8.31.12 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report

8.31.12 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results

Malta, NY – Another packed house was on-hand for the Hoosier Tire ― Morris Ford & Mercury sponsored night to witness the Canadian sensation, Stewart Friesen, secure another win at the ‘Great Race Place.’ The many early caution flags helped Friesen, who started 13th on the starting grid, easily crack the top five on only the ninth time around the Malta oval. Two circuits later, on another restart, Friesen had secured the race lead and went on for his fourth win of the 2012 race season.

“It’s always exciting here,” said Friesen, still highly charged from his ride through the competitive field. “Going back and forth with Ken [Tremont] and Brett [Hearn] ― coming through the traffic is always a lot of fun.”

Friesen, who finished second in his qualifying event, was keeping his crew-members busy. “We had it banged up pretty good after the heat race and as you can see they got it better and I went and wrecked it again,” said Friesen during post-race ceremonies. ‘Mr. Freeze’ was followed by Kenny Tremont, Matt DeLorenzo, Brett Hearn and Rich Ronca.

Tim Hartman, Jr. started deep in the pack [17th] for the 25 lap Sportsman feature event. Hartman, who entered the event in the third place position in the point standings, wasted little time getting to the front of the field. On lap 10 he had the B-Dry System Services sponsored automobile already in a top five spot. Both Hartman and Jeremy Pitts put on a great show before Hartman secured the race lead on the 26th circuit. Hartman went on to pick up his second win of the season.

“We tried a little something different tonight,” said Hartman during post-race ceremonies. “We went back to where we were early in the season set-up wise. I didn’t think I was ever going to get to the front, especially when I got spun early on but I guess there’s a ‘spin and win’ sometimes.”

Jon Miller, Jeremy Pitts, Andy Durie and Brett Wright rounded out the top five.

Rob Yetman worked hard for his fifth victory of the season. Yetman took the lead from Kevin VanChance with just two laps remaining in the 25 lap Pro Stock feature event. VanChance immediately took the lead back from Yetman, but only momentarily, and Yetman was back in charge.

“I’ve got to thank my crew and my sponsors,” said Yetman of his Lazzaro Autobody sponsored race team. “We’ve had an up and down season ― one win and then the next is a wreck but we keep hanging in there and keep digging.”

Bill Smith, a past feature event winner, was running with VanChance for quite a while until a flat right front took him from the runner up slot. Chad Jeseo, VanChance, Ken Martin and Kim Duell rounded out the top five.

Ken Conroy led a majority of the 20 lap Street Stock feature event to pick up his first win of the 2012 race season. Conroy was followed by Mark Lester, Dave Stickles, Scott Lawrence and Jody Thew.

Art Clement was the race winner in the 4-cylinder division.

The New York State Stock Association [NYSSCA] was on-hand for induction ceremonies into their ‘Hall of Fame.’ Gibby Fountain, Bill Brooking, Percy Barber and Mike Ronca were the latest additions to the prestigious group honored during the activities. A program was put together honoring C.J. Richards and the drivers that frequented the Malta oval during his reign as owner and promoter…

Bits: Kenny Tremont suffered a left rear flat tire during his heat race. Tremont rejoined the field in the rear, the same place he started the event… Kenny Martin was the fastest in qualifying for the Pro Stock division and received $100 from the fire crew. Mark Mortensen was the fastest Sportsman automobile in hot laps prior to the night’s action. Mortensen wasn’t as successful in the feature event and went pitside with 5 laps remaining… Justin Barber spun in turn two during his QE ― Ronnie Johnson, Stewart Friesen and Brian Whittemore got caught up in it… Fonda racer Jimmy Davis made a trip to the Malta oval… J.C. Flach was leading his QE when he came to a stop in turn two… Mike Perrotte will be adventurous during Labor Day weekend, Perrotte had entered the ARCA race in Duquoin [Illnois] which is one of the ARCA dirt series events… As usual Ronnie Johnson was the fastest car in the pre-feature hot lap session… Johnson’s dad Jack celebrated his 68th birthday on Sunday… a beautiful full moon sat over the Malta oval…

