5.29.21 Genesee Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report

5.29.21 Genesee Speedway Results

Rich Vleck, BATAVIA, NY, (May 29, 2021)- Last week Jeremy Wonderling had a “bad brake” when his brakes gave out while leading the Late Model Feature; this week he caught a “good break” that saved his strong run and enabled him to pick up a $2,000 payday.

Wonderling, of Wellsville, captured the win in the RUSH Late Model Tour 30-lap event by withstanding the advances of John Waters in the late stages. Earlier in the race, he almost threw away his chance of a win on a lap 10 restart. While running in second, when he pushed over the banking while battling with leader Joe Martin and was set to fall out of the top five. Thankfully for the 3-time tour champion, the caution flag would come out for a separate incident before the lap could be completed, which allowed him a new chance to get the lead.

“That was a big break for us,” admitted Wonderling in Victory Lane. “I tried to give Joe as much room as possible but was up against the wall so when I went in the corner I went up the track and thankfully that yellow came out.”

On the ensuing restart, Wonderling was able to move in to the lead as he and John Waters pounced on Martin’s No. 10s coming back to the green flag. Martin went to block Waters down low, allowing “Mr. Excitement” to jump out in front. The race was far from over though as Waters began to reel in the No. 3J. On lap 20, just as Waters was setting up a move for the lead, a caution came out, hurting him momentum, as he had his No. 11L set up for longer runs.

Waters would lean on Wonderling on a pair of late-race restarts but would have to settle for second. Series point leader Kyle Hardy rallied from a poor qualifying effort to drive up to a third place finish. Hardy used softer tires to make up spots on restarts to make his first trip to Genesee pay off. Michael Duritsky Jr. finished fourth while defending track champion Jimmy Johnson drove up from 16th to round out the top five.

Cameron Tuttle lost the lead in the opening stages of the Sportsman Feature but took it right back on a lap four restart and then drove away to claim his first feature win at Genesee this season. Tuttle, of Wilson, wasn’t even aware he lost the lead to Dave Conant coming to complete lap three when the caution flag flew. Conant chose the bottom lane, where his No. 44 was running best, which Tuttle was fine with as he worked his No. 35T back to the lead on the high side. Tuttle had a shifter issue in the heats which made the win even more of an accomplishment. Conant would fight hard to hold off point leader Phil Vigneri III for second, while last week’s winner Austin Susice held off Noah Walker for fourth.

The moment of the night clearly came in the Street Stock Feature when Shawn Hazlett captured his first career win in thrilling fashion. After losing the lead on lap three to Brandon Sherwood, Hazlett, of Corfu, roared back to the lead back on lap 13 and then fought to the finish to hold off John Zimmerman to claim the popular victory. In the closing laps, Zimmerman reeled in the No. 13B, and made moves to the inside when the caution came out on the final lap. The restart saw Hazlett hit his mark on the top of turns 1 and 2 and give him just enough room to hold off Zimmerman as the “Z-man” made a late-ditch bid to the bottom of “Squints” in the final set of corners but was unsuccessful. When Zimmerman slammed on the breaks to avoid wrecking the leader, Brandon Sherwood was able to slip on by to steal the second position at the finish, with Zimmerman falling back to third. Bill Taylor and Pat Powers rounded out the top five.

Defending Mini Stock Champion Brad Whiteside notched his first feature win of the year, as he moved around Ashley Harbison coming to complete lap four and then never looked back in the 15-lap event. Whiteside’s biggest moment of the night came in heat race action when his right rear broke on the final lap and he limped his car back around to narrowly claim the win and qualify for the redraw. Chris Leone would slice his way up through the pack to get up to second but would not be able to close on the No. 46 of Whiteside and would have to settle for a runner-up finish. Point Leader would drive up to third while Cole Susice and Brian Johnson rounded out the top five.

Jake Bansmer collected his fourth win in five starts in the Novice Sportsman Feature, taking the lead from Allison Dewitt on lap five and then drove away to the victory. Dewitt was able to place in second with Andrew Joy finished in third after the race was called on the final lap when Brandon Close’s No. 79 flipped in turn four and then caught on fire when it was turned back over. He was able to climb out of his ride.

