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8.2.14 Lincoln Speedway Results

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 8/2/2014 – Chase Dietz is making a name for himself in “358” sprint car racing.

And Saturday night, he did it at the expense of Isaac Sneeringer, who led every lap but the last.

Dietz took to the top side as the two leaders sorted through heavy lapped traffic as they passed under the flagstand. Sneeringer went to the bottom, and Dietz went to the top to pass both Sneeringer and the lapped cars to score his second straight win and third of the season in Saturday’s “358” sprint car championship event at Lincoln Speedway.

“I’m so tired right now. It felt like the longest race ever!” said Dietz upon exiting his ServiceMaster/Mark’s Automotive #2D in victory lane, “I was a little tight up there on the top. I tried to bottom to slide Isaac a couple of times. The top was just too fast and it wasn’t too far up there. That kinda’ made it one lane up there, but we’d get a caution every time we got to lapped traffic.”

Leah Starner’s decision to start at the rear put Dietz tenth for the start. He was already up to third by the end of the second lap and passed polesitter Michael Hamer for second on lap three. Dietz closed on third-starting Sneeringer (who took the lead on the first lap) several times, but cautions before the leaders reached lapped traffic gave Sneeringer a clear track every time.

“I stumbled on that final restart and couldn’t slide him,” said Dietz, “I was just hoping that he would mess up a little bit in lapped traffic. We got to that last lapped car there, and he looked like he was going to go the top and Isaac had to go to the bottom. I was in the right spot at the right time. We were cruisin’ tonight, and it was awesome!”

Sneeringer settled for a disappointing second-place finish, followed by Chandler Leiby, who ran third from the third lap on.
Rounding out the top five were Doug Hammaker and Jeff Rohrbaugh. Sixth through tenth were 18th-starting Niki Young, Brad McClelland, Brie Hershey, 20th-starting Matt Campbell, and Jay Galloway.

Heats for the 30 358 sprinters were won by Rohrbaugh, Hershey, and McClelland, with Kody Lehman winning the consolation.

Spring Grove’s Blaine Leppo edged brother Harlon in a race-long battle for the top spot in the 15-lap Central PA Legends feature. Harlon was actually scored the leader of lap six, but Blaine reclaimed the lead on lap seven and paced the field the rest of the way, with 12th-starting Bob Stough, Chris Spidle, and Lucas Montgomery (all 2014 Lincoln winners) crossing third through fifth.

Heats for the 27 Central PA Legends were won by Montgomery, Spidle, and Harlon Leppo, with Mason Chaney winning the consolation.

Tyler Walton made quick work of the field in the 20-lap 600cc micro-sprint feature, charging from his 12th starting spot to take the lead from Travis Scott on lap eight and drive away to a 1.03-second win over tenth-starting Cale Reigle.

Dwayne Gutshall, Aaron Spahr, and Scott completed the top five.

Heats for the 27 600cc Micro-Sprints were won by Walton, Spahr, and Reigle, with Cheyenne Topper winning the consolation.

Kurt Zimmerman outdueled Dylan Keim to claim his third straight win in the All-American Outlaw main, reduced to 15 laps after several cautions and concerns over low fuel with several cars using eight-gallon tanks.

Zimmerman started eighth and wrestled the lead away from Keim on lap nine. The two raced side-by-side for several of the remaining laps, with Keim scored the leader of lap 11. Justin Cullum led the first lap before Keim took over, and settled for third at the end. Fourth and fifth were Hunter Nester and Scott Jorda.

Heats for the 16 All American Outlaws were won by Randy Doty (who dropped oil around the race track, leading to a lengthy delay in the feature after one lap was in the books) and Nester.

Next Saturday night, August 9th, at 7:30 PM, it will be NATIONAL FALLEN FIREFIGHTERS NIGHT IN MEMORY OF BRANDON LITTLE/Sponsored By Fire & Rescue Products & Amkus Rescue Systems featuring the 410 Sprints, 358 Sprints, Central PA Legends. Gates will open at 5:30 PM. Active firefighters will receive a $5 discount on the $15 admission at the gate. Firefighters are asked to present their fire company membership cards at the gates, or bring along their firefighter’s helmet to show proof of active fire service involvement.

To get all the latest news, results, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway’s website at http://www.lincolnspeedway.com or join them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/lincolnspeedway) or Twitter (@lincolnspeedway) to stay up-to-date on all the action or pending weather conditions at Central Pennsylvania’s “Premier” Saturday night race track – The Fabulous Lincoln Speedway.

