. Barney’s strong run netted him second place. With VanHorn finishing third, Davis was fourth and Stangle was fifth. Matt Stangle, Ryan Godown and Dominick Buffalino were the Modified heat winners.

Art Liedl, who has the most feature wins in the former SS Sprint division at New Egypt Speedway, was victorious in a Hammer Sportsman feature for the first time since 2004. Liedl captured his second career win in the division after taking the lead from Jimmy Amato on the third circuit of the 20-lap contest. David Burns claimed the runner-up spot while Billy Osmun finished in third. The top five was filled out by Cale Ross and Amato. The Hammer Sportsman heat races were taken by David Burns and Billy Osmun.

In the 20-lap Crate Modified feature, Jordan Cox led from start to finish to collect his first career win. Eric Palmer chased Cox throughout the feature to take second place. Third went to Kyle Kania. Ninth place starting Ryan Simmons came home in fourth and Johnny Bangs completed the race in fifth. Kyle Kania and Dan Fleming were the victors in the Crate Modified heat races.

Eric Jennings grabbed the lead on lap twelve and paced the field for the remaining circuits to win the 20-lap Larry’s Hot Rods & Harley’s Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars. Veteran Karl Freyer followed Jennings across the finish line. Bobby Tersillo was third and Rich Mellor was fourth. A disqualification of Larry McVay elevated Brian Spencer into fifth. Larry’s Hot Rods & Harley’s Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars qualifying events were won by Heidi Hedin and Eric Jennings.

For the second week in a row, Ryan Heim topped the field in the Lyons Construction/Metal Fab Rookie Sportsman feature. Paige Brown led the opening four circuits before the seventh place starting Heim took control. Sam Martz, Jr. chased Heim over the final tours to claim the runner-up spot. With Brown finishing third, Kevin Borden, Jr. was fourth and Erich Conk came home in fifth.

Twin twenty-lap features for the Modifieds highlight the Saturday, April 28 program at New Egypt Speedway. The Crate Modifieds, Street Stocks, 4-Cylinders, Lyons Construction/Metal Fab Rookie Sportsman & Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club will be in action as well. Pit gates swing open at 3:00 p.m. with the grandstand turnstiles unlocking at 4:00 p.m. Hot laps get underway at 5:00 p.m. and the first green flag waves at 6:00 p.m. Admission to the grandstand is $25 for adults, $20 for seniors 65 and older, $12 for teens 12-15, $12 for military personal and their spouses with ID, and Kids 11 & under are FREE. Pit admission is $30 with a New Egypt Speedway license and $40 with no license.

New Egypt Speedway is located on Route 539 just minutes from Six Flags Great Adventure and the New Jersey Turnpike. A racy 7/16-mile D-shaped dirt oval, New Egypt Speedway serves Garden State race fans with some of the best competition in the country. New Egypt’s state-of-the-art facilities feature daylight-quality lighting and excellent sightlines from any seat in the house. The grandstands are fully wheelchair accessible with wide, clear, and well-groomed walkways. Concession facilities serve up everything from Jersey Burgers to ice cream treats at family-friendly prices.



Heat 1 – 1. Matt Stangle 2. Tim Apgar 3. Wade Hendrickson 4. Chad Barney 5. Jeff Bubori 6. Blaine Bracelin

Heat 2 – 1. Ryan Godown 2. Danny Bouc 3. Davey Sammons 4. David VanHorn 5. Steve Davis 6. Richie Pratt, Jr.

Heat 3 – 1. Dominick Buffalino 2. Rich Rutski 3. Ryan Krachun 4. Kevin Vaclavicek 5. Jim Bobbitt 6. Brian Papiez

MODIFIEDS – 30 LAPS FEATURE 1. BILLY PAUCH, JR. 2. Chad Barney 3. David VanHorn 4. Steve Davis 5. Matt Stangle 6. Rich Rutski 7. John McClelland 8. Wade Hendrickson 9. Ryan Krachun 10. Ryan Godown 11. Danny Bouc 12. Richie Pratt, Jr. 13. JR Fulper 14. PJ Oliver 15. Brian Papiez 16. Tim Apgar 17. Blaine Bracelin 18. Dakota Kessler 19. Brian Roemer 20. Jeff Bubori 21. Jim Bobbitt 22. Kevin Vaclavicek 23. Davey Sammons 24. TJ Lilly 25. Dominick Buffalino

Hammer Sportsman

Heat 1 – 1. David Burns 2. Jimmy Amato 3. Cale Ross 4. Pat Wall 5. Will Dupree 6. Bill Liedtka

Heat 2 – 1. Billy Osmun 2. Art Liedl 3. Bob Lineman, Jr. 4. Jim Hawkes 5. Joseph Brown 6. Marty Resnick

HAMMER SPORTSMAN – 20 LAPS FEATURE 1. ART LIEDL 2. David Burns 3. Billy Osmun 4. Cale Ross 5. Jimmy Amato 6. Will Dupree 7. Bob Lineman, Jr. 8. Bill Liedtka 9. Marty Resnick 10. Pat Wall 11. Bob Rambone 12. Ryan Heim 13. Erich Conk 14. Shaun Ratchford 15. Joseph Brown

DNS: Jim Hawkes

Crate Modifieds

Heat 1 – 1. Kyle Kania 2. John Aumick 3. Johnny Bangs 4. Jordan Cox 5. Aaron Weaver 6. Sam Martz, Jr.

Heat 2 – 1. Dan Fleming 2. Eric Palmer 3. Jeremy Martino 4. Steve Hicks 5. Joe Toth 6. Paul Hartwig

CRATE MODIFIEDS – 20 LAPS FEATURE 1. JORDAN COX 2. Eric Palmer 3. Kyle Kania 4. Ryan Simmons 5. Johnny Bangs 6. George Gareis, Jr. 7. Steve Hicks 8. Sam Martz, Jr. 9. Rob Mancini 10. Tom Princiotta 11. Aaron Weaver 12. Steve Desmelyk 13. Joe Toth 14. Jeremy Martino 15. John Criscione 16. Dan Fleming 17. Paul Hartwig 18. Paige Brown 19. John Aumick 20. Robby Dunn 21. Kevin Borden 22. Glenn McIntyre

DNS: Matt Miller, Bobby Holzwarth, Zachary Merola

Larry’s Hot Rods & Harley’s Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars

Heat 1 – 1. Heidi Hedin 2. Rich Mellor 3. Jermain Godshall 4. Larry Drake 5. Bobby Tersillo

Heat 2 – 1. Eric Jennings 2. Brian Spencer 3. TJ Lilly 4. Karl Freyer 5. Larry McVay

LARRY’S HOT RODS & HARLEY’S NORTHEAST WINGLESS SPRINT CARS – 20 LAPS FEATURE 1. ERIC JENNINGS 2. Karl Freyer 3. Bob Tersillo 4. Rich Mellor 5. Brian Spencer 6. Jermain Godshall 7. Duane Nixon 8. Heidi Hedin 9. Paul Comstock 10. Larry Drake 11. TJ Lilly

DQ: Larry McVay

LYONS CONSTRUCTION/METAL FAB ROOKIE SPORTSMAN – 8 LAPS FEATURE1. RYAN HEIM 2. Sam Martz, Jr. 3. Paige Brown 4. Kevin Borden, Jr. 5. Erich Conk 6. Matt Miller 7. Bobby Holzwarth

DNS: Zachary Merola