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6.26.21 Wayne County Speedway Results

By Mike Swanger

​ It was the hottest night of the season and the action was just as hot on the track as Wayne County Speedway’s Mid Season championship was held with double points up for grabs in the O’Reilly Auto Parts ‘Race to the Championship’ point standings along with prizes from the Contingency Connection’s Racers Rewards program. The Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprints took to the 3/8 mile oval first as Tyler Street used his pole position to grab the lead at the drop of the green flag. As the field was working on lap two, the red flag would wave as Leyton Wagner and Nick Patterson got together on the back stretch with Patterson flipping, ending both of their nights. With the race resuming, Street set the pace as Henry Malcuit took second from Jamie Myers followed by Chris Myers and Ricky Peterson. The red flag was back out on lap three as Dylan Kingan and Wyatt Zimmerman made contact in turn one as both ended up flipping with Zimmerman going over the guardrail. All drivers were ok in the 2 red flags. A caution on lap six for a spun R J Jacobs would keep the field bunched together and as the race went back to green, Peterson moved into third behind Street and Malcuit and those three pulled away from the field. On lap 11, Chris Myers took fourth from Jamie Myers which would be a major move. With the three leaders beginning to pick their way through slower cars, trouble for them was brewing on lap 16 as Jack Sodeman Jr got sideways in turn three as the leaders were bearing down on him. Sodeman Jr. was hit by Jason Dolick’s car and that sent Street into the guardrail breaking his car while Peterson made contact and rolled over and Malcuit slide into the stopped cars of Sodeman and Dolick. Street who has now lead in three different races at WCS has been collected in lapped car incidents in all three. Street and Petersons cars had to be towed off while Malcuit was not able to continue either. This put Chris and Jamie Myers into the top two spots with points leader Broc Martin and Dean Jacobs following. With no more interruptions in the race, Chris Myers started to stretch his lead out as Martin and Jacobs would go back and forth for third as both got past Jamie Myers with three laps to go as Martin claimed second for good at that point but could not catch up to Chris Myers as the Caldwell driver put the Kempthorn Auto Parts, Pine Tree Towing & Recovery and Cramer’s Sheet Metal #38k into the Summit Racing victory circle for the first time as Martin, Jacobs, Jamie Myers and Danny Mumaw scored top five’s. Chris Myers, Peterson and Malcuit topped the heats.

The top two in the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Model feature would start on the front row with points leader Mitch Caskey grabbing the point from Ryan Markham at the drop of the green flag. Three cautions in the first six laps kept everyone close together but after that Caskey would open up a gap over Markham, Brett Bee, J R Gentry and Shane McLoughlin. Going down the back stretch on lap 19, Caskey would slide into the infield with problems to bring out the caution and right after that, Markham went pitside with a flat tire and would return, On the restart, McLoughlin and Bee made contact in turn one that ended both of their chances of a top five or better finish with both going to the pits. Markham took advantage of this restart to get back to second but Gentry and his Wooster based El Campesino Restaurant, Holmes Pest Control and Skurts Custom Apparel #14 could not be caught and recorded his second win of the year. Markham finished second as Craig Hartong, Jerry Aber and Tyler Evans filled out the top five and all three collected their best finishes of the season. Heat wins went to Wes Morrison and Mike Bores.

The CORBON Ammunition Modifieds had the race of the night with Nashport’s Jimmy Smith grabbing the lead at the start with Kyle Moore taking second from Drew Smith on lap three and put the pressure on Jimmy Smith quickly. As both drivers running almost the exact same line, Smith would hold off Moore, who was looking for his 6th win in a row. Moore would edge past Smith on lap eight only to give it back on the next circuit as Smith used the very high line to reclaim the point. Moore would tuck under Smith coming out of turn two on lap 15 to take back the lead and kept it on lap 16 when a caution waved. On the restart, Smith went low into turn one and slide up in front of Moore to recapture the lead and for the final four circuits, kept Moore at bay and put the MPW, Porta Kleen and McMahon Truck #11j into victory lane for the 1st time, Moore finished second with Drew Smith, Garrett Rons and Jim Plance rounding out the top five in their first visit to ‘Orrvile’s Historic Oval’. Moore and Jimmy Smith won the heat races.

Kyle Moore would not waste any time in the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock feature as he passed front row starters Jimmy Humphrey and Seth Dickerson on the opening lap and the only thing that kept the race close was three cautions in the first six laps. The Mansfield driver and his R C Kuhn & Sons, Corbon Ammunition and United Concrete #21d would build a huge lead and win by just under 7 seconds over Paul Holmes who had a tight race going on with Humphrey until lap nine when Humphrey’s car puffed a lot of smoke and he pulled into the infield as Chase Alexander moved into third holding off Tyler Wiles, who finished fourth. Don Baney ended with his season best of fifth. Moore and Matt Shroyer collected the heat wins.

