7.13.12 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report

7.13.12 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results

Malta, NY – Despite being the fastest car on numerous occasions during the hot lap sessions just prior to the feature event, Ronnie Johnson was winless on the 2012 season — until now. Johnson, who started third in the field, took the race lead on the first circuit, and despite heavy lapped traffic and a fast charging Kenny Tremont, Johnson brought the Carole and Alton Palmer owned automobile to the checkers first. Johnson’s 17th career win at the ‘Great Race Place’ came on Sowle Tractor Trailer Repair night.

Kenny Tremont started 12th on the field and had already landed a top five spot by the fourth circuit. Eight more times around the 4/10 mile oval and Tremont was sitting in the runner-up position. Tremont was fast and furious but only was able to make one serious attempt at Johnson and was forced to settle for a second place run.

“Kenny is the old pro here and he certainly made me race for it,” said Johnson of the win. “Lapped traffic was a little bit tough and I saw him poking his nose down there at the bottom and once I cleared the lapped car, I just kept it on the bottom and protected my groove.”

Brett Hearn, Stewart Friesen and Mike Perrotte rounded out the top five.

D.J. Brundige took the lead in the 25-lap Sportsman feature at the start and went right to the checkers to pick up his first victory of the 2012 race season.

“That was great, it was the best car I’ve had in a long time,” said Brundige during post race ceremonies. “I’ve been struggling with this car so I’m glad to be here tonight.”

Paul Dunham, Scott Duell, Shannon Donnelly and Andy Durie rounded out the top five.

Pro Stock driver Bill Smith looked like he owned the 25 lap Pro Stock event but Dan Older, who started fifth on the field, wasn’t happy running in second. The two put on a great battle for the race lead – with Older securing it on lap 22.

“We were running the bottom and he [Smith] was running the top so we just kept reeling him in and reeling him in,” said Older in victory lane.

Rob Yetman, Bernie Companion and Rob Langevin rounded out the top five.

On lap 10 of the extra distance 30 lap event for the Street Stocks three-time 2012 winner Paul Mulrain was at it again, taking the race lead. Earlier race leader, Yule Cook, was driving the wheels off his automobile in the later laps to catch Mulrain but he was unsuccessful in his effort

“The car got tight and then there was a bunch of water down in one and Two, and we started to hang on as much as we could,” said Mulrain. “We’ve been struggling since we won the last time [about a month ago] but we did what we could tonight.”

Phil Defiglio took the lead on the sixth time around the speedway and never looked back, securing the 15 lap 4 Cylinder feature event.

“Oh my gosh, it’s been a long time, it’s great to be back in victory lane,” said Defiglio.

*Bits:* Sportsman point leader Bobby Hackel was involved in an incident at the start of the second qualifying event. Hackel suffered right front damage on his automobile and was towed into the pit area… Elmo Reckner and Dustin Delaney made contact in the first modified qualifying event. Reckner’s sponsor, Wendy’s, was a sponsor for the program on Friday night… Erik Nelson was black flagged after the second Modified qualifying event was checkered. Nelson came across the line and spun Don Ronca around… Matt Delorenzo went all the way out on the wall in the final qualifying event, Delorenzo would use his guaranteed starting status [3rd in points] to gain way into the feature event… ‘Win it and You Are in It’ for the Sportsman drivers in the B-Mains… Only one driver from each event made way into the 25-lap finale. Excellent show by Rocky Warner and Mark Hughes in the first B-Main event. Rocky Warner took the win. Joey Budka won the second B Main… Ronnie Johnson was the fastest car in hot laps just prior to the feature event… 2012 season Pro Stock winner Walt Brownell was pushed behind the wall before the feature event was started… Birthday boy, Bob Savoie, exited the Modified feature about halfway and parked his automobile in the infield… Ironically Ronnie Johnson, Brett Hearn and Kenny Tremont recorded the fast times just prior to the feature. They also owned the top three slots when the 35 lap feature concluded… Elmo Reckner’s sponsor, Wendy’s, had folks on-hand in the VIP tent

