5.18.12 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report

5.18.12 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results

Malta, NY – When he came through the back gate on Friday night enroute to the pit area, Tim McCreadie was happy to be back on Malta soil at Albany Saratoga Speedway. When McCreadie’s schedule allows he campaigns for Vinny Salerno’s successful race team and he looks forwards to his visits to the Lyle DeVore promoted oval.

McCreadie was still carrying that smile, even wider now, after securing the win in the 35 lap Modified feature event on Eastside Metals and Recycling night.

McCreadie entered the Four Star automobile from outside the seventh row and wasted little time getting to the front, despite heavy lapped traffic throughout the event. He secured the lead on the 15th circuit and was flawless despite some challenges from Jeff Trombley and Brett Hearn.

“When you have a car that performs like that, this is a fun place to race,” said McCreadie who secured a win during the speedway’s dual season opener in mid-April. “Vinny has put a good car under me and we are two for three so we are doing pretty good.”

Hearn took Trombley in the late stages of the event for second place. Trombley, Matt DeLorenzo and Kenny Tremont rounded out the top five.

With the exception of Tremont it was the same guys, just scrambled, making the top five the previous week as well.

The Budget Sportsman feature was paying $1,000 to win in honor of the late Andrew Sherman, so everybody wanted to get to the front, but it was all Frank Hoard’s race. Hoard grabbed the lead from the start and never looked back.

Hoard was in control of the feature event the previous week when he got caught up in lapped traffic, so he was determined not to have the same thing happen again. Hoard had over a half a straightaway lead at intervals during the event.

Hoard was followed across the finish line by Jeremy Pitts, Jeff Rockefeller, Brian Gleason and Adam McAuliffe.

Pitts, an earlier qualifying event winner, was closing the gap on Hoard in the late stages of the event but time ran out.

Rob Langevin started in the rear of the field but when all was said and done he was back in victory lane for the Pro Stock feature event. Langevin, who entered the event tied for first place in the point standings, broke into the top five just shy of the halfway point. Lap by lap Langevin picked off car after car ending up front on the 14th circuit. It was Langevin’s 13th career win at Albany Saratoga Speedway.

Dave Emigh, Chad Jeseo, Kevin VanChance and Ken Martin rounded out the top five.

Brothers Dave Emigh and Brandon Emigh entertained the race fans for the first half of the 25 lap showdown running side by side for several laps. Past feature winner Chad Jeseo’s car looked beat up as he took third place in the field.

The Street Stock event was edge of your seat racing for the first 10 circuits. Yule Cook and Rowdy Burch were putting on a show for the huge crowd. On lap 7 Burch grabbed the lead from Cook only to have Cook take the lead back before the lap ended. The duo were entertaining the fans, contact occurred and Cook spun around and Burch lost a few positions but rejoined the field. This put two-time 2012 winner Josh Coonradt in the race lead. Coonradt was coming down for the checkered when contact was made from second place runner, Randy Miller which sent Coonradt around. Miller was black flagged and the race was won by third place man Paul Mulrain.

Bits: Due to the continuous huge car count management has been trying to work with the Budget Sportsman division. They spoke with the drivers about having a ‘Rookie Budget Sportsman’ class but the drivers were not interested. An alternative solution was to have a qualifying event for drivers that haven’t qualified for a feature event yet. The race winner would move to the feature and the remaining drivers would partake in the two B-Mains that were offered. Larry Niemiec won the event, advanced to the feature and finished 23rd. One driver from each B-Main would also make up the starting lineup for the BS feature… Palmer’s Service Center added $500 to the Modified feature payoff… Ronnie Johnson was the fastest car in warm-ups earlier in the evening. Johnson, who holds the ninth place slot on AS’s all time win list, also won his qualifying event… Todd Ryan was back aboard a race car. Ryan ran around the rear of his qualifying event… Mike Minick took a wild ride after contact was made in front of the pack in the first BS B-Main and Minick had no place to go. Minick’s car suffered heavy damage… Tim McCreadie was sporting the fastest laps during the Modified warmup session just prior to the feature event.

