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8.24.12 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results

Friday August 24, 2012 – Malta, NY – Modified driver Brett Hearn just came off of a huge win at Albany Saratoga Speedway’s sister track, Lebanon Valley Speedway, and now he placed his Madsen Motorsports automobile into victory lane at the Malta oval for the sixth time in the Ace True Value Hardware, Jumpin Jack’s Pro Speed and Sowle Truck Repair sponsored event.

Hearn, the speedway’s winningest driver, started the 35 lap event in the 13th starting spot and he was already scored in eighth place by the fifth circuit. Two more times around and Hearn was staring down the bumper of race leader Marc Johnson. He did that until the 26th lap when he secured the race lead. Eventually, securing the win.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve been in victory lane here,” said Hearn, referring to his recent health scare and the two rainouts. “I’m still not really crazy about the way the car is handling but we had enough to get it done tonight. I changed my line a little bit and actually found some speed coming off the inside of the corners a little bit and was able to get a run on the 3J — he was running good.”

Stewart Friesen, who frequently comes up through the field on Hearn’s back bumper, was a tad slower coming up through this week but planted his fast moving Jake Spraker-owned mount on Hearn’s tail during the 15th trip around the oval. But Friesen, a three-time feature winner this season at AS, didn’t have enough for Hearn on this occasion.

Marc Johnson, Kenny Tremont and Ronnie Johnson rounded out the top five. Johnson, who picked up the win in his qualifying event, was impressive all evening.

A ‘Hungry’ Mike Ronca Dash was held in memory of the late Mike Ronca, who passed away last winter after decades of participation at the Malta speedplant. The seven-lap dash was made up of Rich and Don Ronca and the top five in the point standings; Brett Hearn, Kenny Tremont, Matt DeLorenzo, Ronnie Johnson and Jeff Trombley.

Jeff Trombley picked up the win and the $700 awarded in Mike’s honor. The theme for the Ronca honor was around Mike’s race car number 7. The leader of the seventh lap in all of the feature events received $100. Marc Johnson [Modified], Jack Swinton [Sportsman], Bernie Companion [Pro Stock] and Rowdy Burch [Street Stock] were the recipients. Ronca’s family was on-hand for the presentations.

The caution flag flew early in the 25-lap Sportsman feature event. Jack Swinton took over the lead on the second circuit from Shannon Donnelly and never looked back to go on to notch his first win of the 2012 race season.

“It’s about time,” said Swinton during post-race ceremonies. “The car has been fighting us all year and this was actually going to be its last race — if it didn’t do something it was done so I guess we’ll have to try it again another week.”

Frank Hoard, Bobby Hackel, Shannon Donnelly and Brett Wright rounded out the top five.

Four-time season winner Rob Langevin started the Pro Stock feature event in ninth position and ended up taking the race lead from his car owner, Bernie Companion, when the race was restarted on lap 10. Langevin clearly knows his way around and picked up another win at the ‘Great Race Place.’

Companion, Chad Jeseo, Dean Charbonneau and Walt Brownell rounded out the top five. After the race concluded Companion was disqualified so Bill Smith joined the top five.

Mark ‘Rowdy’ Burch started the Street Stock feature event in 15th position but the early-on cautioned plagued event allowed the fast running Burch to own the second place slot on only the third circuit of the 25 lap event. And by lap five Burch was in command of the event and took his first win of the 2012 race season.

Paul Mulrain, Randy Miller, Ken Conroy and Justin Smith rounded out the top five.

Mulrain, who started 18th on the starting grid, was already up to fifth place on the second circuit. Mulrain gave it everything he had but he just couldn’t keep Burch from picking up his first win this season.

Bits: After 18 consecutive shows, followed by two consecutive rainouts, folks were more than ready to see some racing and they packed the Route 9 oval… Ken Aanonsen had a big flame under his car during his qualifying event, he slowed on the speedway shortly afterwards and went pitside… Mike Sowle Truck Repair put the additional funding up to make the modified feature worth $2,500… Jeremy Digert was behind the wheel of the Mike Minnick automobile in the Sportsman action… Floyd Billington started the season out in a Sportsman car but is now sporting a Modified ride behind the wheel of the Bo Karl owned automobile… son and father team of the Stratton’s, Neil and Hector won the first two qualifying events… lots of body damage on Donnie Corellis’ Modified car after a multi-car crash in the third heat, he was sent into the pits because the right side nerf bar needed to be dealt with, he rejoined the race… It was a ‘win it and you are in it’ for the Sportsman drivers in the B-Mains, Rocky Warner and Mike Burdo were those making it into the Sportsman feature… Modified sensation Kenny Tremont came into the evening looking for career win 300… Neil Stratton would not fire come race time so instead of starting on the pole he was forced to start in the rear of the field…

