9.3.17 Selinsgrove Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report

9.3.17 Selinsgrove Speedway Results

SELINSGROVE, Pa. – Sunday night marked the annual appearance of the Craftsman World of Outlaw Late Model Series at Selinsgrove Speedway. Following a delayed start due to nuisance rain showers in the afternoon, the 19th annual 40-lap, $8,000-to-win Jeff’s Auto Body and Recycling Center Late Model National Open welcomed some of the area’s best Late Model drivers to the speedway to challenge the traveling Outlaws.

12-time track champion Jeff Rine of Danville bolted into the top spot on the start of the main event and led former World of Outlaws champion and polesitter Rick Eckert out of turn two on the opening circuit.

Rine continued to cut through lap traffic when he caught the tail of the field on lap eight. Current World of Outlaws points leader Brandon Sheppard kept pace and pulled away from the rest of the field as he did so. Sheppard worked a little more cautiously through the traffic, but there were no lap cars between the leaders when the yellow flag was displayed for the first time on lap 14 for Shane Clanton.

Chris Madden made the move on the restart to take over the third spot as Rine again broke away from the field when the race resumed with Sheppard and Madden in chase.

The caution flag flew on lap 19 for the second time in the event. Rine jumped away again on the restart, but only one lap made it to the scoreboard before the caution flag was seen again.

The lap marked the half way mark of the race with Rine the leader over Sheppard, Madden, Eckert, and Devin Devin Moran.

Rine and Sheppard went to battle on the ensuing restart. Sheppard pulled even with Rine off of turn four, but Rine shut the door. A yellow flag came out for Eckert who slowed from the third spot with 12 to go settled the battle for the top spot for a few second.

Sheppard looked like he was searching for some more racing line on the next restart before his right rear tire went down and he slowed on the backstretch.

Rine now led Madden and Moran for the lap 29 restart.

A four lap stretch ran before a yellow was thrown for Andy Haus as Sheppard retired with an over-heating race car. The car on the move was Coleby Frye from his 20th starting spot to run sixth with seven laps to go.

On the next restart Rine would seal his fate pulling away from the field and grabbing his first World of Outlaw series win in front of the Selinsgrove faithful.

Chris Madden and Devin Moran made up the podium finishers.

“It’s just awesome,” said Rine in victory lane. “I couldn’t do it without Jeff and Kathy [Kurtz] and my crew.”

Frank Heckenast Jr. and Morgan Bagley were the top five across the line.

Coleby Frye ended his charge in sixth followed by Chub Frank, Dylan Yoder, Bryan Bernheisel, and Tyler Erb.

The night’s quick time went to Brandon Sheppard with a 19.266.

Heat race wins were taken by Brandon Sheppard, Rick Eckert, and Shane Clanton.

The last chance showdown went to Chad Hollenbeck. 27 Super Late Models were on hand for competition on Sunday night.

Billy Moyer Jr. was the defending winner of the event.

George Dixon led the early laps of the 20-lap, $1,000-to-win Limited Late Model feature. Dixon showed the way with pressure from Matt Cochran.

Dixon stayed committed to the inside line before Tim Krape charged from his fifth starting spot to wrestle the lead away on the outside on lap 13.

Krape had to withstand a restart with just one lap to go. A good start at the drop of the green allowed Krape to get away from the rest of the field on his way to his second win of the season at Selinsgrove; his first was an Econo Late Model victory.

Krape crossed the line ahead of Dixon, Cochran, Brian Shuey, and Andrew Yoder.

Randy Christine was sixth with Shaun Miller, Eric Irvin, Travis Mease, and Dan Zechman finishing out the top ten finishers.

24 Limited Late Models signed in with heat race wins going to Todd Snook, Eric Irvin, and Tim Krape.

There will be no racing on Saturday, September 8.

Selinsgrove Speedway will return to action on Saturday, September 16, with the $8,000-to-win Jim Nace Memorial National Open for the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions 410 Sprint Cars. Joining the 410 Sprinters that night will be the 305 Sprint Cars that were rained out on August 19.

The Sept. 16 National Open for 410 sprint cars will close out the 2017 racing season.

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Super Late Models – 27 Entries
40-LapA-Main: 1) 2J Jeff Rine 2) 44 Chris Madden 3) 9 Devin Moran 4) 99J Frank Heckennast Jr. 5) 14M Morgan Bagley 6) 0 Coleby Frye 7) 1* Chub Frank 8) 24 Dylan Yoder 9) 119 Bryan Bernheisel 10) 91 Tyler Erb 11) 55 Gary Stuhler 12) 14Z Dave Brouse Jr. 13) 76 Andy Haus 14) 1 Brandon Sheppard 15) C33 Chris Casner 16) 7 Rick Eckert 17) 25 Shane Clanton 18) 86 Austin Berry 19) 90 Kyle Rhoads 20) 18 Eric Wells 21) 10 Dave Stamm 22) 66C Matt Cosner 23) 9M Hayes Mattern 24) 06 Mike Lupfer 25) 4Ds Chad Hollenbeck
Heat Winners: Brandon Sheppard, Rick Eckert, Shane Clanton

B-Main Winner: Chad Hollenbeck

Time Trials: 1) 1 Brandon Sheppard 19.266 2) 7 Rick Eckert 19.436 3) 44 Chris Madden 19.452 4) 9 Devin Moran 19.496 5) 2J Jeff Rine 19.498 6) 25 Shane Clanton 19.498 7) 99J Frank Heckenast Jr. 19.593 8) 14M Morgan Bagley 19.653 9) 1* Chub Frank 19.701 10) 66C Matt Cosner 19.795 11) 24 Dylan Yoder 19.831 12) 55 Gary Stuhler 19.900 13) C33 Chris Casner 19.918 14) 119 Bryan Bernheisel 19.925 15) 06 Mike Lupfer 20.080 16) 18 Eric Wells 20.081 17) 91 Tyler Erb 20.500 18) 76 Andy Haus 20.602 19) 86 Austin Berry 20.609 20) 24Y Jim Yoder 20.710 21) 9M Hayes Mattern 20.760 22) 4Ds Chad Hollenbeck 21.271 23) 14Z Dave Brouse Jr. 21.275 24) 90 Kyle Rhoads 21.286 25) 10 Dave Stamm 21.863 26) 0 Coleby Frye DNT 27) 3 Tim Wilson DNT

Limited Late Models – 24 Entries
20-Lap A-Main: 1) 07 Tim Krape 2) 77 George Dixon Jr. 3) 16 Matt Cochran 4) 177 Brian Shuey 5) 2 Andrew Yoder 6) 74 Randy Christine 7) 115 Shaun Miller 8) 87 Eric Irvin 9) 116 Travis Mease 10) 2Z Dan Zechman 11) 7Y Kenny Yoder 12) 57 Mike Smith 13) 62 Devin Frey 14) 000 Matt Nailor 15) 22 Eric Hohol 16) 20 John Myers 17) 11B Ronnie Bottenfield 18) 68R Kevin Probst 19) 21 Doug Ishler 20) 30 Andy Snyder 21) 83 Matt Wilson 22) 32J Shaun Jones 23) 5J Jeremy Ohl 24) 23 Todd Snook
Heat Winners: Todd Snook, Eric Irvin, Tim Krape