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Sunday, September 24, 2023

7.9.22 Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway Results

By Kasey Kreider

A racey Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway greeted drivers, teams, and fans alike as all five weekly divisions returned to the facility for the first of two regular points shows before Hyper Racing 600 Speedweek, the Clyde Martin Memorial, and the 270 Showcase. A quarter midget exhibition at intermission allowed some of the future stars of the Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway to take to the track. Then, the focus shifted to the stars and cars of today. The list of winners for the evening saw a healthy mix of contenders in the increasingly important points chase and drivers who were finally able to break through for a 2022 win after knocking on the door throughout the season.

The Hyper Racing Winged 600 feature belonged to Bradley Brown, as he got around Nathan Miller and then held off Jason Swavely for his second winged win of the season. Patrick Kirn made the pass on Bret Cronrath in lapped traffic to pick up his first win of the season and first at the Clyde since 2019. Ryan Groff fended off a late challenge from youngsters Jackson White and Dallas Damask to claim his first Lanco win since last September in the Hyper Racing Wingless 600s. Billy Logeman snatched his third win of the season in 125/4 Stroke competition with not one, but two bold turn 1 passes on Masen Stapleton in the closing laps. And Brian Sholley picked up a long-awaited victory in 270 competition, leading wire-to-wire to close out the night.

Nathan Miller and Jason Swavely led the field of Hyper Racing Winged 600 combatants to the green flag for the first feature of the night. However, the start would prove crucial toward the outcome of the race, as Swavely was called for jumping, and was moved back a row for attempt number two. Brent Ely inherited the outside pole, but it was still Miller who cleared and led the way through the opening laps.

Bradley Brown and Jason Swavely entered the evening one-two in the point standings, and the two drivers quickly moved their way up to second and third in the running order with Brown, the fifth-place starter, being able to get past Swavely to lead the duo. Both drivers closed in a tad on the high side while Miller kept a steady line in the middle of the speedway. A lap 10 caution regrouped the field and opened the door for a lead change to occur.

As Miller continued running the middle on the restart, Brown powered his way around the outside through turns 1 and 2, completing the pass to take over the lead. Swavely then moved to second and kept in pursuit of Brown, who pulled away little by little each lap.

Bradley Brown (No. 23) and Jason Swavely (No. 14) were able to get around Nathan Miller (No. 2K) on a lap 10 restart after Miller had led the race’s first nine laps. (Photo Courtesy of Keegan Simmons Photos)

A caution with six laps to go set up one final double-file restart, but Brown got a perfect one, and instead, Swavely found himself battling with Christian Bruno, a driver going for his third win in six days, for the runner-up spot. As the two had a slider battle, Brown was able to pull away and take his second win in the division in 2022.

Brown extended his points lead to 55 over Swavely with the win, while Bruno held on to complete the podium. Holden Eckman turned in a fourth-place result, with Miller finishing off his best run of the year in fifth.

Heat races were won by Eckman and Nick Skias.

Brianne Cronrath-Wittmer rolled off from the pole for the Skeet Craft Collision Sportsman feature with Jamie Flickinger to the outside. Flickinger was able to take the lead on the initial start of the race from the high line, while drivers jockeyed for position behind him. Patrick Kirn, Clinton Hauser, and Bret Cronrath were among the big movers in the early going, and all of those drivers found themselves in the top five by the race’s second restart on lap 5.

Flickinger continued to lead for a few laps after the green flag was redisplayed, but as Cronrath and Kirn closed in, Flickinger’s car had a mechanical issue off the exit of turn 2, and the No. 9G was forced to pull to the infield and out of the race. From there, Cronrath was the leader with Kirn in second, and the battle for the win came down to lapped traffic.

Cronrath was initially able to get through the lapped cars better than Kirn, as he opened the gap to well over a second while picking his way through. However, once Cronrath got further up in the field and to some faster cars, the task became tougher and the gap between the two once again shrunk. Cronrath had a tough time getting past Shannon Slaughter, who was holding her own on the bottom as Cronrath tried to find a way around in the non-preferred lane. With five laps to go and Kirn closing rapidly, Cronrath peeked outside of Slaughter entering turn 3, but hopped over her right rear tire, shooting the No. 5 up the speedway and opening the door for Kirn to get past.

