Wednesday, November 29, 2023

5.19.18 – 411 Motor Speedway Results

On a night originally predicted to be rainy, 411 Motor Speedway was back in action with almost perfect weather for the 12th annual Steelhead Nationals.
First race of the night would be the Crate Late Model feature. Newport Tennessee’s Josh Henry put his #B00 on top of the scoring charts in qualifying earning the pole for the feature. The green flag waved and it was Henry who took the lead ahead of Jesse Lowe, Greg Martin and Cory Hedgecock. The battle was quickly on between Lowe and Martin in the early laps for the runner up spot. Trouble would find Pierce McCarter very early in the race as he slowed with problems just two laps into the race setting up a restart. Back under green and Martin made his move getting past Lowe and into second for the time being. Josh Henry continue to inch away out front as the battles continued all through the pack. Hedgegecock had a strong run going but slowed on lap 11 with problems and retired for the race. The fight for second was the best part of the race as the two once again swapped positions with Lowe getting it back. Lowe would close the gap in the final laps but would run out of time as Josh Henry picked up the win.
1: #B00 Josh Henry
2: #5J Jesse Lowe
3: #24 Greg Martin
4: #0 Ross White
5: #29 Rusty Ballenger
6: #9 Zach Sise
7: #61 Kenny Ford
8: #D2 David Duplissey
9: #23 Cory Hedgecock
10: #14 Jerry Green
11: #2 Danny Yoder
12: #49 Grant Corum
13: #71 Pierce McCarter
Next up was the 20 lap Classic Car feature. Lee Merritt has had a very successful 2018 season so it was no surprise when he started up in the front for the feature. The green was waving and it was Merritt who took control with Tom Juhl, Eli Keck, Shaun Sise and Will Carey giving chase. Merritt had once again hit the setup just right on his #14 as he began to pull away from the great battle for second between Juhl and Keck. Tim Bounds ran into trouble early on as he went up in smoke dumping a ton of fluid on the track causing a long delay. Shaun Sise also had his own issues as he pulled off track early with problems. It was all Lee Merritt who ran away with the lead however he would be protested after the race. Merritt agreed to the protest but was found to be illegal.
1: #17 Tom Juhl
2: #9 Eli Keck
3: #16 Will Carey
4: #17 Luke Ellis
5: #2 David Kerr
6: #00 Mac Lockhart
7: 59 59 Shaun Sise
8: # 11 Tim Bounds
DQ: #14 Lee Merritt
DNS: #3 Ritchie Overholser
Next up was the 20 lap Modified Street feature. Robbie Comer made his Mod Street return in impressive fashion setting quick time and earning the pole for the A main. Keeping him company on the front row would be David Clark who was coming off a hard crash last weekend at Volunteer Speedway. Clark would take the lead on the start of the race with Comer, Daniel Stamper, Ryan Watson and Dalton King rounding out the top five. It didn’t take the top two long before they had already ran away to a big lead over Stamper who held down the third spot. Clark would find himself caught up behind a slower car on lap 12 and that was all Comer needed to make the move on the bottom and take the lead away. Comer would inch away in the second half of the race to pick up the win.
1: #42 Robbie Comer
2: #13 David Clark
3: #360 Daniel Stamper
4: #74 Dalton King
5: #11 Ryan Watson
6: #4 Shannon Smith
7: #53 David Beeler
DNS: #9 Rocky Ogle
DNS: #C8 Lance Creasman
The final event of the night would be the 12th annual Steelhead Nationals. Legends like Ronnie Johnson and the late Scott Sexton have been some of the drivers who have put their name in the record books as past winners. Cory Hedgecock came into the night as the only three time winner of the prestigious event. As one of the odds on favorites, hedgecock was fastest in qualifying and won his heat race so he got that crucial pole position for the 40 lap A main. Under green it was Hedgecock who set sail ahead of Trevor Sise, and Jason Manley the top three. The green wouldn’t last long as a crash on lap two involving Dakotah Knuckles who had been penalized for the wrong tires after his heat race earlier. Back under green and there were battles from the front of the field to the back of the field as the stacked field did battle. Trevor Sise had been using the high line to gain ground on the leader bringing Manley in the #32 with him. The two had closed on the leaders but got together in turn four however they would both continue. It looked like Hedgecock was gonna run away with it but he got caught up in an accident. The driver had exited his vehicle without reason so he was disqualified from the remained of the event. With the leader out, that handed the lead over to Trevor Sise. Jason Manley was now in the runner up spot but he slowed with problems late in the race. Sise would hold on to pick up the big $3,500 payday.
1: #73 Trevor Sise
2: #44 Chase King
3: #23 Layne Clifton
4: #J0 John Owenby
5: #30 Ryan King
6: #07 Jason Cardwell
7: #15 Ethan Hunter
8: #56 Jordon Horton
9: #23 Justin Owens
10: #23 Tim Damron
11: #M32 Mike Price
12: #32 Ellery Leake
13: #4 Mike Smith
14: #32 Jason Manley
15: #T6 Todd Hernandez
16: #3 Austin Neely
17: #72 Barrett Lowe
18: #2 Mitchell Childress
19: #97 Bobby Giffin
20: #50 Adam Mitchell
21: #C5 David Crabtree
22: #21K Dakotah Knuckles
23: #00 Ruben Mayfield
DQ: #23 Cory Hedgecock
DNS: #3 Floyd Self
DNS: #54 Mitchell Burke
DNS: #07A Addison Cardwell
DNS: #18 Gary Crittenden