Sunday, December 10, 2023

9.14.19 Jackson Motor Speedway Results

Factory Stocks
1)Austin Rodgers 2)Eli Thomas 3)Tyler Collett 4)Tony Atwood 5)Mike Haralson 6)Blazie Chatham 7)Clint Thaxton 8)Reilly McAlpin 9)Michael Dickey 10)Drew Thoman 11)Dan Peacock 12)Anthony Thoman 13)Allison Vanderford 14)Brady Wallace 15)Brooks Yates 16)Evan Slay

Durrence Layne Street Stocks Feature No. 1
1)Billy Collett 2)David Williamson 3)Eli Thomas 4)Hayden Moran 5)Reilly McAlpin 6)Tyler Moak

Durrence Layne Street Stocks Feature No. 2
1)Hayden Moran 2)Tyler Moak 3)Billy Collett 4)Eli Thomas 5)Talon Gordon 6)Reilly McAlpin

1)Gregg Hollingsworth 2)Toby Hodge 3)Casey Roderick 4)Matthew Rhodes 5)Joshua Motichek

Durrence Layne Crate Late Models
1)Jason Henry 2)Hunter Watts 3)Joshua Patterson

Durrence Layne Sportsman
1)Tyler Moak 2)Zack Owens 3)Josh Thomas 4)Chase Williams 5)Bruce Williamson

Hot Shots
1)Landon Wallace 2)Bridget Saxton 3)Tyler Black 4)Michelle Bynum 5)Prestyn Bradshaw 6)Josh Brannen

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