Cronrath tucked back in line behind Kirn, but as the two continued to negotiate traffic, Kirn was able to build up a gap, one that Cronrath would not be able to erase. The Mohrsville, PA driver took the checkered flag at Lanco for the first time in three years, beating the defending champ to the line by just under a second at the finish. While Cronrath finished second, he would take over the points lead from Corey Schmuck, Jr., who finished ninth after being involved in an early incident. Toby Blumenshine backed up his wingless 4th of July weekend win with a finish on the bottom step of the podium, while Michael Spadafora turned in an excellent drive from 21st to fourth, and Courtney Kupp rounded out the top five.

Heat races were won by Cronrath-Wittmer, Flickinger, and Blumenshine.

Patrick Kirn took advantage of a miscue by Bret Cronrath in lapped traffic to pick up his first Skeet Craft Collision Sportsman win in three years at the Clyde. (Photo Courtesy of Keegan Simmons Photos)

Rookie James Fries was the scheduled pole sitter for the Hyper Racing Wingless 600 feature. However, Fries’ car needed a push to get started after the field fired their engines, meaning that he would have to start at the tail of the field. That put Mason Beinhower and Ryan Boyd on the front row for the start, and Beinhower broke away to the lead in the early going. Fourth-place starter Ryan Groff was the big mover, though, as he quickly got to second and on lap 9, made the pass for the lead with a turn 3 slide job.

Beinhower then had to battle Jackson White for second, and White was able to take the spot away from the bottom line on a restart. The stage was set for Groff and White to battle for the win, while Dallas Damask, making his first-ever start at the Clyde, put on a show further back in the pack, slicing and dicing his way up to the third position.

White followed right in Groff’s tire tracks as the laps clicked away, just trying to stay within striking distance for one slide job attempt for the win. As the front two rounded turn 4 and came to the white flag, White got a run off the exit and took what would be his one and only shot, sliding to the bottom entering turn 1. However, White couldn’t clear Groff and commit all the way to the move, allowing Groff to scamper away cleanly at the exit of turn 2 and set sail to the final set of corners with the win in hand.

Groff would take the checkers with White holding onto second and Damask completing an impressive drive in third. Points leader Bradley Brown made lemonade out of lemons, as he battled back to salvage fourth out of a rough night in a still wounded wingless car. Beinhower faded back slightly, but still hung on for a fifth-place result.

The twin heat races were also won by Groff and White.

Ryan Groff held off a last-lap slide job attempt by Jackson White to pick up the win in the Hyper Racing Wingless 600 feature. (Photo Courtesy of Keegan Simmons Photos)

Dylan Holmes led the early laps from the pole of the 125/4 Stroke feature, but it wasn’t long before another second-year driver was able to overtake him for the top spot. Masen Stapleton, coming off a third-place finish two weeks ago, was trying to do two spots better on this night, and took the lead on the backstretch on lap 5. Stapleton had some of the usual suspects climbing up through the pack behind him, as Chase Layser and Billy Logeman moved from the back half of the top dozen and into the top three.

A restart around halfway saw Logeman make the pass on Layser for second, but he could only manage to keep pace with Stapleton on the bottom, unable to close in closer than about two or three car lengths. It looked as if Stapleton was in control, but a caution with seven laps to go set up a frantic run to the checkers.

Logeman got a run on Stapleton off of turn 4 and shot to the bottom in turn 1, giving the points leader the top spot and shuffling Stapleton off the bottom. Layser was able to get under down the backstretch, and as Chris Dolan tried to do the same entering turn 3, he and Stapleton made contact, sending the Reamstown, PA driver for a full 360 during which he, miraculously, kept running. The caution came out, but since Stapleton never stopped, and a lap hadn’t been completed, he would re-inherit the lead for single-file restart that came next.

But Logeman was ready to pull the same move again on the restart, and did so in nearly a carbon copy of the first one, this time taking the lead for good. Stapleton was able to hold off Layser for second this time, but Logeman was able to check out in clear track all the way to the checkers.

Logeman’s win was his third in 125/4 Stroke competition in 2022 and allowed him to further extend his points lead. Stapleton improved on his career-best finish by one spot with his second-place result, while Layser came home in third. Justin Harrington and Michael Hoffmaster rounded out the top five.

Heat races were won by Hoffmaster, Noah Martin, and Matt Fernsler.

Billy Logeman got past Masen Stapleton on a late restart to take his third triumph of the season in 125/4 Stroke competition. (Photo Courtesy of Keegan Simmons Photos)

The 270 feature was last for the evening, and Brian Sholley started from the pole position. Sholley was looking to turn glimpses of speed into a complete night, and potentially a 270 victory. The initial start saw a stackup near the front of the field that shuffled drivers three-wide through the opening laps. Bradley Brown and Nick Skias were two drivers that each took advantage, making big gains through the field as holes opened up in front of them.

