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6.2.14 Port Royal Speedway Results

Port Royal – Tim McCreadie of Watertown, Ny., took a $7,500 payday at Port Royal Speedway on Monday night by claiming the Charlie Grinestaff Memorial as the finale of the Late Model Speedweek series.

McCreadie’s money was comprised of the $4,000 top prize in the event plus another $3,500 for claiming the speedweek series title.

In the 358/355 limited late model main it was Jake Jones going the distance for the victory.

McCreadie started second in the 40-lap Grinestaff Speedweek finale with Jeff Rine on the pole.

Rine took firm control of the race when the green flag unfurled and was holding a healthy, 3.4 second advantage over McCreadie with sixth starter Gregg Satterlee up to third with eight laps completed when Satterlee lost a motor, slowing the race pace.

Jamie Lathroum zoomed from fifth to third on the restart with eighth starter Tim Fuller taking fourth with a quarter of the race recorded.

By lap 15 McCreadie was catching Rine and with 21 laps to go he was poised to end Rine’s run at the front.

It was with a skillful cross over move coming out of turn four that McCreadie pushed his No. 39 from the outside lane to the inside in order to get by Rine’s No. 2J with 19 laps to go.

And once at the front he was not to be challenged but instead the focus shifted to the race for a top three late in the event.

Cautions on lap 29 and 30 set up exciting restarts with defending Port Royal speedweek winner Rick Eckert entering the picture.

Eckert got by Fuller for third with three laps to go and then got around Lathroum for second with two to go but ran out of time to run down McCreadie, who took the checkers by 5.507 seconds.

Lathroum was third followed by Fuller and Dan Stone.

Sixth through 10th went to Austin Hubbard, Kenny Pettyjohn, Vic Coffey, 23rd starter Jason Covert and Mike Lupfer.

Heats for the 41-car field went to McCreadie, Eckert, Rine and Lathroum with twin B Mains going to Mitch Hack and Kerry King.

Fast time was set by Justin Kann with a time of 19.545 seconds.

Jones led the whole way in the limited late model 20-lap main event.

Rick Singleton started fourth in the field and took over second on the second circuit but was no match for leader Jones.

Kyle Lee, who started third but fell backward during the first half of the race came on strong late to take third back from Gene Knaub with two laps to go.

In the end it was Jones over Singleton, Lee, Knaub and Davey Dunkle.

Sixth through 10th went to Chad Myers, Todd Snook, Ralph Morgan Jr., Eric Irvin and Devin Hart.

Heats for the 31-car field went to Dunkle, Jones, Knaub and Morgan Jr. The consolation was taken by Travis Mease.

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Feature Finishes – 6/2/14

Late models, 40 laps: 1. Tim McCreadie, 2. Rick Eckert, 3. Jamie Lathroum, 4. Tim Fuller, 5. Dan Stone, 6. Austin Hubbard, 7. Kenny Pettyjohn, 8. Vic Coffey, 9. Jason Covert, 10. Mike Lupfer, 11. Coleby Frye, 12. Michael Altobelli, 13. Kerry King, 14. Mitch Hack, 15. Jason Schmidt, 16. Jeff Rine, 17. Tim Wilson, 18. Jim Yoder, 19. Justin Kann, 20. Scott Haus, 21. DJ Myers, 22. Derrick Casner, 23. Brett Schadel, 24. Gregg Satterlee, 25. Matt Parks

DNQ: Dylan Yoder, Glenn Elliott, Hayes Mattern, Austin Berry, Patrick Bryner, Bryon Sipe, Tim Fedder, Jeff Miller, Scott Flickinger, Chad Hollenbeck, Jerry Bard, Waylon Wagner, Trent Brenneman, Tyler Castle, Mike Mort, Nick Dickson

358/355 limited late models, 20 laps: 1. Jake Jones, 2. Rick Singleton, 3. Kyle Lee, 4. Gene Knaub, 5. Davey Dunkle, 6. Chad Myers, 7. Todd Snook, 8. Ralph Morgan Jr., 9. Eric Irvin, 10. Devin Hart, 11. Tim Krape, 12. Curtis Heath, 13. George Dixon Jr., 14. Travis Mease, 15. Andrew Yoder, 16. Danny Snyder, 17. Josh Berrier, 18. Brad Kling, 19. Harold Ranck, 20. Tyler Horst, 21. Dave Leidy, 22. Alan Sagi, 23. Craig Perigo, 24. Ken Stitt Jr.

DNQ: Brett Hockenberry, Dave Stamm, Steve Bailor, Brian Leessley, Zack Kauffman, Jason Nace, Garrett Gray

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