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6.18.22 Bridgeport Speedway Results

Bridgeport, NJ – Triple R Truck Parts sponsored the first Saturday Night Rumble at the Bridgeport Motorsports Park that featured the $6,000 to win forty lap Doug Hoffman Memorial for the Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz Modifieds. This was the first of three Saturday Rumble events scheduled this season to offer a bigger payday in a Saturday night event.

It was a night packed with racing as fans were treated to six feature events among five divisions of race cars, starting with the DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookies and concluding with the Bob Hilbert Sportswear Street Stocks.

Joseph Watson grabbed the lead at the start from his outside pole starting position, leading the first thirteen laps. Dominick Buffalino had the Big Spring Car Wash No. 126 on the move as he picked off cars in the top five one by one. Buffalino was third behind Watson and Davey Sammons in the first five laps.

The leaders were racing through lapped traffic before the halfway mark and playing a role in the battle for positions. Buffalino took a look at Sammons on lap twelve but was not able to take the runner-up spot until lap fourteen. Ryan Krachun followed Buffalino into third on lap fourteen. Buffalino raced by Watson in traffic as he led Krachun, Sammons, Watson and Godown through the crossed flags.

Godown raced into third on lap eighteen. Four laps later, Godown raced by Buffalino on the exit of turn two. Krachun took over second on a lap twenty-four restart but Buffalino reclaimed the position on the next circuit. Current point leader, Billy Pauch, Jr. trailed Godown and Bufflino on lap twenty-five with Krachun and Sammons completing the top five.

Buffalino was able to close in on Godown during the last ten laps but Godown held a several car length advantage right to the checkered flag. Bufflino finished second with Pauch, Jr. an equal distance back in third. Krachun finished fourth with Sammons in fifth. Cale Ross had another strong appearance on the high banks to finish sixth followed by Jordan Watson, Richie Pratt, Jr., last week’s winner, Ryan Watt and Tommy Beamer rounding out the top ten.

Godown acknowledged that the Bridgeport competition is getting “tougher and faster”, certainly evidenced by the close racing among the top three finishers. “It’s good to be back on track,” Godown stated following the win. It was a $6,000 payday for the defending track champion. Godown did not have many opportunities to actually race with Doug Hoffman. By the time Godown came around, Hoffman was racing Modifieds but he has certainly benefited from the groundwork that Hoffman laid at the Bridgeport Speedway.

F&L Doors sponsored heat races were won by WB James, Buffalino and Joseph Watson with Danny Bouc picking up the win in the consolation.

Brian Papiez raced to his second win of the season in the Precision Hydraulic & Oil 602 Sportsman but was never out of range of the 2021 Rookie Champion, Ethan Bill who kept Papiez on the alert throughout the twenty-five lap feature event. Ryan Godown, Jr. finished third to celebrate his 21st birthday with Wayne Weaver and Greg Humlhanz finishing in fourth and fifth, respectively. Steve Yankowski finished in sixth followed by Matt Ellery, Howie Finch Eric Kormann and Sean Metz at the finish line.

Hoffman Discount Parts heat races were won by Papiez, Matt Ellery and Godown, Jr.

There was a new winner in the DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookie feature as Mike Baldwin raced to the win over Vince Malcolm, Chris Martinez, Dan Hulmes and Haley Cook. One week remains on the 2022 Rookie schedule with this year’s class scheduled to graduate next Saturday.

Dave Brown put an end to the string of different winners that have graced the Delaware Auto Exchange Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series (MASS) when he not only won his second feature of the season at the Bridgeport Motorsports Park but became the first repeat winner of the season in the series. Liberty Kenworth sponsored the twenty-five lap feature event for the 305 sprint cars.

Eddy Wagner and Brown drew the first two positions of the starting line-up but it was Brown from the green flag to the checkered as he led every one of the twenty-five laps and set a blistering pace throughout the feature event. Brown put the No. 44 in the outside line and drove away from the field.

CJ Faison challenged Wagner for second on lap two and then chased Brown all the way to the checkered but was never able to get close enough to the leader to offer a challenge for the lead. Wagner completed the distance in third with current MASS point leader, Buddy Schweibinz closing in during the final laps of the race. Rory Janney, the most recent winner in Bridgeport MASS competition, finished fifth.

Larry McVay, who leads the MASS points in the Bridgeport Series, finished sixth followed by Tom Carberry, Sr., Tim Iulg, John Brennfleck and Jeff Paulson.