However, Sholley continued to lead at the front, and held onto the top spot through a series of early restarts. One of the incidents saw the Skias brothers, Nick and Mike, make contact entering turn 3, sending Mike for a spin as they each went for the same piece of real estate. Nick had entered the evening with a 20-point lead on Mike in the point standings, but the driver of the No. 8s would be forced to pull into the infield and out of the race.

It was the elder Skias, Pete, who provided the biggest challenge to Sholley for the lead of the race. Skias was able to close in on Sholley as they each worked through lapped cars, and it looked as if Skias was going to be able to make the pass for the lead as he pulled to the inside off of turn 2. However, a caution came out right as the pass was taking place, allowing Sholley to keep the top spot and get out of lapped traffic.

On the restart with 10 laps to go, Jason Swavely made his move to the runner-up position past Skias, and began trying everything he could to run down Sholley for the lead. Experimenting on the high side and on the bottom, Swavely couldn’t quite find a line that was quicker than the leader, until Sholley once again reached lapped traffic with a few laps to go.

Sholley had a gap of over a second to play with once he caught the back of the field, but Swavely began to close rapidly. On the final lap, Swavely was able to get as close as about two or three car lengths to the tail tank of the No. 28s, but it was too little, too late for him to get any closer.

Sholley picked up the victory in the 270 nightcap, leading all 25 laps in the process. Swavely came home in second, with Corey Schmuck, Jr. turning in another solid run in third. Brown and Nick Skias, two of the early big movers, completed the top five finishers, with Brown moving to second in the points as a result of Mike Skias’ misfortune.

Heat races were won by Sholley, Swavely, and Mike Skias.

Brian Sholley held off Jason Swavely in the closing stages to pick up the victory in the 270 feature. (Photo Courtesy of Keegan Simmons Photos)

Next Saturday, July 16th at the Clyde will be the Donna Geib and Gary Miller Memorial Presented by Gold Rush Trailer Sales. The event will honor our two former Lanco Board Members, who each passed away within the past year. In memory of Donna and Gary, Gold Rush Trailer Sales has added $150 to the purse for each of the classes in next weekend’s event. It will be a regular points show for all five divisions, with gates opening at 4:30 and warmups beginning at 6:00 with racing to follow. As our racing action continues to heat up, there’s never been a better time than next Saturday to come out and LIVE the excitement that is Lanco!


Hyper Racing Winged 600 A-Main (25 Laps):

1. 23-Bradley Brown[5]; 2. 14-Jason Swavely[2]; 3. 5-Christian Bruno[8]; 4. 11H-Holden Eckman[4]; 5. 2K-Nathan Miller[1]; 6. 17-Brent Ely[3]; 7. 1-Will Urkuski[7]; 8. 17C-Braydon Chyko[11]; 9. 87C-Cecelia Perrotti[13]; 10. 21H-Ryan Hook[15]; 11. 117-Cody West[14]; 12. 7-Nick Skias[6]; 13. 51-Chris Gerhart[9]; 14. 60O-Michael Rutherford[10]; 15. 75-Mark Yoder[12]; 16. (DNS) 71-Brian Kramer

Skeet Craft Collision Sportsman A-Main (25 Laps):

1. 16P-Patrick Kirn[5]; 2. 5-Bret Cronrath[11]; 3. 21-Toby Blumenshine[3]; 4. 8-Michael Spadafora[21]; 5. 23K-Courtney Kupp[6]; 6. 22-Clinton Hauser[7]; 7. 28-Kyle Lindsey[9]; 8. 20-Max Fasnacht[10]; 9. 26-Corey Schmuck Jr[12]; 10. 21D-Dave Williams[14]; 11. 16-Brianne Cronrath Wittmer[1]; 12. 53S-Shannon Slaughter[8]; 13. 22X-Blake Eshlam[15]; 14. 53-Jared St John[4]; 15. 11-Dustin Geib[13]; 16. 19-Wes Fasnacht[18]; 17. 30-Ryan Heckman[19]; 18. 13B-Matthew Yoh[20]; 19. 15-Pete Skias[16]; 20. 9G-Jamie Flickinger[2]; 21. 11S-Drew Swinehart[23]; 22. 71B-Brittni Hopkins[17]; 23. 31-Tyler Martin[22]

Hyper Racing Wingless 600 A-Main (25 Laps):

