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5.27.17 Wayne County Speedway Results

During the World of Outlaw Craftsman Late Model Series event at NAPA Wayne County Speedway, on White’s Ford night, a fan in attendance decided to support the Series further than the purchase of his ticket. Joe Seins, from JD Empire Trucking, posted an extra $2,500 towards the to-win amount of an already $10,000 prize. Series powerhouse, Brandon Sheppard of New Berlin, Illinois, was the winner of the evening as he found his way to Victory Lane for the 1st time since the beginning of the month.

“We’ve had a good car every time we hit the track, we’ve just haven’t had things go our way and that’s why it’s called racing and not winning” said Sheppard. We couldn’t do this without all of our help and all of our sponsors”. Sheppard started sixth in the 50 lap feature and found his way past five cars to claim the lead on lap 21, further proving that no matter what number the Rocket 1 driver pulls in the redraw, he can still find his way to the front.

Yet the most impressive hard charger of the evening was Devin Moran, who started 19th in the feature and found his way to Sheppard’s bumper by lap 34. With several cautions throughout the race, Moran was hoping to pass the #1 during the restarts but Sheppard was able to significantly pull away from the field every time.

“Just to start back that far and be able to come up to second just shows how good the race track was to race on,” said Moran. ” I really thought we had a shot to win this thing once we got to second but Brandon and them guys were really good and I used up my tires a little to much. Starting 19th and running second, it was a good night. I can’t complain.”

Moran and his crew worked diligently throughout the day in order to land on the podium for the second night in a row. Unlike the previous night at Atomic Speedway, the stars did not align quite as nice for Moran as he had some mechanical issues during his heat race which would place him 8th in the Last Chance Showdown. Between the heat and the Showdown, the Tye Twarog/DMR team was able to dial in the Rocket XR1 #9 as Moran went on to pass seven cars to win the Showdown.

Shane Clanton also had his hands full getting ready for the feature after he lost the right side and nose of his car during the heat race. He and Brian Shirley were running door to door on the front straightaway towards the checker flag when the pair got together. Despite damages, Clanton’s momentum kept him going, ultimately putting him in the redraw. Luckily, for Clanton the damage was mostly cosmetic so it was all hands on deck for him and his crew to get ready for the big show.

Frank Heckenast Jr. and his crew chief Axle Wicker helped put the nose of their #99jr machine on the Capital Race Car of Clanton’s, who was trying to avoid using his back up car at all costs because it would ultimately cost him his redraw position which was sixth. The crews hard work paid off as Clanton went on to make a steady run during the feature where he stayed among the top five every lap and finished fifth.

Chris Madden rounded out the podium at NAPA Wayne County Speedway night after making a last lap pass around young gun, Tyler Erb. Madden also set a new track record of 16.580 seconds.

Mansfield’s Bob Daugherty would take the lead from Jordan James on lap 4 of the Lowes Super Stock feature and then hold off Kyle Moore and Paul Holmes to notch his third win of the season. Moore would challenge the Char’s Cars, Hursh Racing Engines and McKenzie Concrete #21d of Daugherty in the middle part of the race but after banging off the guardrail in both corners, Moore would give up second to Holmes, who could not close in close enough to challenge Daugherty for the win. Tyler Nicely passed James with 3 circuits to go for fourth. Holmes and Moore posted the heat wins.

Racing continues at NAPA Wayne County Speedway next Saturday night, June 3rd with a regular program of Fisher Performance Sprints, Kar Connection Super Late Models, Lowes Super Stocks and the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stocks.


Fast Qualifier Chris Madden 16.580 seconds New Track Record

Heat 1 Chris Madden, Shane Clanton, Tyler Erb, Doug Drown, Joey Coulter, Morgan Bagley, Brian Shirley, Mike Bores, Ben Mott, Thomas Baker, Brad Malcuit dns

Heat 2 Brandon Sheppard, Chub Frank, Frank Heckenast Jr., Michael Lake, Matt Lux, Matt Irey, Cody Scott, Brian Baumberger, Devin Moran, Eric Wells

Heat 3 Russ King, Dave Hess Jr., Rick Eckert, Jared Miley, Ryan Markham, JR Gentry, Rob Anderzack, Donald Bradsher, Larry Bellman, Jim Nicely

Showdown Devin Moran, Cody Scott, Eric Wells, Ben Mott, Mike Bores, Brian Baumberger, Larry Bellman, Rob Anderzack, Jim Nicely, Thomas Baker, Brian Shirley, Donald Bradsher, Brad Malcuit dns

Buckeye 50 Feature Brandon Sheppard, Devin Moran, Chris Madden, Tyler Erb, Shane Clanton, Eric Wells, Brian Shirley, Morgan Bagley, Michael Lake, Dave Hess Jr., Frank Heckenast Jr., Cody Scott, Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, JR Gentry, Chub Frank, Jared Miley, Joey Coulter, Rick Eckert, Russ King, Ben Mott, Matt Lux, Matt Irey, Donald Bradsher

Heat 1 Paul Holmes, Tyler Nicely, Todd Bevilacqua, T A Perrine, Cliff Staley

Heat 2 Kyle Moore, Bob Daugherty, Jordan James, Chris Albright, Jamie Gibbs

Feature Bob Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Kyle Moore, Tyler Nicely, Jordan James, Todd Bevilacqua, Chris Albright, Jamie Gibbs, Cliff Staley, T A Perrine

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