Saturday, August 2, 2014
Abbottstown, PA
358 SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIP Feature (25 Laps) – 1. ($1,500) 2D-Chase Dietz; 2. 19Z-Isaac Sneeringer; 3. 119-Chandler Leiby; 4. 66-Doug Hammaker; 5. 45-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 6. 91-Niki Young; 7. 6R-Brad McClelland; 8. 97-Brie Hershey; 9. 16-Matt Campbell; 10. 27-Jay Galloway; 11. 21-Scott Fisher; 12. 1B-Mike Bittinger; 13. 47K-Kody Lehman; 14. 83-Cody Fairchok; 15. 47-Michael Hamer; 16. 9R-Brent Rumberger; 17. 66A-Cody Fletcher; 18. 28-Matt Findley; 19. 3W-Duane Watson; 20. 51N-Nick Palmerino; 21. 00-Chris Frank; 22. 4R-Kevin Nouse (DNF); 23. 89-Ashley Cappetta (DNF); 24. 11-Leah Starner (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Isaac Sneeringer (1-24), Chase Dietz (25)

1st Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 45-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 2. 47-Michel Hamer; 3. 89-Ashley Cappetta; 4. 119-Chandler Leiby; 5. 28-Matt Findley; 6. 83-Cody Fairchok; 7. 47K-Kody Lehman; 8. 51N-Nick Palmerino; 9. 4R-Kevin Nouse (DNF); 10. 16-Matt Campbell (DNF). No Time

2nd Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 97-Brie Hershey; 2. 66A-Cody Fletcher; 3. 27-Jay Galloway; 4. 11-Leah Starner; 5. 3W-Duane Watson; 6. 9R-Brent Rumberger; 7. 00-Chris Frank; 8. 13-Ryan Higgins (DNF); 9. 1B-Mike Bittinger (DNF); DNS – 45H-Jeff Halligan. No Time

3rd Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 6R-Brad McClelland; 2. 2D-Chase Dietz; 3. 19Z-Isaac Sneeringer; 4. 66-Doug Hammaker; 5. 21T-Scott Fisher; 6. 91-Niki Young; 7. 10-Zach Euculano; 8. 29-Chris Arnold; 9. 38-Mark Strickler; 10. 5A-Brian Allman. No Time

Consolation (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 47-Kody Lehman; 2. 16-Matt Campbell; 3. 4R-Kevin Nouse; 4. 51-Nick Palmerino; 5. 1B-Mike Bittinger; 6. 00-Chris Frank; 7. 10-Zach Euculano; 8. 45H-Jeff Halligan; 9. 38-Mark Strickler; 10. 5A-Brian Allman; 11. 29-Chris Arnold (DNF); DNS – 13-Ryan Higgins. No Time

Feature (15 Laps) – 1. 10-Blaine Leppo; 2. 15H-Harlon Leppo; 3. 07-Bob Stough; 4. 09-Chris Spidle; 5. 15-Lucas Montgomery; 6. 53-Bill Diehl; 7. 38-Rick Miller; 8. 14-Joe Ehrisman; 9. 51-Travis McClelland; 10. 6X-Brad Mellot; 11. X-Justice Forbes; 12. 44-Scott Gobrecht; 13. 19-Travis Perry; 14. 18-Chris Transeau; 15. 79-Ed Trump; 16. 85-Chad Earnst; 17. 8CR-Mason Chaney; 18. 97H-George Hanson; 19. 9-Rick Hartwig; 20. 6-Bill Foster; 21. 35-Keith Haring; 22. 3M-Chris McKinney (DNF); 23. 5-Scott Houdeshell (DNF); 24. 45-Andy Whaling (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Blaine Leppo (1-5), Harlon Leppo (6), Blaine Leppo (7-15)

1st Heat (6 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 15-Lucas Montgomery; 2. 38-Rick Miller; 3. X-Justice Forbes; 4. 14-Joe Ehrisman; 5. 51-Travis McClelland; 6. 79-Ed Trump; 7. 97H-George Hanson; 8. 45-Andy Whaling; 9. 33-Chris Ward. Time – 2:02.69

2nd Heat (6 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 09-Chris Spidle; 2. 5-Scott Haudeshell; 3. 3M-Chris McKinney; 4. 44-Scott Gobrecht; 5. 6X-Brad Mellot; 6. 6-Bill Foster; 7. 8JR-Mason Chaney; 8. 85-Chad Earnst; 9. 5X-Brett Weidner. Time – 2:02.89

3rd Heat (6 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 15H-Harlen Leppo; 2. 10-Blaine Leppo; 3. 53-Bill Diehl; 4. 07-Bob Stough; 5. 19-Travis Perry; 6. 18-Chris Transeau; 7. 9-Rick Hartwig; 8. 35-Keith Haring; 9. 5X-Brett Weidner. Time – 2:02.69

