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7.9.22 Stateline Speedway Results

Busti, NY (July 9, 2022) by Marc Hoegerl: From a fans perspective you couldn’t ask for a better venue, having the top two divisions in dirt track racing at one track, with the Tezos All-Star Circuit of Champions 410 Sprint Cars, and Stateline’s “Hammer Down” Super Late Models. Stateline would see their largest crowd of 2022, witnessing two classes full of some of the most talented Wheel Jockeys.

The All-Star Circuit of Champions Sprints made their 5th appearance in track history on Saturday evening. Sikeston, Missouri’s, Hunter Schuerenberg showed his liking to Stateline Speedway by picking up back-to-back wins in the annual event. Schuerenberg is the only two-time winner of the event to go along with previous winners, Dale Blaney, Carson Macedo, and Rick Ferkel. Greg Oakes picked up his 2nd win of 2022, in a thrilling finish, that had the packed crowd on their feet.

First up would be the “Earth Shattering” Tezos ASCoC 410 Sprints for their one and only visit of 2022. 21 Sprinters would take the green from Veteran Flagman, Spanky Hall, for their 30-lap main event. Schuerenberg led them all on Saturday night at Stateline Speedway, but not without some challenges. The first 25 circuits went caution free allowing slower traffic to enter the picture early, first interrupting Schuerenberg’s momentum on lap eight. Despite the onslaught of slower cars, Schuerenberg was able to maintain momentum, keeping a consistent gap and upwards of two cars between himself and second place running Tyler Courtney. A caution on lap 26, and two more on laps 28 and 29, also interrupted Schuerenberg’s pace. The former non-winger turned All Star kept focus and raced on, finding moisture on all areas of the surface to keep the defending All Star champion and current championship leader at bay. Tyler Courtney would settle for 2nd, Zeb Wise, Cap Henry, and Bill Balog would round out your top five.

Ending the evening would be Stateline’s premier Super Late Model division. 2nd generation racer, Wyatt Scott, and veteran Greg Oakes would bring the 17-car field to green for their 25-lap main event. Opening night’s winner, Oakes, would take the lead at the outset, with Oakes building a comfort lead over Wyatt Scott, Dave Hess Jr and Jason Genco. Oakes looked like he would go uncontested to score win #2, but the leader would encounter heavy lap traffic on lap 20, allowing Wyatt Scott, Hess Jr and previous two weeks winner, Darrell Bossard to run down the leader. Lap 22 would see Scott go to the extreme high side trying to make a pass on Oakes almost coming together as the two rounded turn 2. On lap 23, Scott would once again go upstairs, pulling even with Oakes down the backstretch, but not enough to make the pass. At this point, Hess Jr. and Bossard were gaining more ground on the leaders. As the white flag waved a 4-car battle developed, with Hess Jr. and Bossard now entering the mix. Scott would change his line going into turn 3 with a slingshot move to try to get under Oakes. Scott would pull even with Oakes as the two exited turn 4 heading down the front stretch. Scott would be denied, as Oakes would take the checkerds by less than 3 feet, in a thrilling photo finish that had the capacity crowd on its feet. The elated Oakes would enter victory lane with his 7th career Stateline Super Late Model triumph. Wyatt Scott would settle for 2nd, Dave Hess Jr., Darrell Bossard, and Jason Genco would round out your top five.

TEZOS ASCoC 410 SPRINTS (21 Entries)

Top 10 Qualifiers: 1) Tyler Courtney 16.557 2) Carson Short 16.676 3) Bill Balog 16.704 4) Cap Henry 16.720 5) Matt Farnham 16.762 6) Hunter Schuerenberg 16.815 7) Justin Peck 16. 816 8. Brett Brunkenhoefer 16.839 9) Brandon Spithaler 16.890 10) Parker Price-Miller 16.950

Heat 1: 1) Cap Henry 2) Parker Price-Miller 3) Dillon Westbrook 4) Justin Peck 5) Tyler Courtney 6) Jared Zimbardi 7) Joe Kubiniec

Heat 2: 1) Zeb Wise 2) Matt Farnham 3) Paulie Cologiovanni 4) Carson Short 5) Darren Pifer 6) Brett Brunkenhoefer 7) Greg Wilson

Heat 3: 1) Hunter Schuerenberg 2) Brandon Spithaler 3) Bill Balog 4) Kyle Reinhardt 5) Chris Windom 6) Carl Bowser 7) Logan McCandless

Dash: 1) Courtney 2) Schuerenberg 3) Henry 4) Wise 5) Short 6) Balog

Feature: 1) Schuerenberg 2) Courtney 3) Wise 4) Henry 5) Balog 6) Cologiovanni 7) Short 8. Westbrook 9) Windom 10) Reinhardt 11) Price-Miller 12) Zimbardi 13) Wilson 14) Pifer 15) Bowser 16) Brunkenhoefer 17) McCandless 18) Peck 19) Spithaler 20) Farnham 21) Kubiniec

Lap Leaders: Schuerenberg (1-30)


Heat 1: 1) Bump Headman 2) Greg Oakes 3) Garrett Mott 4) Khole Wanzer5) Paul Schreckengost 6) Allen Haskins

Heat 2: 1) Jason Genco 2) Dave Hess Jr. 3) Wendell Pinckney 4) Jake Finnerty 5) Ryan Scott 6) Scott Dellahoy Jr.

Heat 3: 1) Wyatt Scott 2) Darrell Bossard 3) Bob Dorman 4) Dutch Davies 5) Anthony Marotto

Feature: 1) Oakes 2) W. Scott 3) Hess Jr. 4) Bossard 5) Genco 6) Hedman 7) Mott 8) Dorman 9) Wanzer 10) Davies 11) R. Scott 12) Finnerty 13) Pinckney 14) Dellahoy Jr. 15) Marotto 16) Schreckengost 17) Haskins

Lap Leaders: Oakes (1-25)

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