Eastside Metals & Recycling Corp MODIFIED (35 Laps) – 1. Tim McCreadie, 2. Brett Hearn, 3. Jeff Trombley, 4. Matt Delorenzo, 5. Ken Tremont Jr, 6. Ronnie Johnson, 7. Dustin Delaney, 8. Bob Savoie, 9. Mike Perrotte, 10. Matt Depew, 11. Jimmy Cottrell, 12. Neil Stratton, 13. Keith Flach, 14. Don Ronca, 15. Bodie Bellinger, 16. Jason Herrington, 17. Erik Nelson, 18. Donnie Corellis, 19. J.C. Flach, 20. Mark Kislowski, 21. Cass Bennett, 22. Marc Johnson, 23. Pep Corradi, 24. C.G. Morey, 25. Hector Stratton, 26. Chris Johnson, 27. Justin Barber, 28. Joe Williams, 29. Elmo Reckner, 30. Rich Ronca, 31. Chris Busta, 32. Todd Ryan

The Anthony Sherman $1,000 To Win BUDGET SPORTSMAN A-Feature (25 Laps) – 1. Frank Hoard III, 2. Jeremy Pitts, 3. Jeff Rockefeller, 4. Brian Gleason, 5. Adam McAuliffe, 6. Robert Bublak, 7. Scott Duell, 8. D.J. Brundige, 9. Tim Hartman Jr, 10. Butch Wilcox, 11. Jon Miller, 12. Jack Gentile, 13. Derek McGrew, 14. Andy Durie, 15. Dan Boni, 16. Anthony Marro, 17. Mike Jeske, 18. Bobby Hackel IV, 19. Mike Tholin, 20. Jack Swinton, 21. Joey Budka, 22. Dan Santabarbara, 23. Larry Niemiec, 24. Luke Klob, 25. Bert Film, 26. Paul Dunham, 27. Leo Sousie, 28. Fred Proctor

BUDGET SPORTSMAN B-Feature #1 (15 Laps) – 1. Fred Proctor, 2. Mark Hughes, 3. Chuck Dickinson, 4. Matt Shadic, 5. Tom Proctor, 6. Elliott Lussier, 7. Skip Shippee, 8. Brett Wright, 9. Stan Lemiesz, 10. Mike Minick, 11. Jeremy Digert, 12. Jason Otty, 13. Jack Swinton, 14. Nelson Passino, 15. Shannon Donnelly, 16. Kenny Aanonsen Jr, DNS. Mike Ostrander, DNS. Ron Casey

BUDGET SPORTSMAN B-Feature #2 (15 Laps) – 1. Anthony Marro, 2. Dave Baranowski Jr, 3. Jimmy Eaton, 4. Chip Constantino, 5. Nick Lussier, 6. Jack Speshock, 7. Jim Osgood, 8. Jerry Campbell, 9. Chris Murray, 10. Mike Burdo, 11. Joe Orlando, 12. Lenny Peckham, 13. Mike Duclos, 14. Bobby Hackel IV, DNS Cody Hunt

PRO STOCK (25 Laps) – 1. Rob Langevin, 2. Dave Emigh, 3. Chad Jeseo, 4. Kevin VanChance, 5. Ken Martin, 6. Dan Older, 7. Chip Smith, 8. Bernie Companion, 9. Bill Smith, 10. Rob Yetman,11. Dean Charbonneau, 12. Brandon Emigh, 13. Ed Thompson, 14. Walt Brownell, 15. Kim Duell, 16. Cole Lawton, 17. Jay Fitzgerald, 18. Jeff Washburn, 19. Tony DeRose

STREET STOCK (20 Laps) – 1. Paul Mulrain, 2. Ken Conroy, 3. Jody Thew, 4. Yule Cook, 5. Dave Stickles, 6. Josh Coonradt, 7. Nathan DaHoda, 8. Fred Harris, 9. Mitchell Sequin 10. J.T. Ronner, 11. John Hayes, 12. John Lindblade, 13. Phil Sherman, 14. Rowdy Burch, 15. Justin Smith, 16. Mike Grogan, 17. Jim Bleau, 18. Johnny Chapman, 19. Randy Miller

4 CYLINDER COMBINED (15 Laps) – 1. Art Clement, 2. Mark Lindblade, 3. Chris VanDePutte, 4. Todd Goldstein, 5. Keith Tesiero Jr., 6. Pete Vila, 7. Phil Defiglio, 8. Hunter Sanchez, 9. Anthony Alger, 10. Dave Labarge, 11. Jay Resch, 12. Josh Dupee, 13. Marty Poole, 14. Blake Schwarting, 15. Dan Older, 16. David Frame

4 CYLINDER SINGLE CAM – 1. Mark Lindblade, 2. Keith Tesiero Jr., 3. Anthony Alger, 4. Dave Labarge, 5. Josh Dupee, 6. Blake Schwarting, 7. Dan Older

4 CYLINDER DUAL CAM – 1. Art Clement, 2. Chris VanDePutte, 3. Todd Goldstein, 4. Pete Vila, 5. Phil Defiglio, 6. Hunter Sanchez, 7. Jay Resch, 8. Marty Poole, 9. David Frame