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Saturday, September 30, 2023

8.19.17 Patriot Sprint Tour Results

By Paul Harkenrider (Middletown, NY) | Teenager Jordan Thomas took complete advantage of starting on the pole and led all 25 laps scoring his first ever A-Verdi Storage Containers Patriot Sprint Tour A-Main over Curt Michael and Justin Whittall at the Orange County Fair Speedway this past Saturday night.

After three consecutive cautions, all occurring on the first lap, the field finally fired with Thomas pulling away early from the rest of the field. Thomas had a very stout field behind him including Curt Michael, Robbie Stillwaggon, Jared Zimbardi, and Steve Collins.

Current URC point leader, Curt Michael began to move forward and was up to second by lap nine getting by Scott Flammer and Bill Unglert. The top three in points in Jared Zimbardi, Steve Collins, and Kyle Drum were all battling for position just inside the top ten but on lap 13, Zimbardi, who was running seventh at the time pulled into the pits after a mechanical failure in his rear end.

Tires as always played a huge factor at 5/8th mile at Orange County and on lap 21, Thomas would almost lose control of the car entering turn one grazing the backstretch wall which allowed Michael to cut the lead in half. It would still give Thomas a mere four second advantage. In the final laps, 16-year-old driver Justin Whittall would battle for the final podium spot with Scott Flammer and would get by him on lap 23.

Thomas would score his first tour victory over Curt Michael, Justin Whittall, Scott Flammer, and Bill Unglert completing the top five. Heat wins went to Troy Betts, Justin Whittall, and Curt Michael. Joe Kata would win the Shuttleworth Asphalt Sealing 11th Place Bonus, Mark Sasso would take the Prestige Pool & Spa Final Finisher award and Billy VanInwegen would take home the Casey’s Truck Salvage ‘Salvage of the Night’ award.

Due to it being a challenge event with the United Racing Club, American Tour points were only awarded to 2017 PST Members. Thomas would receive first place points second place points were awarded to Robbie Stillwaggon who finished 6th, followed by Kyle Drum (7), Billy VanInwegen (9), Steve Collins (10), Scott Goodrich (14), Josh Azzi (17), Jared Zimbardi (18), and Derek Jonathan (21).

A majority of the Patriot Sprint Tour teams traveled a very long way to partake in the racing action including Josh Azzi who finished 17th. Derek Jonathan traveled all the way across New York state and had a strong showing in his qualifying race before suffering a terminal mechanical failure.

The point battle between Zimbardi and Collins continues this Friday night, August 25, at the Ransomville Speedway. The last time the Patriots were there back in June, Collins picked up the win back in June where Jared Zimbardi finished third.

The following night is a make-up event at the Mercer Raceway Park which is a Bonnell’s Collision Center Western Weekend event paying $4,000 to win, and $325 to qualify!

The next PST/URC Challenge event is on Friday, September 1 at the historic Williams Grove Speedway. It will be a kick off to a three race labor day event when the series also visits Selinsgrove Speedway on September 2, and Path Valley Speedway on September 3rd.

Fans are always encouraged to visit www.patriotsprinttour.com along with liking Patriot Sprint Tour on facebook, as well as following @PatriotSprints on Twitter and Instagram.

The Patriot Sprint Tour recognizes the following marketing partners for the 2017 season: A-Verdi Storage Containers, Hoosier Racing Tires, Prestige Pool & Spa, Einstein Construction Group, Bonnell’s Auto Group, Evingham Site Excavation, Fine Touch Collision, Mike Emhof Motorsports Inc., Super Gen Products with Champion Power Equipment, Patriot Tank Lines, Danny Willmes Enterprises, Casey’s Truck Salvage, Just Signs & Designs, Brodix Cylinder Heads, Sunoco Race Fuels, Insinger Performance, Shuttleworth Asphalt Sealing, ASI Racewear, Curtis Berleue Photography.

Patriot Sprint Tour/ United Racing Club Quick Results

Orange County Fair Speedway

A Main: 1) 79-JORDAN THOMAS (1) 2) 5G-Curt Michael, 3) 67W-Justin Whittall 4) 1F- Scott Flammer 5) 33b- Bill Unglert 6) 89-Robbie Stillwaggon 7) 47- Kyle Drum 8) 22-Troy Betts 9) 56-Billy VanInwegen 10) 67-Steve Collins 11) 10-Joe Kata 12) 08-Jason Clauss 13) 71-Chris Allen Jr 14) 30- Scott Goodrich 15) 1Q-Thomas Radivoy 16) 706- Mark Sasso 17) Josh Azzi 18) 35-Jared Zimbardi 19) 4- Jimmy Stitzel 20) 56C-Chris Coyle 21) 81-Derek Jonathan (DNS)

Heat 1: 22-Troy Betts 2) 89- Robbie Stillwaggon 3) 1- Scott Flammer 4) 17- Josh Azzi 5) 4-Jimmy Stitzel 6) 706- Mark Sasso 7) 81- Derek Jonathan

Heat 2: 1) 67w-Justin Whittall 2) 79- Jordan Thomas 3) 47- Kyle Drum 4) 08- Jason Clauss 5) 35- Jared Zimbardi 6) 30- Scott Goodrich 7) 1Q-Thomas Radivoy

Heat 3: 1) 5G- Curt Michael 2) 56- Chris Coyle 3) 33b- Bill Unglert 4) 10-Joe Kata 5) 67-Steve Collins 6) 56- Billy VanInwegen 7) 71-Chris Allen

Patriot Sprint Tour American Series Championship: 1) 35- Jared Zimbardi (1892) 2) 67-Steve Collins (1866) 3) 47-Kyle Drum (1814) 4) 79-Jordan Thomas (1671) 5) 81-Derek Jonathan (1536) 6) 17z-Josh Azzi (1519) 7) 98-Joe Trenca (1235) 8) 48jr- Darryl Ruggles (1227) 9) 54j-David Just (1102) 10) X-Dan Bennett (1096) 11) 2-Steven Hutchinson Jr (905) 12) 89-Robbie Stillwaggon (782)

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