9.30.17 411 Motor Speedway Results

It was back to action at Tennessee’s Action Track. A slight chill was in the air but the racing was red hot as a full crowd was on hand to see racing action in all 7 classes.
The Modified Street were the first up to do battle for 20 laps. Point Leader Wayne Rader qualified on the outside of the front row but lost a driveshaft after completing his qualifying lap. He would have to change cars but the penalty for that is starting at the rear of the field. Second place point driver Chris Rickett would take the lead on the start ahead of Michael Woods, Lance Creasman, Jon Cook and Kaleb Trent. Rader has his work cut out for him but he began picking them up and putting them down quickly as he passed Josh Driskill for the 6th position early on. Dwayne Fox was another driver who had to start at the rear as he spun out in his qualifying lap. He was on go as well moving up through the field. His drive would come to an end early as he slowed with mechanical issues. Rader had moved his way up all the way into the top three by race end from the rear. Up front it was all Chris Rickett who cruised to another win.
1: #36 Chris Rickett
2: #66 Michael Woods
3: #01 Wayne Rader
4: #C8 Lance Creasman
5: #0z Jon Cook
6: #3 Kaleb Trent
7: #23 Don McCourt
8: #9 Chris Hickman
9: #M1 James McMurray
10: #00 Josh Driskill
11: #27 Dwayne Fox
12: #1 Nathan Hill
13: #119 Mike Williams
DNS: #01 Jerry Hux

Next up was the 20 lap Sportsman feature. Brad Seagle would set fast time in qualifying looking for back to back wins. It would be outside pole sitter and point leader Zach Sise who took the lead with a big run off turn tow on the outside. Seagle, Jed Emert, Drew Deaver and Josh Sneed were the top five drivers on the start. A hard crash for the #711 of Todd English who climbed the wall in turn four would slow the pace early. It looked like English would be done for the night but he would surprisingly be able to continue on. Zach Sise looked to have the race in firm control as he put a lot of space between himself and Brad Seagle. Seagle had his hands full with Jed Emert fresh off a win last weekend at the Mountain. Drew Deaver had a strong top five run going but he would pull off with problems around the halfway mark. Sise was in firm control of the field until he broke while leading dumping fluid on the track. The soon to be crowned Sportsman champion would have to call it a night early handing the lead over to Brad Seagle. Seagle would hold off a charge from Emert in the final laps to pick up the win.
1: #31 Brad Seagle
2: #98 Jed Emert
3: #79 Josh Sneed
4: #61 Kenny Ford
5: #50 Adam Mitchell
6: #3 Floyd Self
7: #116 Jake Whitehead
8: #37T Shane Taylor
9: #K0 Nick Kniat
10: #711 Todd English
11: #9 Zach Sise
12: #12 Drew Deaver
13: #91 Jay Norville
14: #37 Don Scalf
DNS: #22 Michael Millsap

The Classic Cars took to the track next to do battle for 20 laps and what a show it was. Eli Keck would take the green on the start helped by winning the heat race earlier in the day which gave him the pole for the A main. Keck would be chased by Jesse Hickman, Bobby Pressley, Lee Merritt and point leader Joe Keck the top five. Merritt and Pressley had a great battle for the third spot going until a debris caution slowed the pace just 3 laps into the 20 scheduled. Back under green and Joe Keck was on the move getting past Merritt into the fourth spot. The top five drivers were all over each other from the get go. Hickman hadn’t let Keck get away as he closed in for the top spot. Just three laps left and he made his move taking the lead away off turn four. Keck would keep the pressure on as he got beside the leader coming off turn four. It was a drag race as the two swapped paint all the way to the finish line with Keck inching out Hickman for the win.
1: #8 Eli Keck
2: #69 Jesse Hickman
3: #22 Bobby Pressley
4: #78 Joe Keck
5: #14 Lee Merritt
6: #1 Mac Lockhart
7: #18 Chris Nix
DNS: #58 Shaun Sise

