9.23.17 Knoxville Raceway Results - Dirt Racing Report

9.23.17 Knoxville Raceway Results

By Eric Arnold: Knoxville, IA – September 23, 2017 – Ryan Humphrey of Rose Hill took the win at the 29th running of the Knoxville Extreme Enduro at Knoxville Raceway Saturday night. Humphrey completed 200 laps in just under two hours, and was paid $1,000 for his efforts. Brothers Tyler and Jacob Sutter would swap the lead early before Humphrey took the lead just past the halfway point. Humphrey is now a three-time champion of this event, winning previously in 2008 and 2012. Tyler Sutter, the two-time champ would finish as the runner up while Stacy Krohnberg finished third after leading the early laps of the event.

37 cars made the start on this night and about a dozen were able to race to th checkered flag at the end. Ten red flag periods were encountered along the way for various reasons such as debris on the track and the removal of stalled cars which were in dangerous positions.

Top 20 Official Finish – Car #, Name, Town

1. 2 Ryan Humphrey, Rose Hill
2. 14T Tyler Sutter, Pleasantville
3. 46 Stacy Krohnberg, Walters, MN
4. 47T Tony Shilling, Knoxville
5. 11x, Darin Van Dee, Deep River
6. 81z, Todd Zobel, Des Moines
7. 3, Jason Gurney, Pleasantville
8. 1K Bowdy Miller, Des Moines
9. 85, Doug DeJong, Knoxville
10. 23, Mike Enfield, Melcher
11. 10s Dave Seddon, Knoxville
12. 9J Calyn Bumgardner, Columbia
13. 4F Brennan Ford, Altoona
14. 40M Matt Oliver, Milo
15. 29 Jacob Sutter, Pleasantville
16. 22 Rick Shilling, Knoxville
17. 26 Brady Krohnberg, Walters, MN
18. 69 Chad DeJong, Knoxville
19. 923 Chris Mason, Columbia
20. 4 Brian Clarke, Knoxville