1. 03-Ryan Groff[5]; 2. 19J-Jackson White[4]; 3. 3X-Dallas Damask[10]; 4. 23-Bradley Brown[15]; 5. 21-Mason Beinhower[2]; 6. 71-Brian Kramer[6]; 7. 16-Marty Brian[16]; 8. 2SX-Garyt Smith[14]; 9. 5BX-Ryan Boyd[3]; 10. 2K-Nathan Miller[8]; 11. 15T-Maddie Boyd[17]; 12. 15B-John Barnett Jr[7]; 13. 1J-Tyler Pagel[11]; 14. 28C-Mason Peters[12]; 15. 1F-James Fries[1]; 16. 117-Cody West[9]; 17. 16X-Noah Smith[13]

125/4 Stroke A-Main (25 Laps):

1. 76B-Billy Logeman[12]; 2. 17-Masen Stapleton[4]; 3. 7L-Chase Layser[7]; 4. 76-Justin Harrington[11]; 5. 32-Michael Hoffmaster[6]; 6. 19-Matt Fernsler[10]; 7. 9M-Noah Martin[3]; 8. 20J-Jarrid Hellinger[14]; 9. 16-Steve Simmons[8]; 10. 67-Cooper Schoenly[2]; 11. 15-Alyssa Holmes[13]; 12. 3-Kiptyn Stratton[19]; 13. 78C-Sara Borror[15]; 14. 5-Michelle Stratton[22]; 15. 14-Seth Gregory[16]; 16. 15H-Don Hess[5]; 17. 58-Ellan Rae Nardelli[18]; 18. 6X-Chance Thomas[20]; 19. 81-Dylan Holmes[1]; 20. 112-Dylan Yeingst[17]; 21. 8C-Luke Zimmerman[21]; 22. 11-Connor Fetrow[23]; 23. (DNS) 04-Sam Borger; 24. (DQ) 7D-Chris Dolan[9]

270 A-Main (25 Laps):

1. 28S-Brian Sholley[1]; 2. 92-Jason Swavely[10]; 3. 26-Corey Schmuck Jr[5]; 4. 82-Bradley Brown[11]; 5. 3S-Nick Skias[20]; 6. 27O-Mike Rutherford[8]; 7. 4-Dylan Pence[16]; 8. 88D-Andrew Dietrich[23]; 9. 95-Bennett Skelton[22]; 10. 2-Danny Stratton[2]; 11. 27-Darren Schott[21]; 12. 11-Mike Uhrich[6]; 13. 34-Christi Sweigart[14]; 14. 21D-Dave Williams[24]; 15. 48-Jonah Meck[12]; 16. 23K-Courtney Kupp[19]; 17. 1L-Katelyn Vragovich[17]; 18. 53-Dylan Kuronya[7]; 19. 3-Pete Skias[3]; 20. 128-Jeff Cloud Jr[13]; 21. 14D-Daniel Wright Jr[4]; 22. 8S-Mike Skias[9]; 23. 39A-Austin Mieczkowski[18]; 24. 91-Jack Redcay[15]

Points (7 Races Remaining):

Hyper Racing Winged 600 Point Standings (Top 5):

1. 23-Bradley Brown[672]; 2. 14-Jason Swavely[-55]; 3. 11H-Holden Eckman[-88]; 4. 51-Chris Gerhart[-144]; 5. 3-Jesse Maurer[-165]

Skeet Craft Collision Sportsman Point Standings (Top 5):

1. 5-Bret Cronrath[787]; 2. 26-Corey Schmuck Jr[-9]; 3. 20-Max Fasnacht[-61]; 4. 21D-Dave Williams[-106]; 5. 53S-Shannon Slaughter[-163]

Hyper Racing Wingless 600 Point Standings (Top 5):

1. 23-Bradley Brown[715]; 2. 1F-James Fries[-275]; 3. 5B-Bobby Butler[-279]; 4. 21S-Steven Snyder Jr[-283]; 5. 16-Marty Brian[-338]

125/4 Stroke Point Standings (Top 5):

1. 76B-Billy Logeman[886]; 2. 76-Justin Harrington[-110]; 3. 19-Matt Fernsler[-124]; 4. 7L-Chase Layser[-160]; 5. 16-Steve Simmons[-182]

270 Point Standings (Top 5):

1. 3S-Nick Skias[620]; 2. 82-Bradley Brown[-52]; 3. 26-Corey Schmuck Jr[-55]; 4. 8S-Mike Skias[-70]; 5. 92-Jason Swavely[-83]

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