7.27.19 Patriot Sprint Tour Results

By Paul Harkenrider (Dundee, NY) | After always heading back to Scotland, ON with second and third place runs, Dylan Westbrook can finally say he is a Patriot Sprint Tour A-Main Winner on the American side scoring the second annual Outlaw Summer Nationals event.

Westbrook went green to checkered in 8 minutes and 46 seconds for the win but it was not easy having to hold off another young driver in Paulie Colagiovanni.

“This win was real tough” said a very exhausted yet relieved Westbrook. “You try to go slow as you can to keep the tires underneath you but you still want to go fast, I could hear someone behind me so you had to hit your marks but the slower you go actually makes you a lot faster.”

Westbrook was fortunate to draw the pole along side Billy VanInwegen who was coming off a win Friday night at the Freedom Motorsports Park and the two would bring the 26 car field to the green with Westbrook immediately taking command with fourth place starter Davie Franek sliding into the second spot.

Franek appeared to be a threat early but that was until Colagiovanni who started fifth continued to move forward and got by Franek on lap ten.

Seventh starter Jared Zimbardi also continued to make head way by also getting into the top five. The second half of race was focused on the race lead as Colagiovanni would attempt several different racing lanes to get by Westbrook but could not get it done. Lap traffic played a key role as well for both drivers as it was a determinant on where to enter the corners.

With two laps to go, Colagiovanni would drive hard into turn one but would get a little bit out of control allowing Westbrook to build back up his race lead with the white flag coming out. Westbrook would lead all 30 laps with Colagiovanni settling for second followed by Jordan Thomas, Jared Zimbardi and Joe Trenca completing the top ten.

For Westbrook, he finally got the American monkey off his back and picked up his first win in New York after so many tries.

“We have always had real close finishes In the states” Westbrook mentioned. “So many times we were leading and got passed on the last lap but to finally win one, it is awesome!”

For Colagiovanni, another podium finish for the Marcellus, NY driver at Outlaw and he talks about going for the race lead with two to go.

“I kept changing up my racing line and running through the bumps seeing if I can get a little bit of brown to get by him” the 18 year old explained. “It was rubbered up in three and four so there was nothing you could do there. Dylan is a really good driver and I think the lap traffic got the best of us today.”

Jordan Thomas finishes on the podium for the second consecutive year In the Outlaw Summer Nationals and was quite surprised how good the car came in the last third of the race.

“It was fun out there, I didn’t know we were going to be that good” Thomas admitted. “After we got by Franek, the car started rolling and then we started catching Paulie and Dylan where I think we had something for them maybe if those lap cars didn’t try racing the leaders.”

This was Westbrook’s second career Patriot Sprint Tour win and his first in two seasons since Ohsweken in 2017.

Jason Barney, Billy VanInwegen, and Jordan Thomas were the heat race winners while Shawn Donath won the Bonnell’s Rod Shop Dash for Cash.

The series returns to Outlaw for the second consecutive week this Friday, August 2 in conjunction with NASCAR being at Watkins Glen. Some surprised drivers are expected to be in attendance

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A-Verdi Storage Containers Patriot Sprint Tour Quick Results

26 Entries

A-Main: 1) DYLAN WESTBROOK (1) 2) 10c-Paulie Colagiovanni 3) 79-Jordan Thomas 4) 35-Jared Zimbardi 5) 98-Joe Trenca 6) 28f-Davie Franek 7) 9-Josh Pieniazek 8) 90-Matt Tanner 9) 56-Billy VanInwegen 10) 10-Jeff Cook 11) 45-Chuck Hebing 12) 53-Shawn Donath 13) 87-Jason Barney 14) 10h-Kelly Hebing 15) 14b-Brett Wright 16) 22-Jonathan Preston 17) 36-Kyle Moffit 18) John Trenca 19) 121-Steve Glover 20) 22r-Mike Koehler 21) 99k-Dan Kuhn 22) 67-Pete Richardson 23) 17z-Josh Azzi 24) 33-Lacey Hansen 25) 16L- Roger Levesque 26) 23-Tyler Cartier

Lap Leaders: Westbrook 1-30

Heat 1: 1) 87-Jason Barney 2) 10c-Paulie Colagiovanni 3) 9-Josh Pieniazek 4) 10h-Kelly Hebing 5) 10-Jeff Cook 6) 22-Jonathan Preston 7) 99-John Trenca 8) 99k-Dan Kuhn 9) 45-Chuck Hebing

Heat 2: 1) 56-Billy VanInwegen 2) 28f-Davie Franek 3) 47x-Dylan Westbrook 4) 53-Shawn Donath 5) 98-Joe Trenca 6) 17z-Josh Azzi 7) 67-Pete Richardson 8) 16l-Roger Levesque 9) 121-Steve Glover

Heat 3: 1) 79-Jordan Thomas 2) 35-Jared Zimbardi 3) 22r-Mike Koehler 4) 36-Kyle Moffit 5) 90-Matt Tanner 6) 14b-Brett Wright 7) 33v-Lacey Hansen 8) 23-Tyler Cartier Bonnell Dash For Cash: 1) 53-Shawn Donath 2) 10-Kelly Hebing 3) 90-Matt Tanner 4) 9-Josh Pienazek 5) 36-Kyle Moffitt 6) 22r-Mike Koehler

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