6.15.12 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report

6.15.12 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results

Malta, NY – Kenny Tremont was the fastest car on the clock just prior to the start of the 35-lap Modified feature, so it came as no surprise when Tremont put himself in victory lane at the conclusion of the Rifenburg Construction sponsored event at Albany Saratoga Speedway.

The ‘Sand Lake Slingshot’ wasted little time taking his S&S Asphalt sponsored automobile from the 10th place starting position to the front of the race field. Tremont secured the race lead from Josh Hohenforst on the 9th circuit.

It was Tremont’s first win of the 2012 season at the ‘Great Race Place’ and his 54th overall win at the Malta oval. And ironically, the Rifenburg family are one of Tremont’s main sponsors on his family-owned mount.

“The car ran really good tonight, especially the way the season started for us,” said the 50 year old Tremont. “It’s probably our slowest start to any season but hopefully it’s coming around now. Thankfully we kept our noses to the grindstone and kept working, working, working and it turned out good tonight.”

Only five circuits were completed when five-time feature event winner, Brett Hearn, was already showing a top status despite his 15th place starting position. Hearn’s Madsen Motorsports team picked off car after car, and with 10 laps remaining Hearn took over the runner up spot from Elmo Reckner who had a good run all night long.

Hearn would have to settle for second place while Ronnie Johnson, Elmo Reckner and Jeff Trombley rounded out the top five.

There was a new face in victory lane when the Budget Sportsman finished their 25 lap finale. Fifteen year old Brett Wright went from green to checkered in his A. Colorusso sponsored automobile to take his first career open wheel victory.

“It feels good,” said Wright during post-race ceremonies. “I was a little loose, I had to slow down to go faster. We made some brake adjustments in the car and the car just went.”

Former feature event winner Andy Durie had a good run going during the race distance. Durie and Bobby Hackel had some contact at the mid-way point of the event, which saw Hackel lose some precious race spots on the track. Durie followed Wright across the line. D.J. Brundige, Scott Duell and Bobby Hackel IV would round out the top five.

Pro Stock driver Rob Yetman found his way back to victory lane for his second victory of the 2012 race season. Yetman put the Lazzaro Autobody sponsored car in the race lead five laps prior to the halfway point of the event and never looked back afterwards. It was Yetman’s eighth career win at the Malta oval.

“We had a little traffic to work with but we have been throwing so much at the car lately,” said Yetman during post-race ceremonies. “We have been busy fixing stuff, breaking stuff and crashing. This place is tough, I’ve had my thinking cap on for weeks trying to figure this out.”

Yetman was followed by Chad Jeseo, Ken Martin, and Rob Langevin. Dean Charbonneau rounded out the top five. The top five players put on a great show during the 25 lap event with spots being swapped back and forth, resulting in some really great racing.

Some early race restarts helped Josh Coonradt get to the front of the field fast from his ninth place starting position. On lap two Coonradt was already in the runner-up spot, a couple of laps later he was in the race lead and would go on to take his third win of the season.

“I didn’t think the car was going to be too good but it’s still running,” said Coonradt in victory lane. The race behind Coonradt was ‘edge of seat’ racing. The second through fourth spots were all side-by-side across the finish line with one lap remaining [Rowdy Burch, Yule Cook and Paul Mulrain]. Mulrain was challenging for second place and spun. Burch, Cook, Nathan Dahoda, and Phil Sherman rounded out the top five.

Bits: The 10th consecutive show saw a packed house and another beautiful day… Ronnie Johnson was the fastest car in pre-race action…Budget Sportsman driver Luke Klob won another qualifying event, it was Klob’s third qualifying event win…Derrick McGrew entered the track surface behind the others for his qualifying event but things still weren’t right with McGrew’s automobile and he went right back into the pit area… Ryan Darcy was a newbee at the Malta oval, Darcy competes at AS’s sister track, Lebanon Valley Speedway… Kevin VanChance was celebrating his 33rd birthday, after contact in the Pro Stock feature event he had sheet metal falling off his car and he would have to go pitside. His b-day present was a 14th place run … Contact between J.C. Flach and Joe Williams during the first Modified qualifying event, Williams was leading the event while Flach was trying to make a pass for the race lead. Flach was able to rejoin the rear of the field but Williams had to visit the pit area and unfortunately did not make the call for the Modified consolation event either. Flach picked up his first Modified win at Lebanon Valley Speedway last weekend… another newbee was Modified racer Chad Pierce who also calls the Valley home on Saturday nights in the Sportsman ranks… Great racing between Ronnie Johnson and Jason Herrington in the third qualifying event. Late in the race Johnson went high and lost some track position though… The ‘win and you are in’ Budget Sportsman transfer spots [only the winner transfers to the feature event] went to Jack Swinton and Rocky Warner… 9 different Budget Sportsman feature event winners in 10 weeks so far. Bobby Hackel is the only one to land in victory lane on more than one occasion… Bob McGannon, a regular at the Orange County Fair Speedway, was on hand to check out the ‘Great Race Place’. McGannon is deciding if he will call the Malta oval home on Friday nights… Hector Stratton hit the wall in his qualifying event and came to a stop just shy of the pit entrance. Stratton was another who failed to make the call for the consolation event… Kenny Tremont was the fastest car on the track during pre-feature hot laps…

