8.31.19 ECM Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report

8.31.19 ECM Speedway Results

What a night of racing. No Bounty Hunter prevailed to upset The Hanceville Hurricane Brandon Brown in B4. He took home $1500 tonight, $800 for the Bounty and $700 for first place in his division. Want to congratulate all of our racers in this last point race of the season. Thank you to our fans for your support. See you soon….

Limited Late Models
1)Brandon Brown 2)Christian Hanger 3)Lance Armstrong 4)Hayden Franklin 5)Thomas Langley 6)Shawn Gay 7)Austin Garmon 8)Clint Armstrong 9)Garrett Glass 10)Logan Mize 11)Zack Cook 12)Cole Brown 13)Tim HIxen 14)Austin Franklin

Durrence Layne 602 Late Model Sportsman
1)Doodle Lowe 2)Sherman Everette 3)Buddy George 4)Brian Murray 5)Cole Brown 6)Jeremy Hollis 7)Paul Allred 8)Randy Fowler 9)Brayden Williams 10)Wayne Tidwell 11)Heather Lowe 12)Josh Stansell

Durrence Layne Street Stock
1)TJ Herndon 2)Jason Baker 3)Chad Winkles 4)Sam Hughes 5)Jeremy Isbell 6)Noel Bailey 7)Bobby Joe Rakin 8)Randy Fowler 9)Kash Wilson 10)Seth Jarden

Pure Street
1)Bryan Phillips 2)Dallas Thompson 3)Kyle Smith 4)Dewayne Vintson 5)Victoria Purcell 6)Dakota Blagburn 7)Jordan Phillips 8)Riley Terry 9)Brad Baker 10)James Burgess 11)Casey Allred 12)David Davis 13)JR Nelms 14)Keith Thompson

1)Johnathan Nelms 2)Todd Laymon 3)Lee Childers 4)Dewayne Vintson 5)Jason Anderson 6)Johnathan Horton

1)Adam Crump 2)Lane Smith 3)Joey Wrap 4)Regina Graves 5)Justin Stillwell 6)Gary Crowell 7)Bryan Parr 8)Brandon Sims 9)Jeremy Marks 10)Diana Wells