Hoosier Tire – Morris Ford & Mercury Modified (35 laps) -1. STEWART FRIESEN, 2. Ken Tremont Jr, 3. Matt Delorenzo, 4. Brett Hearn, 5. Rich Ronca, 6. Don Ronca, 7. Jimmy Davis 8. Bodie Bellinger, 9. Ronnie Johnson, 10. Marc Johnson, 11. Elmo Reckner, 12. Jeff Trombley, 13. Mark Kislowski, 14. Craig Hanson, 15. Matt Depew, 16. Jamike Sowle, 17. Hector Stratton, 18. Neil Stratton, 19. Jimmy Cottrell, 20. Steve Hankle, 21. Chris Busta, 22. Donnie Corellis, 23. Keith Flach, 24. Justin Barber, 25. Mike Perrotte 26. Tony Ballestero, DNS. Floyd Billington, DNS. J.C. Flach, DNS. John Lutes Jr, DNS. Brian Whittemore

Sportsman A-Feature (30 Laps) – 1. TIM HARTMAN JR, 2. Jon Miller, 3. Jeremy Pitts, 4. Andy Durie, 5. Brett Wright, 6. Joey Budka, 7. Paul Dunham, 8. Derek McGrew, 9. Cody Bleau, 10. Joe Orlando, 11. Bobby Hackel IV, 12. Jack Gentile, 13. Adam McAuliffe, 14. Mark Hughes, 15. Mike Jeske, 16. Mike Burdo, 17. Brian Gleason, 18. Stan Lemiesz, 19. Jack Speshock, 20. Dan Santabarbara, 21. Frank Hoard III, 22. Scott Duell, 23. Mark Mortensen, 24. Mike Tholin, 25. Mike Ostrander, 26. Chris Murray, 27. Butch Wilcox, 28. Bert Film, 29. Jack Swinton

Sportsman B-Feature #1 (15 Laps) – 1. CODY BLEAU, 2. Jack Gentile, 3. Joey Budka, 4. Mike Burdo, 5. Shannon Donnelly, 6. Skip Shippee, 7. Leo Sousie, 8. Jeff Donnelly, 9. Nick Anatriello, 10. D.J. Brundige, DNS. Kenny Aanonsen Jr, DNS. Dave Baranowski Jr, DNS. Brian Gleason

Toro Pro Stock Series $1,000 to Win Race (25 Laps) – 1. ROB YETMAN, 2. Chad Jeseo, 3. Kevin VanChance, 4. Ken Martin, 5. Kim Duell, 6. Dean Charbonneau, 7. Sheldon Martin, 8. Bill Smith, 9. Dan Older, 10. Dan Madigan, 11. Walt Brownell, 12. Jeff Washburn, 13. Brandon Emigh, 14. Dave Emigh

Street Stock (20 Laps) – 1. KEN CONROY, 2. Mark Lester, 3. Dave Stickles, 4. Scott Lawrence, 5. Jody Thew, 6. Paul Braymer, 7. John Hayes, 8. Jay Severson, 9. Frank Monroe, 10. Josh Coonradt, 11. Randy Miller, 12. Justin Smith, 13. Jason Barrett, 14. David Shippee, 15. Paul Mulrain, 16. Matt Cross, 17. Matt Mosher, 18. Mike Bradley, 19. Nathan Dahoda, 20. Phil Sherman, 21. Bill Duprey, 22. Yule Cook, 23. Rowdy Burch, DNS. Byron Wescott, DQ. John Lindblade

4 Cylinder Combined (15 Laps) – 1. ART CLEMENT, 2. Phil Defiglio, 3. Chris VanDePutte, 4. Dave Labarge, 5. Anthony Alger, 6. Dan Older, 7. Keith Tesiero Jr., 8. Stephen Goodness, 9. Pete Vila, 10. Mehmet Guler, 11. Keith Tesiero, 12. Mike Cranston, 13. Christian Mulrain

4 Cylinder Single Cam – 1. Dave Labarge, 2. Anthony Alger, 3. Dan Older, 4. Keith Tesiero Jr., 5. Mehmet Guler, 6. Keith Tesiero, 7. Mike Cranston, 8. Christian Mulrain

4 Cylinder Dual Cam – 1. Art Clement, 2. Phil Defiglio, 3. Chris VanDePutte, 4. Stephen Goodness, 5. Pete Vila,