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9.30.17 BOSS Sprints Results

FREMONT (OH) – The 18 race grind that made up the 2017 season for the Rick’s Trucks & Equipment BOSS Series came to a close last Saturday night at Fremont (OH) Speedway with the 5th Annual Mike Hensel Memorial 33 lap event for the non-winged warriors. It was the series second stop at Fremont of the season as Thomas Meseraull delivered from the Pole position. The California native dominated on his way to collecting the $5,000 winner check by leading all 33 laps.

“It was a pretty awesome night,” said T-Mez. “We drew the pole, which I knew that was going to be good because we had one of the fastest cars all night. Just real excited to pick up the win here for Stan Courtad tonight,” noted Meseraull.

Meseraull and Drew Radar brought the field to the start only to see Cooper Clouse sail into turn one upside down forcing a red flag followed by a complete restart. That restart would make it to lap five as Meseraull was on a mission as was both Tim Buckwalter and Matt Westfall moving into the top three when the second yellow flew. Very brief and back to green until lap eight when the yellow turned red as Tyler Gunn flipped down the front stretch. Cleaned up and back at it they went, as Meseraull went to work as Buckwalter at the top and Westfall at the bottom switched places lap after lap. By the half it was still the same except now Shane Cottle had moved into fourth in a battle of second, third, and fourth ensued. It would stay that way until a very late race yellow at lap 29 dropped for a stopped car on track. Just as Buckwalter, Westfall, and Cottle would gain track position now for the run to the end, Meseraull accepted clean air for the run to the finish and that is just the way the finished with Dallas Hewitt finishing fifth to round out the top five.

I have led almost the whole race this year, and then have a restart and give it away. You just do not know when you are out front, you are just kind of running where you think you need to. We raced the wing car earlier in the year and didn’t get the finishes it probably should have, so it is good to get a win here for Stan. The non-wing car is my expertise. The wing experience has paid off, racing here with the wing and all the speed, then taking it off really makes a difference. I told myself on that late yellow, “You have not got this won yet, get your ass up on the wheel and get after it.” And it worked out for us,” finished Meseraull.

“Man, first time ever setting in a Sprint Car, hats off to this team,” said Buckwalter. “We tested this car a little last night at a little micro track back home in Pennsylvania. We just shook it down a little to make sure the motor was running alright before we came all the way over here, we will see how it goes next year on the USAC tour. I got the top rolling good out there, I just did not get up there soon enough. This is a bad ass bullring, a cool track, it gets real slick in the straightaways and great curves at the ends. I like this BOSS series when a guy and just put together what he has and come racing. It is good to see these days when things cost so much. The open tire rule really helps,” finished Buckwalter.

“We needed this run tonight, we have been struggling all year,” said Westfall. “It just seems like with BOSS and these open tires we have the car figured out, but with USAC and the medium tires we been out to lunch. The track was tough tonight, it was hard to pass. I had second and then faded there at the end. I had second position cleared but then when we went into the next corner I missed my mark and he got back by me. I knew Buckwalter would be good, his first time in a Sprint Car, he races small block modifieds and he is pretty good,” finished Westfall.

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Rick’s Trucks & Equipment BOSS non wing (39 cars)


1.14C-Cooper Clouse, 14.831; 2.77-Dustin Smith, 14.843; 3.7T-Tim Buckwalter, 14.900; 4.24-Landon Simon, 14.917; 5.21K-Kody Swanson, 14.950; 6.44-Michael Fischesser, 15.027; 7.18-Dallas Hewitt, 15.075; 8.57-Shane Cottle, 15.096; 9.54-Matt Westfall, 15.123; 10.19-Matt Cooley, 15.166; 11.12-Ted Hines, 15.171; 12.91x-Aaron Middaugh, 15.188; 13.9X-Thomas Meseraull, 15.232; 14.69R-Mike Miller, 15.260; 15.14-Chad Wilson, 15.288; 16.14K-Trevor Kobylarz, 15.297; 17.2DI-Dustin Ingle, 15.299; 18.74-Drew Rader, 15.319; 19.4J-Justin Owen, 15.461; 20.53-Steve Little, 15.600; 21.12K-Kent Wolters, 15.604; 22.08-Andy Feil, 15.629; 23.6-Bill Rose, 15.692; 24.86-Rick Holley, 15.736; 25.32M-Derek Hastings, 15.744; 26.87-Paul Dues, 15.770; 27.31L-Buddy Lowther, 15.885; 28.7-Shawn Valenti, 15.929; 29.26-John Watson, 15.934; 30.2+-Brian Smith, 15.967; 31.96-Riley Vanhise, 16.078; 32.68G-Tyler Gunn, 16.079; 33.5-Bob McMillen, 16.165; 34.3-Joe Butera, 16.193; 35.13-Ian Hunter, 16.310; 36.51-Curtis Muhlenkamp, 16.329; 37.18D-Bobby Distel, 16.407; 38.5M-Mike Moore, 16.448; 39.1J-Jeremy Shambaugh, 16.954;

