4.28.18 Winchester Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report 4.28.18 Winchester Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report
Monday, September 25, 2023

4.28.18 Winchester Speedway Results

In the Twenty lap Crate Late Model main event Scott Sweeney and Tanner Kerr would lead the field to the green with Sweeney taking the top spot over Kerr. Lap two seen third place starter Devin Brannon making the move on Kerr to take second and set his sights on leader Sweeney. Sweeney in control would slip coming off of turn turn and allow a hard charging Brannon to slide under him to take the top spot on lap six. Devin Brannon in control and leading the way would continue for the remaining fourteen laps to take the checkered flag to pick up his first ever RUSH Crate Late Model main event. Tanner Kerr second, Mike Franklin third, Logan Roberson fourth and rounding out the top five was Scott Sweeney.

In the twenty lap Late Model main Austin Stover and Dallas Richards woud lead the field to the green with Stover taking the top spot over Richards. Stover would lead the way, Bonebrake sitting third would take the second spot on lap eight and set his sights on Stover. Trevor Feathers making his presence known applied pressure to Bonebbrake making the pass to take second on lap nineteen and set his sights on Stover the two crossed the finishline with Feathers just edging Stover for the win. Bonebrake crossed third, Jonathan Dehaven fourth and fifth went to Dallas Richards.

In the fifteen lap Pure Stock main event it was Chris Sumption taking the win over Craig Parrill,Ethan Ours, Rob Nichols and Dylan Rutherford.

The fifteen lap 4 cylinder main went to Vance Williams, The Enduro main to Austin Nichols and the UCar main to Jason Wilkins

Crates: Devin Brannon, Tanner Kerr, Mike Franklin, Logan Roberson, Scott Sweeney, Darin Henderson, Levi Crowl, Transton Stoner, Tyler Hoy, Jacob Piper, Chuck Bowie, John Painter, Richard Hawkins, Jennea Piper, Cuyler Upperman, Jimmy Duncan, Scott Sweeney Jr, Kevin Moore, Carl Biddie

limited Lates: Trevor Feathers, Austin Stover, Wesley Bonebrake, Jonathan Dehaven, Dallas Richards, Justin Weaver, Scott Merryman, Matt Marshall, Kris Holliday, David Keith, Justin Dillman, Jason Rowland, Trae Armel, David Frazier, Josh Williams, Brain Pearrell, Matt Hildabrandt

Pure Stocks: Chris Sumption, Craig Parrill, Rthan Ours, Rob Nichols, Dylan Rutherford, Paul Jones, Brandon Lowery, Mike Raleigh, Tike Loizos, Brain Lutrell, Jeremy Tinsman, Buddy Wilson, Dustin Speelman

4 Cylinders: Vance Williams, Allen Whitt JR, Tommy Whitt, Shaine Sixeas, Cody Williams, Willie Dodson, Scott McCartney, Micheal Pfaff, Terry Whitt, Dave Mullenax, Jacob Whitt, (dns: Vance Williams Jr, Justin Hottle)

Enduro: Austin Nichols, Dylan Rutherford, Ricky Feltner, Allen Jones, Chet Morris, Dalton Dillman, Terry Leach, David Barb, Ricky Peer, Ron Galvin, Chuckie Johnson, (DNS, Stacy Newlin)

UCar: jason Wilkins, Chad Brill, Jeff Wilkins, Dustin Arnold, Brent Howell, Ryan Clatterbuck, Gene Wilson, Billy Smith, Randy Wilkins, Ricky Shanholtz, Tiffany Wilson, Lukas Mongold, Alan Dice, Robert Wilson