Eastside Metals & Recycling, Elmo’s Auto Body and B-Dry Waterproofing Modified (35 Laps) – 1. Ronnie Johnson, 2. Ken Tremont Jr, 3. Brett Hearn, 4. Stewart Friesen, 5. Mike Perrotte 6. Don Ronca, 7. Marc Johnson, 8. Neil Stratton, 9. Donnie Corellis, 10. J.C. Flach, 11. Mark Kislowski, 12. Keith Flach, 13. Jimmy Cottrell, 14. Elmo Reckner, 15. Matt Delorenzo, 16. Matt Depew, 17. Hector Stratton, 18. Rich Ronca, 19. Jeff Trombley, 20. Jamike Sowle, 21. Chris Busta, 22. Justin Barber, 23. C.G. Morey, 24. Tony Ballestero, 25. Dustin Delaney, 26. Erik Nelson, 27. Bob Savoie, 28. Bodie Bellinger

Budget Sportsman A-Feature (25 Laps) – 1. D.J. Brundige, 2. Paul Dunham, 3. Scott Duell, 4. Shannon Donnelly, 5. Andy Durie, 6. Jack Swinton, 7. Mike Ostrander, 8. Stan Lemiesz, 9. Fred Proctor, 10. Dan Santabarbara, 11. Derek McGrew, 12. Joey Budka, 13. Adam McAuliffe, 14. Jeremy Pitts, 15. Bobby Hackel IV, 16. Brian Gleason, 17. Mike Tholin, 18. Tim Hartman Jr, 19. Dave Baranowski Jr, 20. Jack Gentile, 21. Butch Wilcox, 22. Mike Duclos, 23. Brett Wright, 24. Kenny Aanonsen Jr, 25. Floyd Billington, 26. Chuck Dickinson, 27. Rocky Warner, 28. Mike Jeske, 29. Luke Klob

Budget Sportsman B-Feature #1 (15 Laps) – 1. Rocky Warner, 2. Mark Hughes, 3. Jim Osgood, 4. Jon Miller, 5. Chris Murray 6. Greg Catlin, 7. Mike Minick, 8. Lenny Peckham, 9. Milo Campbell, 10. Tim Hartman Jr, 11. Rick Lamont, 12. Michael Sabia, DNS. Dan Boni, DNS. Joe Orlando

Budget Sportsman B-Feature #2 (15 Laps) – 1. Joey Budka, 2. Jerry Campbell, 3. Anthony Marro, 4. Leo Sousie, 5. Nick Anatriello, 6. Bert Film, 7. Jack Speshock, 8. Tom Proctor, 9. D.J. Mabb, 10. Mike Burdo, 11. Brad LaFountain, 12. Bobby Hackel IV, DNS. Brian Gleason, DNS. Nick Hotaling

Toro Presents Pro Stock Series Race (25 Laps) – 1. Dan Older, 2. Bill Smith, 3. Rob Yetman, 4. Bernie Companion, 5. Rob Langevin, 6. Chad Jeseo, 7. Dean Charbonneau, 8. Brandon Emigh, 9. Ken Martin, 10. Dave Emigh, 11. Kevin VanChance, 12. Chip Smith, 13. Joe Santoro, DNS. Walt Brownell, DNS. Johnny Donnelly, DNS. Jeff Washburn

Street Stock (30 Laps) – 1. Paul Mulrain, 2. Yule Cook, 3. Josh Coonradt, 4. Ken Conroy, 5. Curt Condon, 6. Jody Thew, 7. Scott Lawrence, 8. Randy Miller, 9. John Hayes, 10. Paul Braymer, 11. David Shippee, 12. Matt Mosher, 13. Jason Barrett, 14. Jay Severson, 15. Dave Stickles, 16. Rowdy Burch

4 Cylinder Combined (15 Laps) – 1. Phil Defiglio, 2. Dan Older, 3. Anthony Alger, 4. Art Clement, 5. John Lindblade, 6. Keith Tesiero, 7. Dave Labarge, 8. Pete Vila, 9. Stephen Goodness, 10. Keith Tesiero Jr., 11. Jim Williams, 12. Shawn Ryba, DNS. Chris VanDePutte

4 Cylinder Single Cam – 1. Dan Older, 2. Anthony Alger, 3. John Lindblade, 4. Keith Tesiero, 5. Dave Labarge, 6. Keith Tesiero Jr., 7. Jim Williams

4 Cylinder Dual Cam – 1. Phil Defiglio, 2. Art Clement, 3. Pete Vila, 4. Stephen Goodness, 5. Shawn Ryba, DNS. Chris VanDePutte