DRC Chassis – Heat 1, Group A (8 Laps)

1. 54-Matt Westfall[1] ; 2. 14C-Cooper Clouse[4] ; 3. 57-Shane Cottle[2] ; 4. 12K-Kent Wolters[8] ; 5. 14-Chad Wilson[6] ; 6. 2DI-Dustin Ingle[7] ; 7. 21K-Kody Swanson[3] ; 8. 5-Bob McMillen[9] ; 9. 3-Joe Butera[10] ; 10. 69R-Mike Miller[5]

Lias Tire / American Racer – Heat 2, Group B (8 Laps)

1. 24-Landon Simon[4] ; 2. 19-Matt Cooley[1] ; 3. 18-Dallas Hewitt[2] ; 4. 44-Michael Fischesser[3] ; 5. 12-Ted Hines[5] ; 6. 91x-Aaron Middaugh[6] ; 7. 26-John Watson[10] ; 8. 53-Steve Little[7] ; 9. 86-Rick Holley[8] ; 10. 32M-Derek Hastings[9]

Hoosier Race Tire – Heat 3, Group C (8 Laps)

1. 7T-Tim Buckwalter[3] ; 2. 74-Drew Rader[2] ; 3. 77-Dustin Smith[4] ; 4. 08-Andy Feil[1] ; 5. 68G-Tyler Gunn[7] ; 6. 87-Paul Dues[5] ; 7. 13-Ian Hunter[8] ; 8. 31L-Buddy Lowther[6] ; 9. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh[10] ; 10. 51-Curtis Muhlenkamp[9]

TCB Speed – Heat 4, Group D (8 Laps)

1. 9X-Thomas Meseraull[4] ; 2. 6-Bill Rose[1] ; 3. 7-Shawn Valenti[5] ; 4. 14K-Trevor Kobylarz[3] ; 5. 4J-Justin Owen[2] ; 6. 2+-Brian Smith[6] ; 7. 96-Riley Vanhise[7] ; 8. 5M-Mike Moore[9] ; 9. 18D-Bobby Distel[8]

FAST Signs – B-Main 1 (10 Laps)

1. 68G-Tyler Gunn[2] ; 2. 21K-Kody Swanson[5] ; 3. 14-Chad Wilson[1] ; 4. 2DI-Dustin Ingle[3] ; 5. 87-Paul Dues[4] ; 6. 13-Ian Hunter[6] ; 7. 31L-Buddy Lowther[8] ; 8. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh[10] ; 9. 5-Bob McMillen[7] ; 10. 3-Joe Butera[9] ; 11. 51-Curtis Muhlenkamp[12] ; 12. 69R-Mike Miller[11]

Griff’s Engines – B-Main 2 (10 Laps)

1. 4J-Justin Owen[2] ; 2. 2+-Brian Smith[4] ; 3. 12-Ted Hines[1] ; 4. 26-John Watson[5] ; 5. 91x-Aaron Middaugh[3] ; 6. 53-Steve Little[7] ; 7. 86-Rick Holley[9] ; 8. 5M-Mike Moore[8] ; 9. 32M-Derek Hastings[11] ; 10. 96-Riley Vanhise[6] ; 11. 18D-Bobby Distel[10]

Rick’s Trucks & Equipment BOSS – A-Main 1 (33 Laps)

1. 9X-Thomas Meseraull[1] ; 2. 7T-Tim Buckwalter[3] ; 3. 54-Matt Westfall[8] ; 4. 57-Shane Cottle[9] ; 5. 18-Dallas Hewitt[10] ; 6. 44-Michael Fischesser[14] ; 7. 6-Bill Rose[6] ; 8. 2+-Brian Smith[20] ; 9. 4J-Justin Owen[18] ; 10. 14C-Cooper Clouse[4] ; 11. 12K-Kent Wolters[13] ; 12. 08-Andy Feil[15] ; 13. 74-Drew Rader[2] ; 14. 14-Chad Wilson[21] ; 15. 77-Dustin Smith[11] ; 16. 21K-Kody Swanson[19] ; 17. 14K-Trevor Kobylarz[16] ; 18. 12-Ted Hines[22] ; 19. 24-Landon Simon[5] ; 20. 68G-Tyler Gunn[17] ; 21. 7-Shawn Valenti[12] ; 22. 19-Matt Cooley[7]

Bonus Award Winners:

Hoosier Racing Tire Bonus (free tire) – Thomas Meseraull

Lias Tire / American Racer Bonus (free tire) – Michael Fischesser

Hughes Family Hard Charger Award ($333) – Brian Smith

All Pro Cylinder Heads Perseverance Award ($50) – Tyler Gunn

Apple Metal polishing Lucky Pill Draw ($50) – Landon Simon

J F Construction Hard Luck Award ($50) – Matt Cooley

Cowen Truck Lines Steel Block Bonus ($50) – Kody Swanson

McMillen Apiaries Sweet Move of the Night ($25) – Kent Wolters