Next up was the 30 lap Steelhead Late Model feature. A strong field of 17 cars were on hand to fight it out for the $1,000 payday. Jason Cardwell had been cursed in the 2017 season having several wins taken away because of bad luck late in the races. Things started off great for him as he qualified on the front row and took the lead on the start ahead of Trevor Sise, Chase King, Layne Clifton and the returning Jason Manley. Jordan Rodabaugh and the Dirty White Boy Anthony White had a great battle on the start for position. White wouldn’t see the end of the race however as he pulled off track with right rear damage short of the checkered. Up front it was all Jason Cardwell who had ran away to a big lead over Sise and King who had a close battle for the second spot. Trouble for Ellery Leake as he went for a spin in turn two. He was none too happy with Kyle Courtney as they two may have made contact resulting in the spin. Back under green Cardwell again was a rocket taking off with the lead. Just two laps left Chase King made his move getting past Trevor Sise and into the runner up spot. Cardwell would cruise to the win finally getting the monkey off his back.
1: #07 Jason Cardwell
2: #44 Chase King
3: #73 Trevor Sise
4: #23 Layne Clifton
5: #32 Jason Manley
6: #171 Kyle Courtney
7: #41 Jason Welshan
8: #71 Pierce McCarter
9: #66 Jordan Rodabaugh
10: #34 Ellery Leake
11: #23 Tim Damron
12: #00 Ruben Mayfield
13: #44 Caleb Marcum
14: #70 Josh Henry
15: #2x Anthony White
16: #8 Chris Chandler
17: #G2 Jerry Green

A class high 19 Mini Stocks were on hand after last week they put on the best Mini Stock race in years. Shane Bullock took control of the large field on the start ahead of John Byers, Marty Phillips, Steve Owens Jr and Tommy Newton. Newton moved past Owens Jr in the opening laps to take over the third spot while Byers put the pressure on Bullock for the race lead. Byers would move past and into the lead just 7 laps into the feature. Marcus Thompson and Owens JR had a great battle for the third spot in the second half of the race along with Thomas Clark. Marty Phillips started up front but had slipped back throughout the feature and pulled off track early with problems. Up front it was all John Byers who cruised to another win in his Championship season.
1: #83 John Byers
2: #T2 Tommy Newton
3: #78 Marcus Thompson
4: #41 Thomas Clark
5: #17 Steve Owens JR
6: #32 Franklin Burk
7: #43 Ross Tain
8: #77 Larry Hickman
9: #6 Max Stout
10: #4 Marty Phillips
11: #20 Savanna Merriman
12: #15 Bryant Idles
13: #5 Joe Freels
14: #R5 Chuck Ledford
15: #1 Austin Fancher
16: #16 Bret Ledford
17: #F2 Mike Ledford
DNS: #7 Tyler Wilson
DQ: #2B Shane Bullock(Refused post race teardown)

Jeff Hamby took the lead as the green waved for the Open Wheel feature. Amos Bunch, Jimmy Dalton, Dustin Diden and Wayne James rounded out the top five. Dalton was on the move early as he put pressure on Bunch for the second spot as the early laps ticked away. Trouble for Wayne James as he and Robbie Comer got together in turn four sending James for a spin. The yellow would be called on Comer who had to restart from the rear. Back under green and Dalton made the move to get past Hamby and put him into the race lead. James seemed to have developed a push in his #4 machine as he went up the track in turn one allowing Dustin Diden to move back and take the lead. Jody Puckett didn’t have the best qualifying lap but he was a man on a mission as he picked his way up into the top three by race end. Up front, Jimmy Dalton would hold on to pick up his first win of the season.
1: #2 Jimmy Dalton
2: #15 Jeff Hamby
3: #J3 Jody Puckett
4: #50 Amos Bunch
5: #42 Robbie Comer
6: #4 Wayne James
7: #312 Greg Brown
8: #112 Dustin Diden
9: #C95 Steve Clark
10: #9 Rocky Ogle
11: #279 Jody Horton
12: #J1 Brandon James
13: #2J Larry James

14: #92 Matthew Hopper

Shaun Henry held off Brandon Johnson and Chad McLemore to win the 602 Street feature,
1: #C5 Shaun Henry
2: #5 Brandon Joshnon
3: #99 Chad McLemore