Doug Hensel set the pace for the opening three circuits of the JoyRide Transport Mini Stock main but Jordan James took over on lap 4 and then held off Hensel the rest of the way to score his fourth win of the season aboard the Loudonville based Ugly Duck Bar & Grill, Lorentz Lawn Care and Harris Automotive #83. Staying within a car length of James, Hensel could never get a run to reclaim the lead. Jolene Voshel finished third with her best finish of the season as Kyle Petit and David Keagy finished fourth and fifth. Heat winners were Ryan Carder and James.

The next racing action at Wayne County Speedway will be on SUNDAY, July 4th, with another Fast Five program that will feature round three of the King of the County Sprint Challenge with $3,500 going to the winner. Gates will open at 3 pm with hot laps at 6 pmand racing at 7 pm.


​Saturday, June 26, 2021


Fast Qualifier Dean Jacobs 15.010 seconds

Heat 1 Chris Myers, Broc Martin, R J Jacobs, Dean Jacobs, Jacj Sodeman Jr., Danny Mumaw, Zach Ames, Wyatt Zimmerman

Heat 2 Ricky Peterson, Tyler Street, Jamie Myers, Nick Patterson, Brandon Spithaler, Leyton Wagner, Dylan Kingan, Joe Adorjan

Heat 3 Henry Malcuit, Connor Leoffler, Andrew Palker, Jason Dolick, Jordan Ryan, Shawn Hubler, Danial Burkhart

Feature Chris Myers, Broc Martin, Dean Jacobs, Jamie Myers, Danny Mumaw, Brandon Spithaler, Jordan Ryan, Connor Leoffler, Zach Ames, R J Jacobs, Shawn Hubler, Tyler Street, Ricky Peterson, Henry Malcuit, Jason Dolick, Jack Sodeman Jr., Joe Adorjan, Andrew Palker, Danial Burkhart, Dylan Kingan, Wyatt Zimmerman, Leyton Wagner, Nick Patterson


Fast Qualifier Mitch Caskey 17.011 seconds

Heat 1 Wes Morrison, Brett Bee, Ryan Markham, Mitch Caskey, Howard Fraley, Tyler Evans, Nick Cox, Ricky Holderbaum, Troy Hahn, Jerry Aber

Heat 2 Mike Bores, J R Gentry, Brad Malcuit, Shane McLoughlin, Craig Hartong, Jason Henderson, Doug Baird, Todd Gallion, Larry Bellman

Feature J R Gentry, Ryan Markham, Craig Hartong, Jerry Aber, Tyler Evans, Nick Cox, Doug Baird, Troy Hahn, Ricky Holderbaum, Brett Bee, Shane McLoughlin, Mike Bores, Howard Fraley, Mitch Caskey, Todd Gallion, Jason Henderson, Larry Bellman, Brad Malcuit, Wes Morrison


Fast Qualifier Kyle Moore 18.676 seconds

Heat 1 Kyle Moore, Drew Smith, Jason King, Jim Plance, Casey Butler, Colton Lehman, Rick Schmitt

Heat 2 Jimmy Smith, Garrett Rons, Mason Canter, Jacob Myers, Mark Smith, Jon Disbennett, Ronald Schmitt

Feature Jimmy Smith, Kyle Moore, Drew Smith, Garrett Rons, Jim Plance, Ronald Schmitt, Mark Smith, Casey Butler, Mason Canter, Jacob Myers, Colton Lehman, Jon Disbennett, Rick Schmitt, Jason King dns


Fast Qualifier Kyle Moore 20.399 seconds

Heat 1 Kyle Moore, Chase Alexander, Don Baney, Seth Dickerson, Curt Zimmerman, Tyler Wiles, Paul McVicker, Kevin Ake

Heat 2 Matt Shroyer, Jimmy Humphrey, Paul Holmes, Brandon Craver, Don Rutt, Doug Hensel, Justin Lorentz

Feature Kyle Moore, Paul Holmes, Chase Alexander, Tyler Wiles, Don Baney, Matt Shroyer, Brandon Craver, Justin Lorentz, Don Rutt, Seth Dickerson, Paul McVicker, Kevin Ake, Jimmy Humphrey, Curt Zimmerman, Doug Hensel


Heat 1 Ryan Carder, Mitch Reichard, Kyle Petit, Jolene Voshel, Steven Lester, Thomas Mendiola, Darrel Taylor, Kevin Markey, Clayton Evans, Brian Dawson, Brad Hensel

Heat 2 Jordan James, Doug Hensel, Dustin Bedlion, Johnny Bruce, David Coffin, David Keagy, Stephen Crowe, Anthony Collins, J R Graser, Wayne Newbury, Brice Berger, Matt Short

Feature Jordan James, Doug Hensel, Jolene Voshel, Kyle Petit, David Keagy, Johnny Bruce, Mitch Reichard, Dustin Bedlion, Steven Lester, David Coffin, Anthony Collins, Thomas Mendiola, J R Graser, Brian Dawson, Clayton Evans, Kevin Markey, Stephen Crowe, Darrell Taylor, Ryan Carder, Brad Hensel, Wayne Newbury, Brice Berger dns, Matt Short dns

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