6.1.18 - 411 Motor Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report

6.1.18 – 411 Motor Speedway Results

It was the biggest race in 411 Motor Speedway history as the World of Outlaws rolled into town for a massive $10,000 to win event.
Before that we had an action packed night of racing kicked off by the Crate Late Models. Chase King set fast time in qualifying earning the pole for the A main. It wouldn’t take controversy long to show it’s face as King and outside pole sitter Jensen Ford got together coming off turn two sending Ford spinning down the track ending his race before it got started. Ford would not be too happy with King as he exited his wrecked vehicle to show his displeasure. After a lengthy cleanup it was back to racing with King putting his #44 into the lead. Trouble for Trevor Sise who slowed with a problems early on ending his night just 4 laps into the race. With King inching away out front the battle was on for the fourth position between Anthony White and Josh Henry. Henry would eventually get the spot and White would lose several spots in the second half of the race. Jesse Lowe had a strong top five run going but slowed late with issues. Up front King hit his marks and picked up the win.
Crate Late Models
1: #44 Chase King
2: #17 Logan Roberson
3: #Boo Josh Henry
4: #24 Greg Martin
5: #2X Anthony White
6: #0 Ross White
7: #K37 Drew Kennedy
8: #C11 Michael Courtney
9: #32 Greg Husky
10: #39 Eddie King Jr
11: #57 Jordan Hortan
12: #109 Eli Beats
13: #117 Jake Teague
14: #68 Andy Ogle
15: #16 Cameron Weaver
16: #8 Chris Chandler
17: #61 Kenny Ford
18: #52 Jonathan Miracle
19: #32 Jason Manely
20: #5J Jesse Lowe
21: #171 Kyle Courtney
22: #73 Trevor Sise
23: #29 Rusty Ballenger
DQ: #83 Jensen Ford
DNS: #5 James Cole
DNS: #144 Stephen Rogers
DNS: #14 Jerry Green
DNS: #41 Scott Green
DNS: #6J Parker Martin
Next up was the $10,000 to win World of Outlaws Craftsman Super Late Models. David Breazeale took the lead on the start as the stacked field of cars with some of the best Late Model drivers in the sport today went screaming off into the turn one. Trouble would find the #17M of Dale McDowell early as he pulled off track just six laps into the 50 scheduled. Back under green and Cory Hedgecock was on a mission as he drew a bulls-eye on the race leader. The top three began to put some distance on the fourth place driver with Hedgecock working the low line. On lap 22 he made his move putting the #9 into the lead. The Newport Nightmare Jimmy Owens had a great car himself as he moved into the runner up spot giving chase to Hedgecock. With just 9 laps left the caution would wave for the #21 of Robbie Moses who slowed off turn two. Back under green and Owens was working the high line trying to get by the leader. Casey Roberts would slow on lap 44 with problems ending his night and just two laps later the #116 of Brandon Overton would do the same. Cory Hedgecock would hold off Owens to pick up his biggest win ever.
1: #9 Cory Hedgecock
2: #20 Jimmy Owens
3: #157 Mike Marlar
4: #44 Chris Madden
5: #97 Michael Chilton
6: #91 Tyler Erb
7: #B1 Brent Larson
8: #54 David Breazeale
9: #25 Shane Clanton
10: #1 Brandon Sheppard
11: #7 Rick Eckert
12: #18C Chase Junghans
13: #50 Shannon Buckingham
14: #53 Ray Cook
15: #3v Kyle Hardy
16: #14M Morgan Bagley
17: #22 Chris Ferguson
18: #1G Ryan King
19: #9 Devin Moran
20: #116 Brandon Overton
21: #101 Casey Roberts
22: #21 Robby Moses
23: #C5 David Crabtree
24: #17 Dale McDowell
The final race of the night would be the 20 lap Sportsman feature. Jed Emert earned the pole in qualifying by putting down the fastest lap putting himself on the pole for the A main. With the green waving Emert would set sail ahead of Josh Sneed, Zach Sise and Brad Seagle the top four drivers on the start. Seagle wasn’t working by the hour as he moved into the third spot with his eyes on the leaders. Trouble for Rex Coffey as he and Brandon Miller got tangled up in turn two bringing out the caution. Zach Sise had it set on go as he began to reel in the leader using the very low line. The two would do battle for the lead most of the second half of the race. Jonathan Sims would slow late in the race and retired for the night. After a couple of late cautions Emert was able to hold off Sise and picked up the win.
1: #98 Jed Emert
2: #9 Zach Sise
3: #31 Brad Seagle
4: #22 Jeremy Shannon
5: #Z1 Zach Shannon
6: #10B Bradley Lewelling
7: #116 Jake Whitehead
8: #43 Rex Coffey
9: #9 Nicholas Shelton
10: #3 Floyd Self
11: #30 Jonathan Sims
12: #50 Adam Mitchell
13: #D22 DJ Shannon
14: #32 Cody Gloyne
15: #6 Clay Coghlan
16: #15R Walls Ray
17: #79 Josh Sneed
18: #44 Kip Sawyer
19: #31 Robbie Chancellor
20: #C9 Chris Johnston
21: #89 Brandon Miller
22: #15 Bryan Cooper
DNS: #13 Dakotah Holt