9.7.12 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results - Dirt Racing Report

9.7.12 Albany Saratoga Speedway Results

Malta, NY — When the action concluded on Friday night at Albany Saratoga Speedway it was obvious that somebody was going to be extremely happy. Management at the Malta oval hosted a ‘Maiden Race’ for the Modifieds ― if you didn’t make it to victory lane during the 2012 race season you were allowed to enter the 35 lap feature event.

The front spot of the Modified feature event was left open in memory of racer JC Flach who was killed earlier in the week from a tragic wood cutting accident.

Matt Depew grabbed the early race lead and despite losing the race lead momentarily [on lap 10], due to a lapped car early in the event, Depew kept control of the event. And the win.

“I thought I could hear those guys behind me [Mark Kislowski and Marc Johnson] and I knew I didn’t want to slow down ― I knew they were coming,” said Depew during post-race ceremonies. “We’ve been struggling the last few weeks so we put something completely new in tonight and it worked.”

Craig Hansen, Kislowski, Johnson and Janike Sowle spent the time swapping spots back and forth behind Depew. And when all was said and done it was Johnson, Kislowski, Sowle and Bodie Bellinger rounding out the top five.

Dave Baranowski owned the early part of the 25 lap Sportsman feature event until Mike Tholin took over the race lead on lap 10. Tholin went on to take his first win of the 2012 race season. The win was Tholin’s fourth career at the ‘Great Race Place,’ his last win coming back in September 2009 when the speedway was being run with a dirt surface.

“The car was awesome, I could put it anywhere,” said Tholin. “I thought we had a great car last week but we had a flat tire and this week we bought a new tire with a little different compound so I didn’t know what to expect but it was good.” Baranowski held on for second place and was followed by D.J. Brundige, Mike Ostrander and Mike Burdo.

The 2012 Pro Stock Point Champion Chad Jeseo showed the way around again on Friday night. Jeseo lead from the green to the checkered to take his third win of the season.

“It started off really good getting the pole and we took total advantage of that,” said Jeseo who was very thankful to his crew. “These guys work seven days a week to get both of these cars to run in the front here and at Lebanon Valley ― I just drive the car for these guys.”

Ken Martin was in search of his first 2012 win and kept his sights on Jeseo the entire distance. Martin got sideways prior to the halfway point and dropped back a few positions but got them back before time ran out.

Martin, Bill Smith, Kim Duell and Dan Older rounded out the top five.

David Shippee joined the first time winners after securing the lead and the win in the 20 lap Street Stock feature event. Shippee has been fast each week and finally landed his first career victory behind the wheel of his Lussier’s Auto Body automobile.

“Long time coming, long time coming,” said a very excited Shippee of his well deserved victory. “It was awesome.”

Bill Duprey, Mark Lester, