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9.5.14 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results

Malta, NY – The 2014 points season came to an end Friday night at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway. With the Upstate GMC Dealers DIRTcar Modified division completing their season a week earlier, the Sportsman and CRSA RaceSaver Sprint Car Series co-headlined the night’s actioned packed activities.

Cody Bleau put the Davis Family number 173 Sportsman in victory lane for the first time in 2014. Davis would finish second in points as Jeremy Pitts was crowned track champion for the second straight season. Danny Varin picked up the CRSA A-Main event while Andrew Buff (Limited Sportsman), Randy Miller (Don Don’s Delights Street Stock) and Steve Ryan (Greg’s Towing and Repair Four Cylinders) also reached victory lane. Ron Case won the 40 lap Enduro event.

Other track champions crowned during the evening were Bill Dupree in the Don Don’s Delights Street Stock division and Dave LaBarge (Single Cam) and Steve Ryan (Dual Cam) in the Greg’s Towing and Repair Four Cylinder’s. One week ago Brett Hearn and Rob Yetman were crowned DIRTcar Modified and DIRTcar Pro Stock division champions respectfully.

Rob Maxon and John Proctor led the Sportsman division field down to starter Rich Peterson’s green flag with Maxon taking the initial lead over Proctor and Jack Swinton. Bleau started to show his strength on lap three as he moved from sixth to fourth in one sweeping move. Proctor never lost sight of Maxon and on lap four was alongside of the recent Limited Sportsman division graduate for the lead. Bleau meanwhile moved past Swinton for third on lap five.

The first of what would be way too many caution periods to count slowed the field on lap five when Colin Bokus spun in turn two. On the restart Maxon and Bleau battled for the lead as Proctor and Olden Dwyer followed. A large pile up on lap six involving Jake Scarborough, Orlando and others brought the caution flag out again.

The restart saw Bleau take the lead only to have his pass negated by another caution flag. This scenario played out many times over the next ten laps and numerous restarts. Bleau ultimately emerged as the race leader. Once racing was able to stay green Bleau checked out on the field, bringing home the win over Jeremy Pitts, Maxon, Dwyer and Nick Lussier. A total of 25 drivers entered the regular Sportsman division with heat races being won by Dwyer, Orlando and Proctor.

Danny Varin picked up the CRSA RaceSaver Sprint Car Series A-Main event win. Chuck Alessi and Scott Goodrich led the field down to the green with Goodrich taking the early lead over Mike Kiser and Alessi. On lap two Thomas Radivoy would spin in turn two. Tyler Jashembowski just clipped the spun Radivoy which sent his car over on its side. Everyone was ok. Goodrich remained the leader on the restart with Kiser, Alessi, John Matrafailo and Josh Pieniazek following. Pieniazek took over the fourth position on lap four and then third from Alessi one lap later. At the same time Varin moved to fifth.

While Pieniazek and Varin were moving through the top five, Kiser was taking the lead. The second generation driver from New York’s Southern Tier held the lead until Jeff Van Steenburg came to a stop in turn one. Kiser led on the restart with Goodrich, Varin, Alessi and Pieniazek following. Varin was now on the moved as he put the Cuomo machine into second on lap eight and then on lap 14 he moved into the lead.

Once our front no one had anything for the proud new father from Rotterdam. Varin picked up his second straight win at the Great Race Place and third overall in the Capital District with the CRSA. Kiser had to settle for second with Alessi third, Goodrich fourth and Pieniazek fifth. Heat races for the 21 CRSA entries were won by Kiser, Varin and Joe Kata.

Ricky Davis won his second Limited Sportsman feature event during the division’s season finale. Rookie Andrew Buff jumped out to the early lead over the large field. Buff held the top spot through restarts that marred the 15 lap event. Davis was able to keep close to Buff and on lap 13 make the pass of the lead. Davis led the remainder of the distance to pick up the win over Buff, Ken Conroy, Anthony Alger and Ben Brownell. Heat races for the 27 entries were won by Zach Daurio, Jack Bublak and Buff.

Randy Miller picked up his ninth Don Don’s Delights Street Stock division feature event win of the season in their 20 lap event. Matt Mosher jumped out to the early lead and held it until giving way to Miller on lap nine. Once out front Miller would not be challenged, bringing home the win over Hunter Sanchez, Jason Meltz, Damon Anderson and Bill Duprey. A total of 20 drivers entered the event.

Steve Ryan remained dominant in the Greg’s Towing and Repair Four Cylinder division. Ryan picked up the win over Kenny Stager, Todd Goldstein, Mike Parodi and Robert Garney. A total of 13 drivers entered the event.

Coming up this Friday night September 12th the annual Northeast Crate Nationals will take center stage at the Great Race Place. The Sportsman division will be on hand for a $2,225 to win event along with the Street Stock division and an event for the Pro Stocks. This will be the final event for the 2014 season at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway. For more information on the Albany-Saratoga Speedway including the 2014 racing schedule, photos and point standings please log on to our website at www.albany-saratogaspeedway.com.

Sportsman Results (25 Laps) – 1) Cody Bleau, 2) Jeremy Pitts, 3) Rob Maxon, 4) Olden Dwyer, 5) Nick Lussier, 6) Adam Gage, 7) Jon Miller, 8) Jack Swinton, 9) Mike Ostrander, 10) Dave Baranowski Jr, 11) Jush Sunn, 12) Tim Hodge, 13) Mike Burdo, 14) Colin Bokus, 15) Jack Speshock, 16) John Proctor, 17) Derrick McGrew, 18) Chris Murray, 19) Scott Duell, 20) Alex Bell, 21) Joe Orlando, 22) Hunter Bates, 23) Mike Tholin, 24) Jake Scarborough, 25) Bert Film

Limited Sportsman Results (15 Laps) – 1) Ricky Davis, 2) Andrew Buff, 3) Ken Conroy, 4) Anthony Alger, 5) Ben Brownell, 6) Ron Casey, 7) Anthony Savoca, 8) Bruce Schwab, 9) Alissa Cody, 10) Walter Cook, 11) Christopher Ronca, 12) Pat Jones, 13) Tim Heady, 14) Diana Huyck, 15) Butch Schwarting, 16) Steve Wagoner, 17) Nick Fretto, 18) Scott Flanders, 19) Jesse Edwards, 20) Bob Schmidt, 21) Emily Quinn, 22) Matt Atwood, 23) Jack Bublak, 24) Zach Daurio, 25) Josh Morgan, 26) Shannon Donnelly, DNS) Travis Billington

CRSA Sprints Results (25 Laps) – 1) Danny Varin, 2) Mike Kiser, 3) Chuck Alessi, 4) Scott Goodrich, 5) Josh Pieniazek, 6) John Matrafailo, 7) Dustin Purdy, 8) Chad King, 9) Robert Gray 10) Mark Taylor, 11) Jeremy Quick, 12) Kyle Smith, 13) Cory Gurney, 14) Dalton Herrick, 15) Thomas Radivoy, 16) Joe Kata, 17) Brett Jaycox, 18) Emily VanInwegen, 19) Jeff Van Steenburg, 20) Warren Alexson, 21) Tyler Jashembowski

Don Don’s Delights Street Stock Results (20 Laps) – 1) Randy Miller, 2) Hunter Sanchez, 3) Jason Meltz, 4) Damon Anderson, 5) Bill Duprey, 6) Matt Mosher, 7) John Filarecki, 8) Paul Braymer, 9) Fred Harris, 10) John Hayes, 11) Jody Thew, 12) Jordan Kasper, 13) Jaske Currier, 14) George Dorvee, 15) Scott Lawrence, 16) Josh Coonradt, 17) Chase Aussicker, 18) Dave Stickles, 19) Jason Barrett, 20) Darrell Older

Greg’s Towing & Repair 4 Cylinder Combined Results (15 Laps) – 1) Steve Ryan, 2) Ken Stager, 3) Todd Goldstein, 4) Mike Parodi, 5) Robert Garney, 6) Clifford Booth, 7) Wayne Russell, 8) Ben Britch, 9) Tim Meltz, 10) Dave LaBarge, 11) James Mehan, 12) Brett Horlacher, 13) Dylan LaPort

Greg’s Towing & Repair 4 Cylinder Single Cam Results – 1) Mike Parodi, 2) Robert Garney, 3) Wayne Russell, 4) Ben Britch, 5) Tim Meltz, 6) Dave LaBarge, 7) Brett Horlacher, 8) Dylan LaPort

Greg’s Towing & Repair 4 Cylinder Dual Cam Results – 1) Steve Ryan, 2) Ken Stager, 3) Todd Goldstein, 4) Clifford Booth, 5) James Mehan

Enduro Results Top 3 (40 Laps) – 1) Ron Case, 2) Jon Taisey, 3) Brandon Uline

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