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5.27.17 Patriot Sprints Results

By Paul Harkenrider | (Fonda, NY) Momentum continues for Bradford, PA driver, Jared Zimbardi, as the four time PST-Series Champion scored his first career win at the Fonda Speedway and his 35th career with the series.

Zimbardi luckily drew the pole for the second straight week and would start alongside CRSA Sprint Tour competitor, Josh Pieniazek. In the opening laps, it would be Pieniazek taking the early lead owning almost a one-second advantage over Zimbardi and third place runner, Steve Poirier.

Lap traffic was already met by lap four on the tricky half-mile, where Josh Azzi and Denny Peebles would make contact right in front of race leader leaving Pieniazek no place to go joining Peebles and Azzi at the turn three wall.

The lead was then handed over to Zimbardi who led Poirier, Jessica Friesen, Bobby Varin, and Mike Kiser. Zimbardi would hug the bottom line not allowing Poirier to get by. Lap Traffic was met again on lap 11 where Zimbardi would methodically get by several cars and keep Poirier behind him.

Meanwhile, the battle for third was on with Jessica Friesen, Bobby Varin and Cory Sparks. Varin would develop a low line putting the slide job on Friesen to take third on lap 14. Laps later would find Sparks on the high side as he as well would get by the No. 1z of Friesen.

All at the same time, Danny Varin was charging to the front from his 11th starting spot as he would get by both Friesen and Sparks near the closing laps. He would then battle his father Bobby for third in the second half of the race.

Poirier would get one last chance at Zimbardi on lap 23 as the track opened up with no lap cars in sight but could not pull it off and Zimbardi would take his third win of the year and his first career win at Fonda. Poirier would have to settle for second and Danny Varin would get by his dad in the final laps to complete the podium.

Heat wins were scored by Poirier, Josh Pieniazek, and Bobby Varin. Billy VanInwegin picked up the Evingham Site Excavation Dash brought to you by Dover Brake Supply. Jordan Thomas would end up winning the B-Main.

The Patriots are visiting Ransomville Speedway this Friday, June 2 for the first of two appearances there this season. The following night, we will head to Central New York and visit Fulton Speedway for the only time in 2017.

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The 2017 Patriot Sprint Tour season is brought to you by; A-Verdi Storage Containers, Hoosier Racing Tires, Prestige Pool & Spa, Einstein Construction Group, Bonnell’s Auto Group, Evingham Site Excavation Mike Emhof Motorsports Inc, Super Gen Products with Champion Power Equipment, Patriot Tank Lines, Danny Willmes Enterprises, Casey’s Truck Salvage, Just Signs & Designs, Brodix Cylinder Heads, Sunoco Race Fuels, Insinger Performance, Shuttleworth Asphalt Sealing, ASI Racewear, Curtis Berleue Photography, Fine Touch Collison.

Extra Notes:

A very strong field of 28 cars entered the Fonda Speedway with drivers representing states from New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and the Province of Quebec. A number of CRSA 305 competitors got their feet wet in 360 competition including Josh Pieniazek, Josh Flint, and Scott Goodrich. Teenage drivers Joe Trenca and Jordan Thomas continue to make strides with the tour by finishing 8th and 12th, respectively. The team of Steve and Jordan Poirier made the five hour trip from Quebec to compete and both finished in the top 10. Jessica Zemken-Friesen made her 360 debut in 2017 and was fastest overall in hot laps with a time of 16.313, She would come home sixth.

A-Verdi Storage Containers Patriot Sprint Tour Quick Results

A Main: 1) 35- Jared Zimbardi (3) 2) 28fm- Steve Poirier 3) 00- Danny Varin 4) 1HD- Cory Sparks 5) 00v- Bobby Varin 6) 1z- Jessica Friesen 7) 20fm- Jordan Poirier 8) 98-Joe Trenca 9) 99-Mike Kiser 10) 56- Billy VanInwegen 11) 47- Kyle Drum 12) 79-Jordan Thomas 13) 29- Dalton Herrick 14) 9-Josh Pieniazek 15) 30 Scott Goodrich 16) 67- Steve Collins 17) 48jr- Darryl Ruggles 18) 2a- Dave Axton 19) 81- Derek Jonathan 20) 5x- Bob Gray 21) 3- Denny Peebles 22) 17z- Josh Azzi 23) 2- Steven Hutchinson Jr 24) 54j- Dave Just

Lap Leaders: Josh Pieniazek 1-4, Jared Zimbardi 5-25

Shuttleworth Asphalt Sealing 11th Place Bonus: 47- Kyle Drum

Prestige Pool & Spa Final Finisher: 17 Josh Azzi

Casey’s Truck Salvage ‘Salvage of the Night:’ 79- Jordan Thomas

Heat 1: 1) 28fm- Steve Poirier 2) 99- Mike Kiser 3) 56- Billy VanInwegen 4) 00- Danny Varin 5) 1z- Jessica Friesen 6) 3- Denny Peebles 7) 41j- Josh Flint 8) 67- Steve Collins (DNF) 9) 3a- Jeff Trombley

Heat 2: 1) 9- Josh Pieniazek 2) 47- Kyle Drum 3) 35- Jared Zimbardi 4) 20fm- Jordan Poirier 5) 98- Joe Trenca 6) 81- Derek Jonathan 7) 17z- Josh Azzi 8) 5x- Bob Gray 9) 514- James Hanson

Heat 3: 1) 00- Bobby Varin 2) 54J- Dave Just 3) 1HD- Cory Sparks 4) 2- Steven Hutchinson Jr 5) 30- Scott Goodrich 6) 29- Dalton Herrick 7) 2A-Dave Axton 8) 67r- Pete Richardson 9) 48jr- Darryl Ruggles

Evingham Site Excavation Dash 4 Cash presented by Dover Brake Supply

1)56- Billy VanInwegin 2) 98- Joe Trenca 3) 00- Danny Varin 4) 54j- Dave Just 5) 47- Kyle Drum 6) 2- Steve Hutchinson Jr

B Main: 1) 79- Jordan Thomas 2) 2a- Dave Axton 3) 17z- Josh Azzi 4) 5x- Bob Grey 5) 67- Steve Collins 6) 67r- Pete Richardson 7) 48jr- Darryl Ruggles 8) 514- James Hanson 9) 41j- Josh Flint 10) 3a- Jeff Trombley

PST Updated Point Standings

35 Jared Zimbardi -585
98 Joe Trenca-528
67 Steve Collins– 519
47 Kyle Drum-492
48jr Darryl Ruggles-466
79 Jordan Thomas-462
54j David Just-438
81 Derek Jonathan-437
2 Steven Hutchinson Jr.-429
17z Josh Azzi-401
67r Pete Richardson-401
X Dan Bennett-326

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