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9.14.19 – 411 Motor Speedway Results

It was a packed crowd for the return of the Topless Outlaws for Tennessee’s Action Track.

The first feature of the night would be the 20 lap Classic Car feature. Michael Milsap earned the pole in qualifying by setting fast time. The green waved and it was action immediately as Milsap, Lee Merritt and Shaun Sise went three wide down the backstretch for the lead. Merritt would come out on top with Sise, Milsap, Tim Bounds and Shane Taylor rounding out the top five early on. Merritt would begin to inch away out front until the caution waved for the #5 of Joshua Chesney who lost an engine putting down fluid on the track. After a lengthy cleanup it was back to racing with Sise getting past Milsap and into the runner up spot. Sise had found something as he chewed into the lead Merritt had built up. He’d eventually move past and into the lead. Merritt would keep the pressure on but wouldn’t be able to get the lead back. Sise picked up his first win of the season.

1: #16 Shaun Sise
2: #14 Lee Merritt
3: #515 Michael Milsap
4: #11 Tim Bounds
5: #42 Shane Taylor
6: #59 Mark Sise
7: #5 Joshua Chesney

Next up was the Sportsman feature. We hadn’t seen Travis Fultz in awhile but he made his presence known by setting fast time in qualifying. Fultz put his #T0 on point ahead of Jed Emert, season Champion Clyde Stanton and Jake Whitehead. Trouble for the #51 of Josh Beal who went for a couple spins early on. Due to the two caution rule he would have to call it a night early. Back under green and Stanton made his move past Emert putting himself back into the runner up spot. Hunter Kerr and Hayden Owenby had a great battle for position as the laps ticked off. Trouble for the #C11 of Cody Courtney who pulled off track and retired early. Up front it was all Travis Fultz who cruised to his first win at 411.

1: #T0 Travis Fultz
1: #C11 Clyde Stanton
3: #98 Jed Emert
4: #116 Jake Whitehead
5: #40H Hunter Kerr
6: #H0 Hayden Owenby
7: #76 Joe Bray
8: #44 Brandon Young
9: #W98 Adam Pressley
10: #11 Cody Courtney
11: #51 Josh Beal
DNS: #07 Addison Cardwell

Next up was a new addition to the 411 lineup as the B Hobby/Super Street class was in town to do battle. Reagan Williams has won multiple races down at Crossville Raceway this season and was strong again as he was fastest in qualifying. The fans would see a fantastic race in this one as the racing action was intense from start to finish. Williams, Douglas Skyler and former Street Stock Nationals Champion Wesley Lester had a fantastic three way battle for the lead. Chaos would show it’s ugly head as Steve Owens, Justin Best, Dale Brummett were among those involved in a multi car crash. Leader Williams would also pull off track with a flat but returned. Trouble for the #00 of Audie Wyrick who went for a spin in turn four slowing the pace. Williams had to restart at the rear but would work his way back up. On the white flag he made his move getting past the leader and picked up the win.

1: #48 Reagan Williams
2: #14 Douglas Skyler
3: #06 Wesley Lester
4: #30 Jonathan Sims
5: #17 Steve Owens
6: #00 Audie Wyrick
7: #18 Dale Brummett
8: #71 Jason Brown
9: #16 Justin Best
10: #C4 Cameron Hawkins
11: #1R Robert Russell

The main event of the night was the 40 lap $4,000 to win Topless Outlaws making their third visit to 411 of the season. Previous winners Ryan King and Cory Hedgecock were on hand to fight it out for the big payday. Hedgecock didn’t earn the pole in qualifying but he did win the quick car dash which put him on the front row for the feature. The green waved and the strong 24 car field screamed off into turn one with John Owenby coming out with the lead. Hedgecock, and Matt Henderson were the top three on the start. Trouble for the #C5 of David Crabtree who pulled off in the opening laps. A wild crash on the front stretch brought out the caution. The cars of Sammie Russell, Heath Hindman, Jason Manley and Jason Melton all got tangled up. Back racing and Jordan Rodabaugh moved himself into the third spot. The top two were setting a blistering pace and found themselves in lap traffic. The top two seemed to be playing a game of cat and mouse as they kept switching lines trying to gain an advantage on the other. One lap Hedgecock worked the bottom and the next he was zipping around the outside trying to gain an advantage. After a late caution, Owenby would inch away in the final laps to pick up the big win.

1: #J0 John Owenby
2: #23 Cory Hedgecock
3: #66 Jordan Rodabaugh
4: #44 Chase King
5: #00 Matt Henderson
6: #73 Trevor Sise
7: #8 Heath Hindman
8: #30 Ryan King
9: #1 Kenny Collins
10: #3 Austin Neely
11: #6 Ronnie Johnson
12: #24 Greg Martin
13: #56 Jordan Horton
14: #144 Kyle Courtney
15: #32 Jason Manley
16: #90 Jason Trammell
17: #07 Jason Cardwell
18: #95 Jason Melton
19: #72 Barrett Lowe
20: #22 Mike Weeks
21: #77 Mike Price
22: #25 Daniel Richards
23: #F4 Sammie Russell
24: #C5 David Crabtree
DNS: #97 Bobby Giffen
DNS: #23 Layne Clifton
DNS: #2J JJ Templeton
DNS: #11 Bryson Harper
DNS: #k37 Drew Kennedy
DNS: #29 Rusty Ballenger
DNS: #89 Brandon Miller
DNS: #31 Andy Standridge
DNS: #51 Mack McCarter
DNS: #S23 Justin Owens

Next up was the 20 lap Open Wheel feature. Blake Brown is always a threat to win regardless of the track and he once again found himself on the front row for the feature. Brown would take control on the start ahead of Jeff Hamby and Joey Cotterman the top three in the opening laps. It was a family affair a little further back as Wayne James and his son Tyler had a tight battle for the fifth spot. Season Champion Jimmy Dalton was having another strong run as he tried to work his way around Cotterman for the third spot. A late caution for the spinning #89 of Jamie Mosley set up a restart. Hamby kept the pressure on high working the low line as he tried to wrestle the lead away. However Brown would hold on to pick up another win in a great finish.

1: #99 Blake Brown
2: #15 Jeff Hamby
3: #2 Jimmy Dalton
4: #29 Joey Cotterman
5: #J4 Tyler James
6: #4 Wayne James
7: #36 Billy Palmer
8: #89 Jamie Mosley
9: #14 Josh Henry
10: #47 Larry James
11: #10 Rick Standridge

Another strong field of Front Wheel Drive competitors were on hand as they would wrap up the nights racing program. Kevin Sexton is no stranger to the 411 victory lane and he’d once again have a strong run as he found himself out front in the feature. Dustin Duncan had another good run going as he tried to get the runner up spot. Trouble for the #33 of Aaron Herbert who had to pull off track with issues. A great battle between the #90 of Nick Adams and the #7 of Mike Jones for a spot in the top five. A hard hit for the #27 of Wesley Teefeteller would bring out the red flag as he was pinched into the outside wall. He’d be okay but his night was over early. Sexton would pull away in the final laps to pick up another win.

1: #9K Kevin Sexton
2: #321 Dustin Duncan
3: #A93 Nathan Adams
4: #1 Jacob Sharp
5: #7 Mike Jones
6: #90 Nick Adams
7: #38 Bryan Williams
8: #7W Daryl Teefeteller
9: #7W Ray Wyatt
10: #1W Jeremy Wyatt
11: #69 Josh Lawson
12: #M0 Steve Miller
13: #27 Wesley Teefeteller
14: #2XL Mitchell Coggins
15: #33 Aaron Herbert
16: #2 Brian Lindsey

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