Ace / True Value Hardware, Jumpin Jack’s Pro Speed, Sowle Truck Repair Modified (35 Laps) – 1. Brett Hearn, 2. Stewart Friesen, 3. Marc Johnson, 4. Ken Tremont Jr, 5. Ronnie Johnson, 6. Jeff Trombley, 7. Bodie Bellinger, 8. Don Ronca, 9. Tony Ballestero, 10. Jimmy Cottrell, 11. Elmo Reckner, 12. Craig Hanson, 13. Mark Kislowski, 14. Matt Depew, 15. C.G. Morey, 16. Neil Stratton, 17. Steve Hankle, 18. Hector Stratton, 19. J.C. Flach, 20. Keith Flach, 21. Justin Barber, 22. Mike Perrotte 23. John Lutes Jr, 24. Jamike Sowle, 25. Erik Nelson, 26. Matt Delorenzo, 27. Brian Whittemore, 28. Donnie Corellis, 29. Rich Ronca, DNS. Floyd Billington

“Hungry” Mike Ronca Modified Dash $700 To Win Results (7 Laps) – 1. Jeff Trombley, 2. Don Ronca, 3. Ronnie Johnson, 4. Ken Tremont Jr, 5. Brett Hearn, 6. Matt Delorenzo, 7. Rich Ronca

Budget Sportsman A-Feature (25 Laps) – 1. Jack Swinton, 2. Frank Hoard III, 3. Bobby Hackel IV, 4. Shannon Donnelly, 5. Brett Wright, 6. Jack Gentile, 7. Rocky Warner, 8. Scott Duell, 9. Mike Tholin, 10. Jack Speshock, 11. Brian Gleason, 12. Paul Dunham, 13. Mark Hughes, 14. Derrick McGrew, 15. Jeremy Pitts, 16. Andy Durie, 17. Joey Budka, 18. Jeremy Digert, 19. Chuck Dickinson, 20. Mike Burdo, 21. Joe Orlando, 22. Jon Miller, 23. Adam McAuliffe, 24. Justin Comes, 25. Tim Hartman Jr, 26. Nick Anatriello, 27. Mike Duclos, 28. Dan Boni, DNS. D.J. Brundige

Budget Sportsman B-Feature #1 (15 Laps) – 1. Rocky Warner, 2. Jeremy Pitts, 3. Dave Baranowski Jr, 4. Stan Lemiesz, 5. Jay LaMountain, 6. Jeff Donnelly, 7. Chris Murray DNS. Kenny Aanonsen Jr, DNS. Leo Sousie

Budget Sportsman B-Feature #2 (15 Laps) – 1. Mike Burdo, 2. Mike Jeske, 3. Butch Wilcox, 4. Ron Casey, 5. Bert Film, 6. Skip Shippee, 7. Tim Hartman Jr, 8. Mike Ostrander, 9. Larry Niemiec

Pro Stock Feature (25 Laps) – 1. Rob Langevin, 2. Chad Jeseo, 3. Dean Charbonneau, 4. Walt Brownell, 5. Bill Smith, 6. Dan Older, 7. Dave Emigh, 8. Kim Duell, 9. Chuckie Dumblewski, 10. Kevin VanChance, 11. Dan Madigan, 12. Ken Martin, 13. Pat Zimmer, 14. Brandon Emigh, 15. Rob Yetman, 16. Jeff Washburn, 17. Tony DeRose, DQ. Bernie Companion

Street Stock (20 Laps) – 1. Rowdy Burch, 2. Paul Mulrain, 3. Randy Miller, 4. Ken Conroy, 5. Justin Smith, 6. Yule Cook, 7. Scott Lawrence, 8. Fred Harris, 9. Matt Cross, 10. Mike Bradley, 11. Jon Hayes, 12. Jay Severson, 13. Paul Braymer, 14. David Shippee, 15. Jason Barrett, 16. Matt Mosher, 17. Dave Stickles, 18. Mark Lester, 19. J.T. Ronner, DNS. Josh Coonradt

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