Rifenburg Construction Modified (35 Laps) – 1. Ken Tremont Jr, 2. Brett Hearn, 3. Ronnie Johnson, 4. Elmo Reckner, 5. Jeff Trombley, 6. Matt Delorenzo, 7. Josh Hohenfordst, 8. Mike Perrotte 9. Jason Herrington, 10. Don Ronca, 11. Mark Kislowski, 12. Jimmy Cottrell, 13. Bodie Bellinger, 14. Rich Ronca, 15. Justin Boehler, 16. Erik Nelson, 17. Matt Depew, 18. J.C. Flach, 19. Marc Johnson, 20. Keith Flach, 21. Neil Stratton, 22. Adam Haas, 23. Donnie Corellis, 24. Chris Busta, 25. Pep Corradi, 26. Chris Johnson, 27. C.G. Morey, 28. Justin Barber, DNS. Dan Humes, DNS. Bob McGannon, DNS. Chad Pierce, DNS. Hector Stratton, DNS. Joe Williams

Budget Sportsman A-Feature (25 Laps) – 1. Brett Wright, 2. Andy Durie, 3. D.J. Brundige, 4. Scott Duell, 5. Bobby Hackel IV, 6. Brian Gleason, 7. Butch Wilcox, 8. Mark Hughes, 9. Paul Dunham, 10. Mike Ostrander, 11. Chuck Dickinson, 12. Tim Hartman Jr, 13. Rocky Warner, 14. Jeremy Pitts, 15. Jack Swinton, 16. Derek McGrew, 17. Jack Gentile, 18. Dave Baranowski Jr, 19. Floyd Billington, 20. Dan Santabarbara, 21. Nick Hotaling, 22. Larry Niemiec, 23. Chris Murray, 24. Frank Hoard III, 25. Mike Burdo, 26. Joey Budka, 27. Jeff Rockefeller, 28. Luke Klob

Budget Sportsman B-Feature #1 (15 Laps) – 1. Jack Swinton, 2. Mike Tholin, 3. Adam McAuliffe, 4. Mike Jeske, 5. Colin Clow, 6. Jerry Campbell, 7. Mike Duclos, 8. Mike Pinke, 9. Shannon Donnelly, 10. Jason Reome, 11. Stan Lemiesz, 12. Leo Sousie, 13. Tim Hartman Jr. 14. Nick Anatriello, 15. Matt Atwood, DNS. Dan Boni

Budget Sportsman B-Feature #2 (15 Laps) – 1. Rocky Warner, 2. Elliott Lussier, 3. Nick Lussier, 4. Jack Speshock, 5. Fred Proctor, 6. Ryan Darcy, 7. Joe Orlando, 8. Jim Osgood, 9. Bert Film, 10. Derrick McGrew, 11. Pete Jeske, 12. Skip Shippee, 13. Jon Miller, DNS. Milo Campbell, DNS. Tom Proctor

Outerzone Laser Tag Pro Stock Series Race (25 Laps) – 1. Rob Yetman, 2. Chad Jeseo, 3. Ken Martin, 4. Rob Langevin, 5. Dean Charbonneau, 6. Bill Smith, 7. Walt Brownell, 8. Dan Older, 9.Joe Santoro, 10. Chip Smith, 11. Dave Emigh, 12. Luke Horning, 13. A.J. Walters, 14. Kevin VanChance,15. Pat Zimmer, 16. Brandon Emigh, 17. Jeff Washburn

Street Stock (20 Laps) – 1. Josh Coonradt, 2. Rowdy Burch, 3. Yule Cook, 4. Nathan Dahoda, 5. Phil Sherman, 6. Fred Harris, 7. Dave Stickles, 8. Scott Lawrence, 9. Jody Thew, 10. Paul Mulrain, 11. Mike Bradley, 12. Luke McIsaac, 13. Shannon Popp, 14. Jay Severson, 15. Randy Miller, 16. David King, 17. Ken Conroy, 18. J.T. Ronner, 19. Jay Casey, 20. John Hayes