5.11.18 POWRi 600cc Outlaw Micro League Results - Dirt Racing Report

5.11.18 POWRi 600cc Outlaw Micro League Results

Jacksonville, IL– Austin Schafer of Columbia, Missouri snagged a second career victory with the POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro League. Schaefer’s win at Jacksonville Speedway in the Midwest Season Opener weekend came over previous League champions Jeremy Camp and Joe B. Miller.
Starting on the pole for the feature event, Schaefer led every circuit of the 20-lap feature, placing distance between himself and former League champion and second place finisher, Jeremy Camp. Enduring multiple cautions, and even a late race yellow that set up a four-lap dash to the finish, it was clear the field was racing for second on back.
While Jeremy Camp put up a valiant effort, Schaefer made it through turns one and two just better enough to build a healthy cushion into his lead. Defending League champion Joe B. Miller charged from the tenth place starting position to round out the podium, challenging Camp for second in the last turn to no avail. Riley Goodno took the fourth position, while Andy Bishop finished fifth.
“Dad gave me a good car,” stated Austin Schaefer. “There are so many people that are involved in this program, it’s awesome. The cushion was on the wall. We made it work. It’s pretty cool. Hopefully we can continue this run here, but we have another one tomorrow. We just go one race at a time. Joe B and Jeremy Camp; there’s so many good guys on this. To be one the one on top is just awesome.”
“He’s pretty fast right now,” commented Jeremy Camp. “I think we were just as fast in three and four, it’s just in one and two he had a little better car. The first night out in the car, we’ll take a second and head to Macon tomorrow night and see what we’ve got.”
“It was a good deal,” said Joe B. Miller. “I’ve just got to thank all my guys. The motor was kind of flat in the heat race so we got it changed out for the feature. I think we’ve still got a little fueling issue, but we’ll work on getting it right for tomorrow at Macon.”
Speedway Motors Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: 71S – AUSTIN SCHAEFER, Heat 2: 3G – GARET WILLIAMSON, Heat 3: 28 – LUKE VERARDI, Heat 4: 52 – JASON HARMS
Toyota Semi Feature Winners: 33M – RYAN MUELLER
Mesilla Valley Transportation Feature Winner: 71S – AUSTIN SCHAEFER
POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro League Feature Results (20 laps): 1. 71S – AUSTIN SCHAEFER 2. 23 – JEREMY CAMP 3. 51B – JOE B MILLER 4. 11 – RILEY GOODNO 5. 42B – ANDY BISHOP 6. 52 – JASON HARMS 7. 14H – HARLEY HOLLAN 8. 44T – ZAC TAYLOR 9. 28 – LUKE VERARDI 10. 14 – KURT WESTERFIELD 11. 3J – JORDAN HOWELL 12. 28 – GUNNER RAMEY 13. 38 – JACKSON FRISBIE 14. 18X – MICHAEL BRUMMITT 15. 99 – DANIEL ROBINSON 16. 44L – TREVIN LITTLETON 17. 9T – TYLER DUFF 18. 65E – CHAD ELLIOTT 19. 37 – BLAKE CARRICK 20. 3G – GARET WILLIAMSON 21. 12C – CARLEE GRESS 22. 42 – EMERSON AXSOM 23. 33M – RYAN MUELLER