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8.8.14 MLRA Late Models Results

Wheatland, Missouri – August 08, 2014 – Those in attendance for night one of the annual King of the Hill Late Model Shootout will remember the 25-lap, $2,000-to-win main event by one word … domination!

Marshalltown, Iowa’s Ryan Gustin began the main event at Delmar Friesen’s pristine Junction Motor Speedway from pole position alongside Mike Wiarda of Aurora, Nebraska. Gustin made quick work of Wiarda and the rest of the field darting out to an early race lead.

Former MLRA Champion John Anderson drew the first of two cautions during the race when his car went around in turns three and four. One lap later on the third circuit, Tommy Weder, Jr. of Oklahoma also found trouble in turns three and four to draw the second and final caution flag of the event.

Gustin led the field after both restarts as Wiarda, Chad Simpson, Terry Phillips, and Jase Kaser tried to keep up with ‘The Reaper’s’ torrid pace. With each passing lap Gustin’s built a sizeable lead over Simpson with Phillips gaining ground to move inside the top three.

Meanwhile, fourteenth-starting Travis Dickes and seventeenth-starting Bill Leighton of Omaha continued raced their way towards the top five. As Gustin went unchallenged at the front, Phillips, Simpson, and Wiarda did all they could to keep the leader within site of the same straightaway.

With less than five laps remaining, Phillips surged into the runner-up position when Simpson’s car veered out of the preferred racing line. Simpson quickly regrouped and held on to the third position by lap 23.

Gustin virtually went unchallenged save for a few close calls with lapped traffic as he claimed his third Lucas Oil MLRA main event of the year and fourth of his young and storied career.

Phillips claimed the second spot after starting fifth with series point’s leader Chad Simpson finishing third. Wiarda held on for fourth while Dickes charged his way into the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Bill Leighton, Justin Asplin, J.C. Wyman, Justin Zeitner, and defending series champion, Tony Jackson, Jr.

Preliminary heat race victories went to Weder, Simpson, and Wiarda, while Jackson claimed the b-main. Twenty-eight cars competed throughout the evening for the night one portion of the double-header weekend.

On Saturday, drivers return for a $3,000-to-win main event with gates opening at 5 and racing at 7. Adult General Admission is $20 with kids ages 6 to 12 remaining $5. Saturday Pit Passes are $30.

Heading West on I-80 towards Grand Island, the speedway is located off Exit 353 via US-81, the physical address is 1206 Rd. 4, McCool Junction, NE 68401. Visit the speedway online at www.junctionmotorspeedway.com or call (402) 724-3100 for more information.

8/8/14 Junction Motor Speedway Contingency Awards:
AR Bodies $50 Certificate for non-qualifier – David Garminn
Casey’s General Stores Hard Charger – Bill Leighton
Chix Gear $25 Certificate for 7th Place Finisher – Justin Asplin
GRT Heat Race Winners – Chad Simpson, Mike Wiarda, Tommy Weder, Jr.
Hooker Harness Gift Certificate for 11th Place Finish – Kyle Berck
Landrum Springs Product Certificate – Ryan Gustin
Out Pace Certificate – Bill Koons
Peformance Bodies Certificate – Ryan Gustin
RacingJunk.com Hard Luck Award – Jeremy Payne
DirtOnDirt.com Pole Award – Ryan Gustin

MLRA 8/8/2014
A Feature: 1. Ryan Gustin (Marshalltown, IA), 2. Terry Phillips (Springfield, MO), 3. Chad Simpson (Mt Vernon, IA), 4. Mike Wiarda (Aurora, NE), 5. Travis Dickes (Madison, NE), 6. Bill Leighton (Omaha, NE), 7. Justin Asplin (Birch Tree, MO), 8. J.C. Wyman (Griswold, IA), 9. Justin Zeitner (LaVista, NE), 10. Tony Jackson, Jr (Lebanon, MO), 11. Kyle Berck (Marquette, NE), 12. John Anderson (Omaha, NE), 13. Al Humphrey (Giltner, NE), 14. Jeremy Payne (Springfield, MO), 15. Dean Moore (Grand Junction, CO), 16. Les Siebert, 17. Scott Lewis (Henderson, Co), 18. Jase Kaser (Lincoln, NE), 19. John Hansen (Brush, CO), 20. Bill Koons (Omaha, NE), 21. Wylan Petrie (Solomon, KS), 22. Tommy Weder Jr. (Woodward, OK), 23. Leroy Johnson (Battlefield, MO), 24. Jeremy Petty.

B Feature: 1. Tony Jackson, Jr (Lebanon, MO), 2. Travis Dickes (Madison, NE), 3. Justin Asplin (Birch Tree, MO), 4. Kyle Berck (Marquette, NE), 5. Bill Leighton (Omaha, NE), 6. John Hansen (Brush, CO), 7. Justin Gregg (Hastings, NE), 8. Bill Koons (Omaha, NE), 9. Jeremy Petty, 10. David Garmann (Brighton, CO), 11. Jarred Hackler, 12. Wylan Petrie (Solomon, KS), 13. Scott Lewis (Henderson, Co), 14. Tad Pospisil (Norfolk, NE), 15. Leroy Johnson (Battlefield, MO), 16. Jeremy Payne (Springfield, MO).

Heat 1: 1. Tommy Weder Jr. (Woodward, OK), 2. Terry Phillips (Springfield, MO), 3. J.C. Wyman (Griswold, IA), 4. Al Humphrey (Giltner, NE), 5. Travis Dickes (Madison, NE), 6. Scott Lewis (Henderson, Co), 7. David Garmann (Brighton, CO), 8. Justin Gregg (Hastings, NE), 9. Leroy Johnson (Battlefield, MO), 10. Jeremy Payne (Springfield, MO).

Heat 2: 1. Chad Simpson (Mt Vernon, IA), 2. Justin Zeitner (LaVista, NE), 3. Dean Moore (Grand Junction, CO), 4. John Anderson (Omaha, NE), 5. Tony Jackson, Jr (Lebanon, MO), 6. Bill Leighton (Omaha, NE), 7. Kyle Berck (Marquette, NE), 8. Justin Asplin (Birch Tree, MO), 9. Bill Koons (Omaha, NE).

Heat 3: 1. Mike Wiarda (Aurora, NE), 2. Jase Kaser (Lincoln, NE), 3. Ryan Gustin (Marshalltown, IA), 4. Les Siebert, 5. John Hansen (Brush, CO), 6. Tad Pospisil (Norfolk, NE), 7. Jarred Hackler, 8. Jeremy Petty, 9. Wylan Petrie (Solomon, KS).

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