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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

6.15.19 Patriot Sprint Tour Results

By Paul Harkenrider (Selinsgrove, PA) | It has been a long time coming for Jason Shultz as he finally parked his No.29 in Selinsgrove Speedway victory for the Patriot Sprint Tour sanctioned Joe Whitcomb memorial.

Shultz was fast all night long after setting the 360 track record during time trials with a time of 16.726. After finishing second in his heat, he would start 6th for the 25 lap A-Main.

It would be Derek Locke and Todd Gracey starting on the front row of the 25 lap A-Main with Derek Locke taking command in the opening lap, however, Gracey would spin at the top of turn three bringing out the first yellow of the night. Because no laps were complete, it would be an original restart.

Locke would once again take over and start to pull away but he would have a fleet of competitors right behind him fighting for position.

Only one lap would be scored before a red flag came out as Brian Nornhold slammed into the turn four wall putting his 5N machine on its side. Jim Shuster would also come to a stop and his night would be complete. Mike Koehler had a left rear flat but was able to get it replaced and back out on the race track.

After about an eight minute closed red flag, Locke and Shultz would once again pull away from the rest of the field battling the top spot with Mallie Shuster, Kyle Reinhardt and Cody Keller would continue to contest for the third position.

On lap nine, Shultz would thread through both Derek Locke and a lap car to take the lead going down the back stretch.

Shultz would start to build a lead on the No. 77 of Derek Locke while also weaving his way through lap traffic. With less than five laps to go, Locke would start to reel Shultz back in to recapture the lead. Shultz’s nearly two second lead would be all but gone with two laps remaining. Locke would come up just short from stealing away from Shultz. Mallie Shuster would complete the podium, followed by Cody Keller and Kyle Reinhardt the top five.

Joe Trenca was the first full Patriot Member to cross the line and will be receiving the 150 first place points towards the 2019 championship. Davie Franek was the second PST member followed by Jared Zimbardi, Jordan Thomas, Kyle Drum, Josh Azzi, Mike Koehler, Pete Richardson and Roger Levesque who traveled over seven hours from his Bath, Ontario shop to race with us.

Davie Franek, Jared Zimbardi and Kyle Reinhardt were the heat winners while Roger Levesque won the Prestige Pool & Spa Final Finisher award.

The series returns to action next Saturday June 22 at Land of Legends for the second time in 2019. For up to date Patriot Sprint Tour information, please be sure to visit www.patriotsprinttour.com and to connect with us on facebook, Instagram and twitter.

A-Verdi Storage Containers Patriot Sprint Tour Quick Results

Selinsgrove Speedway– Joe Whitcomb Memorial

A-Main: 1) 29-Jason Shultz 2) 77-Derek Locke 3) 49-Mallie Shuster 4) 99K-Keller 5) 1W-Kyle Reinhardt 6) 35L-Chad Layton 7) 98-Joe Trenca 8) 28F-Davie Franek 9) 33w-Mike Walter 10) 47c-Adam Carberry 11) 35-Jared Zimbardi 12) 66-Ryan Kissinger 13) 79-Jordan Thomas 14) 47-Kyle Drum 15) 19-Colby Womer 16) 6-Tyler Denochick 17) 17-Josh Azzi 18) 22r-Mike Koehler 19) 1-Jake Hummel 20) 67-Pete Richardson 21) 07-Curt Stroup 22) 16L-Roger Leveque

Lap Leaders: Derek Locke (1-9), Shultz (10-25)

Heat 1: 1) 28F-Davie Franek 2) 29-Jason Shultz 3) 98-Joe Trenca 4) 47-Kyle Drum 5) 35L-Chad Layton 6) 66-Ryan Kissinger 7) 19WColby Womer 8) 6- Tyler Denochick 9) 5n-Brian Nornhold

Heat 2: 1) 35-Jared Zimbardi 2) 99K-Cody Keller 3) 3-Todd Gracey 4) 33-Mike Walter 5) 67-Pete Richardson 6) 11-Jim Shuster 7) 1-Jake Hummel 8) 07-Curt Stroup

Heat 3: 1W-Kyle Reinhardt 2) 49-Mallie Shuster 3) 77-Derek Locke 4) 47C-Adam Carberry 5) 79-Jordan Thomas 6) 17-Josh Azzi 7) 22r-Mike Koehler 8) 16L-Roger Levesque

Time Trials: 1) 29- Jason Shultz (16.726- New Track Record) 2) 3-Todd Gracey (16.826) 3) 1W-Kyle Reinhardt (16.870) 4) 47-Kyle Drum (16.943) 5) 33w-Mike Walter (17.112) 6) 77-Derek Locke (17.132) 7) 98-Joe Trenca (17.138) 8) 99K-Cody Keller (17.148) 9) 47c-Adam Carberry (17.162) 10) 28F-Davie Franek (17.196) 11) 35-Jared Zimbardi (17.209) 12) 49-Mallie Shuster (17.250) 13) 66-Ryan Kissinger (17.279) 14) 11-Jim Shuster (17.329) 15) 79-Jordan Thomas (17.368) 16) 35-Chad Layton (17.379) 17) 67-Pete Richardson (17.499) 18) 17-Josh Azzi (17.610) 19) 19-Colby Womer (17.698) 20) 07-Curt Stroup 21) 22r-Mike Koehler (18.086) 22) 5n-Brian Nornhold (18.088) 23) 1-Jake Hummel (18.119) 24) 16L-Roger Levesque (18.427) 25) 6-Tyler Denochick (No Time)

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