Consolation (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 8JR-Mason Chaney; 2. 85-Chad Earnst; 3. 35-Keith Hering; 4. 9-Rick Hartwig; 5. 45-Andy Whaling; 6. 97H-George Hanson; 7. 5X-Brett Weidner; 8. 93-Dave Miller (DNF); DNS – 33-Chris Ward. No Time

Feature (20 Laps) – 1. 14T-Tyler Walton; 2. 1A-Cale Reigle; 3. 74-Dwayne Gutshall; 4. 16-Aaron Spahr; 5. 07-Travis Scott; 6. 44-Austin Quick; 7. 14K-Hannah Riser; 8. 20-Greg Stephens; 9. 11A-Austin Bishop; 10. 28-Bruce Ginther, Jr.; 11. 8W-PJ Williams; 12. 880-Kameron Morral; 13. 29-Tanner Hunsicker; 14. 10W-Spencer Wessilewski; 15. 7R-Cory Roth; 16. 87-Buddy Hines; 17. 84-Colton Laughman; 18. 17D-David Holbrook; 19. 4C-Cheyenne Topper; 20. 7-Timmie Barrick (DNF); 21. 10S-Jerry Schott, Jr. (DNF); 22. 10B-Brandon Noell (DNF); 23. 17-Bradley Weber (DNF); 24. 1-AJ Bast (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Jerry Schutt, Jr. (1-4), Travis Scott (5-7), Tyler Walton (8-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 14T-Tyler Walton; 2. 880-Kameron Morral; 3. 07-Travis Scott; 4. 17D-David Holbrook; 5. 10B-Brandon Noell; 6. 14K-Hannah Riser; 7. 42-Ed Guevara; 8. 1X-Alkie Cunningham (DNF); 9. 87-Buddy Hines (DNF). Time – 2:12.40

2nd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 16-Aaron Spahr; 2. 74-Dwayne Gutshall; 3. 17-Bradley Weber; 4. 28-Bruce Ginther, Jr.; 5. 1-AJ Best; 6. 8W-PJ Williams; 7. 4C-Chyenne Topper; 8. 10W-Spencer Wessilewski; 9. 21B-Frank Blemer. Time – 2:15.47

3rd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 1A-Cale Reigle; 2. 29-Tanner Hunsicker; 3. 11A-Austin Bishop; 4. 10S-Jerry Schott, Jr.; 5. 44-Austin Quick; 6. 7-Timmie Barrick; 7. 20-Greg Stephens; 8. 84-Colten Laughman; 9. 7R-Cory Roth. Time – 2:16.00

Consolation (8 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 4C-Cheyenne Topper; 2. 20-Greg Stephens; 3. 84-Colten Laughman; 4. 87-Buddy Hines; 5. 10W-Spencer Wessilewski; 6. 7R-Cory Roth; 7. 21B-Frank Blemer; 8. 1X-Alkie Cunningham (DNF); DNS – 42-Ed Guevara. Time – 2:15.91

Feature (15 Laps) – 1. 9-Kurt Zimmerman; 2. 07-Dylan Keim; 3. 95-Justin Cullum; 4. 1N-Hunter Nester; 5. 00-Scott Jorda; 6. 3M-Steve Jorda; 7. 66-David Egge; 8. 71-Jim Chenowith; 9. 1-Jim Minter; 10. 19R-Roy Denike; 11. 99-Bryan Green; 12. 89-Carnie Fryfogle; 13. 01-Tim Fake; 14. 53-Tony Jorda; 15. 21-Danny Gladhill (DNF); 16. 6-Randy Doty (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Justin Cullum (1), Dylan Keim (2-8), Kurt Zimmerman (9-10), Dylan Keim (11), Kurt Zimmerman (12-15)

1st Heat (8 Laps) – 1. 6-Randy Doty; 2. 95-Justin Cullum; 3. 89-Carnie Fryfogle; 4. 19R-Roy Denike; 5. 1-Jim Minter; 6. 71-Jim Chenowith; 7. 3M-Steve Jorda; 8. 66-David Egge. Time – 2:40.68

2nd Heat (8 Laps) – 1. 1N-Hunter Nester; 2. 9A-Kurt Zimmerman; 3. 07-Dylan Keim; 4. 01-Tim Fake; 5. 99-Bryan Green; 6. 00-Scott Jorda; 7. 21-Danny Gladhill; 8. 53-Tony Jorda. Time – 2:41.32

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