The Bandits ran a thrilling feature, with four lead changes taking place in the 4-lap event. Just after halfway, point leader Alexis Traxler took the lead away from Seth Johnson and tried to drive away, but when she pushed up the track in turn two, Johnson closed back in and took the lead back when Traxler got pinched underneath a lapped car. Johnson would drive off for his first feature win. Traxler would hold on for second with Kayley Bacon completing the top three.

A great cool night for racing featured 105 cars in the pit area. In all six features, at least one pass for the lead occurred, including a driver who had lost the lead retaking it in four the events. Next week the NY6A Micro Sprint Tour will join the regular divisions with a 6:00 start time. For more information, visit www.Genesee-Speedway.com.

Genesee Speedway Results: 5/29/2021-
East Coast Speed Night

RUSH Late Model Series Feature (25 Laps)- JEREMY WONDERLING, John Waters, Kyle Hardy, Michael Duritsky Jr., Jimmy Johnson, Steve Dixon, JJ Mazur, Dusty Waters, Dave DuBois, Ryan Frazee, Bud Watson, Austin Hauser, Joe Martin, Jared Keeney, Austin Allen, Jason Knowles, Doug Ricotta, Bill Holmes, Austyn Fugle, Brian Kotarski, Alan Chapman, Kyle Lukon, TJ Downs, Billy DuBois, Jon Rivers (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Wonderling 1-2, Martin 3-9, Wonderling 10-25.

Did Not Qualify- Austin Kotarski, Bill Button, Mark Sundt.

Heat Winners- Martin, J. Waters, Holmes.
FK Rod Ends Quick Time- Joe Martin (16.430)
Dash Winner- Wonderling
B-Main Winner- Fugle

Stirling Lubricants DIRTcar Sportsman Feature (25 Laps)- CAMERON TUTTLE, Dave Conant, Phil Vigneri III, Austin Susice, Noah Walker, Jim Harbison, Adam Hilton, Ray Bliss, Emmett Waldron, Byron Dewitt, Michael McCarthy, Jessica Kriegisch, Reese Hackett, Kyle Richner, Larry Vick, Ryan Barrett, Brandon Michaud, Guy Steffen, Dan Kolb, Cliff Gregg (DNS).

Lap Leader- Tuttle 1-2, Conant 3, Tuttle 4-25.
Heat Winners- Vigneri, Waldron, Susice.

Yasses Trucking & Construction Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- SHAWN HAZLETT, Brandon Sherwood, John Zimmerman, Bill Taylor, Pat Powers, Damian Long, Tommy Kemp, Brett Marlatt, Carl Shetler, Eric Stone, Phil Schepis, Dale Rissinger Jr., Dan Brumsted, Jesse Qutermous, Mike Kelly, Mike Childrose, Aaron Miller, Robbie Knapp, Chuck Mogavero, Joe Chamberlain, Jacob Vick, Kenny Bengouche (DNS), Dave Bansmer (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Hazlett 1-2, Sherwood 3-11, Hazlett 13-20.
Heat Winners- Taylor, Long, Zimmerman.

Pellegrino Auto Sales Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)- BRAD WHITESIDE, Chris Leone, Andy Schumaker, Cole Susice, Brian Johnson, Curtis Rung Jr., Olivia Coniber, Eric Brumsted, Andrew Gayton, Jessica Schleede, Robert Knapp, Gary Hopkins, Donald Hermanson, Ashley Harbison, James Gayton, Chuck Hughes (DNS), Rich Conte (DNS), Tom Knapp (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Harbison 1-3, Whiteside 4-15.
Heat Winners- B. Whiteside, A. Gayton.

Champion Racing Oil Novice Sportsman Feature (15 Laps)- JAKE BANSMER, Allison Dewitt, Andrew Joy, Bailey Logsdon, John Livingston Jr., Casey Jonathan, Brandon Close, Tyler Guzzardi, Nate Rhiner (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Dewitt 1-4. Bansmer 5-15.
Heat Winner- Bansmer.

DML Sealing Bandits (12 Laps)- SETH JOHNSON, Alexis Traxler, Kayley Bacon, Morgan Coniber, Ian Paul, Grayson Harding, Jonathan Logsdon.

Lap Leaders- Logsdon 1-2, Johnson 3-5. Traxler 6-7, Johnson 8-10.

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