Scrappy’s Auto Service heat races were won by Brown, Tim Iulg and CJ Faison.

TJ Henry was the winner of the Bob Hilbert Sportswear Street Stocks but was pressured by current point leader, Mike Hughes until just after the halfway mark when Hughes was sidelined by mechanical issues. Lee Allen finished second followed by Nick Sandone III in third. Drew Brocklebank finished fourth with John Parker taking fifth.

Jeramy Doerr was the winner of the Cassidy Painting Street Stock heat race but was then sidelined on lap six of the feature event.

TW Metals sponsored the Four Cylinders for this event which saw the largest field of cars in this division to date.

Justin Dunn dominated the competition for the first half of the 4 Cylinder feature event but Jay Lowman was able to work his way into the lead on lap eight and then drove to the win. Dunn finished second followed by Tim Jones, Jonathan Pitcher and Eric Deglar.

DANNY’S PIZZA PIZZAZ MODIFIEDS: 1. Ryan Godown, 2. Dominick Buffalino, 3. Billy Pauch Jr., 4. Ryan Krachun, 5. Davey Sammons, 6. Cale Ross, 7. Jordan Watson, 8. Richie Pratt Jr., 9. Ryan Watt, 10. Tommy Beamer, 11. Frank Cozze, 12. Neal Williams, 13. Joseph Watson, 14. Billy Osmun III, 15. W.B. James, 16. Kevin Vaclavieck, 17. Jack Swain, 18. Matt Smith, 19. Danny Bouc, 20. Ron Roberts, 21. Mike Franz, 22. Matt Stangle, 23. Clay Butler, 24. Sam Martz Sr.

PRECISION HYDRAULIC & OIL 602 SPORTSMAN: 1. Brian Papiez ($750), 2. Ethan Bill ($350), 3. Ryan Godown Jr. ($250), 4. Wayne Weaver ($200), 5. Greg Humlhanz ($150), 6. Stephen Yankowski ($120), 7. Matt Ellery ($115), 8. Howie Finch ($110), 9. Eric Kormann ($105), 10. Sean Metz ($100), 11. Brian Brobst ($100), 12. Pete Serra ($100), 13. Brian Rogers ($100), 14. David Jenkins ($100), 15. Mike Baldwin ($100), 16. John Scarpati ($100), 17. Ethan Young ($100), 18. Chris Martinez ($100), 19. Dan Hulmes ($100), 20. Ashley Metz ($100), 21. Haley Cook ($100), 22. Billy Chester ($100), 23. Jim Dallett ($100), 24. Mason Magee ($100), 25. Thomas Prychka ($100), 26. Anthony Sisco ($100)

STREET STOCKS: 1. TJ Henry, 2. Lee Allen, 3. Nick Sandone III, 4. Drew Brocklebank, 5. John Parker, 6. Joe Biederman, 7. Ken Moren, 8. Mike Hughes, 9. Jeramy Doerr
DNS: Jeff Dirkes

DELAWARE AUTO EXCHANGE MID-ATLANTIC SPRINT SERIES: 1. Dave Brown, 2. CJ Faison, 3. Eddie Wagner, 4. Buddy Schweibinz, 5. Rory Janney, 6. Larry McVay, 7. Tom Carberry, 8. Tim Iulg, 9. John Brennfleck, 10. Jeff Paulson, 11. Darren Cox, 12. Cory Hunsberger, 13. Josh Bricker, 14. DJ Tanner Jr., 15. Dale Eggert, 16. Dan Leaper, 17. Kristina Pratt, 18. Dirk Rimrott, 19. Andy Mahan, 20. Aidan Borden, 21. Rich Janney, 22. Sam Lieberman, 23. Dave Graber, 24. Keith Anderson, 25. Joe Kay, 26. Kevin Nagy

4 CYLINDERS: 1. Jay Lowman, 2. Justin Dunn, 3. Tim Jones, 4. Jonathan Pitcher, 5. Eric Deglar, 6. Joe Garey Sr., 7. Ed Ford, 8. Bobby Johnson, 9. Chris Gall, 10. Joe Garey Jr., 11. Ricky Gergasko, 12. Amanda Tinnes, 13. Scott Dunn

D.A.’S AUTO BODY ROOKIE SPORTSMAN: 1. Mike Baldwin, 2. Vince Malcom, 3. Chris Martinez, 4. Dan Hulmes, 5. Haley Cook, 6. Thomas Prychka, 7. Dylan Monteith, 8. Danielle Cook, 9. Ashley Metz

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