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Sunday, September 24, 2023

8.22.20 FAST Sprints Results

Defending Ti22Performance / FAST on Dirt champion Cole Duncan continued his dominance of Atomic Speedway on Saturday night. The second-generation racer from Lockbourne, Ohio showed patience as early leader Brandon Wimmer led them into lapped traffic. In victory lane, Duncan praised the race track surface, made very fast by a light rain falling as late as 4:30.

It was an evening when many race promoters would have cancelled the program as a heavy rain fell around noon at the track, then, another lighter shower fell for nearly an hour as race teams were rolling into the facility. Track promoters Chad Walter and Brad McCown forged ahead and was rewarded with a fantastic crowd despite the conditions for “Hall of Fame” night.

Fifteen FAST on Dirt winged 410 sprint cars signed in for the $4,000 to win event. The qualifying order was split into two groups. Duncan paced Comp Cams group #1 with a 11.398 clocking which was also overall quick time of the night. ARP Fasteners qualifying group #2 was led by Jimmy Stinson in Eddie Slone’s 4x with an 11.813 lap.

The first heat race, sponsored by NAPA Auto Parts of Fremont, Ohio was won by Brandon Wimmer in the John Shewbrooks 79A, earning a spot in the redraw with runner-up Cole Duncan. Helms & Sons Construction of Findlay, Ohio supplied the cash payout for heat race 2 which was won by tour regular Cody Gardner in the APPCO Racing 9G holding off Tyler Gunn in the family owned 68G. Stinson, who was quick time in the group, failed to finish the heat race, putting 2nd quick qualifier, Gunn, into the redraw.

The Ti22 Performance – FAST on Dirt 30 lap main event was paced to starter Adam Brimmer’s green flag by Brandon Wimmer and Cody Gardner. Wimmer rocketed to the early lead with Gardner in tow, but under immediate pressure from 3rd starting Cole Duncan. It didn’t take long for Duncan to take the runner-up spot and close the gap on Wimmer. The entire 30 laps took just over 7 minutes as the entire sprint program ran without a caution or red flag!

Fans watched as 3 major stories played in a very short time. Duncan dogged Wimmer into traffic, and made the race winning pass, while Gardner and Gunn ran a perfectly smooth 30 laps, nose to tail battling for the FAST 2020 title. Gardner ran 3rd most of the event, but dove low on a lapped car while Gunn stayed high to rim ride past both cars! The other storyline was group 2 top qualifier, Jimmy Stinson, who started from the tail, advancing 10 spots to claim the HAWK Performance Brakes “Hard Charger” award.

At the finish, it was Duncan winning by 2.127 seconds over Wimmer, Gunn, Gardner and Stinson. Rounding out the top 10 were Danny Smith, Keith Baxter, Nate Reeser, Todd Kane and Ryan Myers. Kane won the MSD Ignitions “Hard Luck” award, after breaking a rear end in qualifying and not getting to put in a lap. Cody Gardner won the All Star Performance “Sweet Move” award after jumping the cushion in turn 2 early in the race, but setting it down and continuing!

We want to thank the drivers for putting on a race car driving high speed clinic! Lots of brave moves and great saves with cars running inches (and sometimes less) from the wall. We also want to thank the great race fans for an excellent turnout despite questionable weather!!

The next FAST on Dirt show is scheduled for Saturday, September 5th at Butler Speedway in Quincy, Michigan. The originally scheduled race on September 4th at Hartford Speedway is cancelled. COVID-19 restrictions have not allowed the track to open at all this year. Following Butler, the balance of the FAST dates are September 19th at Atomic for $10,000 to win, September 26th at Fremont in a doubleheader with the BOSS tour, then October 3 at Atomic. The season will end with a doubleheader Jim Ford Classic weekend at Fremont October 9-10 and the season finale $6,700 to win “K-C Classic” October 24th at Atomic.

Tyler Gunn now leads the FAST points with 824 over Jordan Harble with 799 and Cody Gardner at 790. The point fund now stands at $8,000 through 4 completed events. A full $2,000 is added to the championship payout per completed event!

FASTon Dirt – Box score

Atomic Speedway ; Alma, OH

Saturday, August 22, 2020

15 Entries

Comp Cams Qualifying – Group 1: 1. 22 -Cole Duncan-11.398 2. 83x-Nate Reeser-11.548 3. A79-Brandon Wimmer-11.632 4. 1B-Keith Baxter-11.811 5. 4-Danny Smith-11.975 6. 99-Ryan Myers-12.057 7. 4xb-Bradley Ashford-12.327 8. 44-Charlie Vest-12.356

ARP Fasteners Qualifying – Group 2: 1. 4x-Jimmy Stinson-11.813 2. 68G-Tyler Gunn-11.846 3. Jacob Hesson-11.885 4. Cody Gardner-11.905 5. 5-Jordan Harble-12.003 6. 44s-Michael Fischesser-13.200 7. 78-Todd Kane-No Time

NAPA Auto Parts of Fremont – Heat #1: 1. A79 Brandon Wimmer[2] ; 2. 22-Cole Duncan[4] ; 3. 1B-Keith Baxter[1] ; 4. 83x-Nate Reeser[3] ; 5. 4-Danny Smith[5] ; 6. 99-Ryan Myers[6] ; 7. 4xb-Bradley Ashford[7] ; 8. 44-Charlie Vest[8]

Helms & Sons Construction of Findlay – Heat #2: 1. 9G-Cody Gardner[1] ; 2. 68G-Tyler Gunn[3] ; 3. 5J-Jacob Hesson[2] ; 4. 78-Todd Kane[7] ; 5. 5-Jordan harble[5] ; 6. 44s-Michael Fischesser[6] ; 7. 4x-Eddie Slone[4]

Ti22 Performance FAST 30 Lap Main Event: 1. 22-Cole Duncan[3] ; 2. A79-Brandon Wimmer[1] ; 3. 68G-Tyler Gunn[4] ; 4. 9G-Cody Gardner[2] ; 5. 4x-Jimmy Stinson[15] ; 6. 4-Danny Smith[9] ; 7. 1B-Keith Baxter[5] ; 8. 83x-Nate Reeser[7] ; 9. 78-Todd Kane[8] ; 10. 99-Ryan Myers[11] ; 11. 5-Jordan Harble[10] ; 12. 44-Charlie Vest[14] ; 13. 44s-Michael Fischesser[12] ; 14. 5J-Jacob Hesson[6] ; 15. 4xb-Bradley Ashford[13]

Hawk Performance Brakes “Hard Charger” – 4x-Jimmy Stinson +10

MSD Ignitions “Hard Luck” – 78-Todd Kane

All Star Performance “Sweet Move” – 9G-Cody Gardner

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