7.29.17 Nebraska 360 Sprints Results - Dirt Racing Report

7.29.17 Nebraska 360 Sprints Results

Knoxville Raceway (July 29, 2017)—The Nebraska 360 Carpetland & Malvern Bank Sprint Series, in conjunction with the Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Series, brought 62 cars to the most famous dirt track in the world for a $4000 to win and $400 to start the A main event.

It was Terry McCarl who proved to 61 other drivers, that it was his day at Knoxville Raceway. “We dinged up the front wing on one of the restarts but the car was handling awesome! Every time I get into a 360, I have a blast! If we don’t win we are always running up front and I have to thank Don Long because without him, we wouldn’t be running this 360 thing. I have to thank all of my sponsors for building this thing up to what it once was.”

The Saldana Racing Products pole sitter was Sawyer Phillips and along side him was Ian Madsen for the A main event. Ian Madsen took the lead down the backstretch but in turn 3 several cars got together bringing out the first caution of the evening.

On the restart Terry McCarl got a great jump and took the lead in turn 2 with Sam Hafertepe Jr in tow and Sawyer Phillips rounding out the top 3. The action was for 5th between Ian Madsen and Brian Brown who swapped spots for several laps but it was Brown who the got the momentum and went by Sawyer Phillips as well. Hafertepe continued his 2nd place run but it was a closing Brian Brown who got by him down the backstretch on lap 10. The 2nd yellow came when Carson McCarl spun in turn 4. McCarl was the leader followed by Brown, Hafertepe Jr, Sawyer Phillips, and Ian Madsen.

Terry McCarl lead the field on the restart as Brown went low in turn 1 but it wasn’t enough and a big puff of smoke came from Sawyer Phillips as the 3rd yellow of the feature flew.

McCarl’s restart was on point but it was Brian Brown who slowed down the backstretch bringing out the 3rd caution of the feature with a blown motor. Running order was McCarl Hafertepe, Madsen, Tim Kaeding, and Seth Bergman

The A feature continued as McCarl brought the field to the green flag. Seth Bergman and Tim Kaeding had a great battle for 3rd as Hafertepe fell back to 5th. McCarl’s dominance was slowly coming to an end as Ian Madsen closed with 5 laps left as the yellow flew with 3 togo.

Ian Madsen, on the restart, got a great run on McCarl going down the backstretch but it wasn’t enough. With one togo Madsen held his high line but Terry McCarl went on to win the A feature and pocket $4000.

Heat Race Results (8 Laps)

Heat 1 (Results): 1-Hafertepe.S 2-Beaver.J 3-Madsen.I 4-Brown.B 5-Zomer.D 6-Cornell.J 7-Baughman.J 8-Wehrle.C 9-Bowman.C 10-Lane.H 11-Clark.D

Heat 2 (Results): 1-Kaeding.T 2-McCarl.T 3-Brahmer.S 4-VanHaaften.N 5-Giles.R 6-Scelzi.D 7-Ledger.C 8-Hahn.B 9-Alexander.M 10-Hill.A

Heat 3 (Results): 1-Martin.J 2-Ball.J 3-Bogucki.S 4-Higday.J 5-Herrera.J 6-Reutzel.A 7-Moro.M 8-White.H 9-Moore.H 10-Montgomery.R

Heat 4 (Results): 1-Phillips.R 2-Groenendyk.T 3-Covington.M 4-Hebing.C 5-Martin.C 6-Haase.M 7-Manteufel.T 8-Lenz.T 9-Zoutte.A 10-Kennedy.T 11-Kline.D

Heat 5 (Results): 1-Egel.M 2-Roberts.R 3-McDonald.S 4-Bergman.S 5-Phillips.S 6-Gee.S 7-Malsam.T 8-Snyder.S 9-Klabunde.J 10-Anderson.J

Heat 6 (Results): 1-Landis.C 2-Agan.J 3-Johnson.W 4-Garner.C 5-Morton.K 6-McCarl.C 7-Bickett.R 8-Weuve.R 9-Masters.C 10-Morton.C

B Feature Results (10 Laps & Top 2 Transfer)

B Feature 1 (Results): 1-Zomer.D 2-Baughman.J 3-Reutzel.A 4-Cornell.J 5-Bogucki.S 6-Herrera.J 7-Scelzi.D 8-Ledger.C 9-Wehrle.C 10-White.H 11-Clark.D 12-Moore.H 13-Alexander.M 14-Hahn.B 15-Lane.H 16-Montgomery.R 17-Hill.A 18-Brahmer.S 19-Higday.J 20-Beaver.J 21-Bowman.C

B Feature 2 (Results): 1-McCarl.C 2-Johnson.W 3-Covington.M 4-Manteufel.T 5-Gee.S 6-Malsam.T 7-Snyder.S 8-Martin.C 9-McDonald.S 10-Bickett.R 11-Klabunde.J 12-Lenz.T 13-Morton.K 14-Anderson.J 15-Masters.C 16-Zoutte.A 17-Hebing.C 18-Weuve.R 19-Kennedy.T 20-Morton.C 21-Kline.D

A Feature Results (25 Laps)

Terry McCarl
Ian Madsen
Seth Bergman
Sam Hafertepe Jr.
Tim Kaeding
Jamie Ball
Wayne Johnson
Clint Garner
Ryan Giles
Jason Martin
Matt Moro
Dusty Zomer
McKenna Haase
Nate Van Haaften
Ryan Roberts
Calvin Landis
Josh Baughman
Brian Brown
Matt Egel
Sawyer Phillips
Carson McCarl
Jon Agan
Tyler Groenendyk
Ragar Phillips
Contingency Awards

Saldana Racing Products Pole Award (certificate)- Sawyer Phillips
Wesmar Racing Engines “Move of the Race”- Terry McCarl
Speedway Motors Hard Charger $200 (certificate)- Wayne Johnson

With the upcoming Knoxville 360 & 410 nationals, there will be a several week break before we continue on our 2017 season. Our next stop with be August 25 at I-80 Speedway for the “Speedy” Bill Smith Memorial and August 26 with a co-sanctioned event with the Midwest Sprint Touring Series at Park Jefferson Speedway.

For schedule and news, please visit us at www.nebraska360sprintseries.com or follow us on Facebook at NE360sprint.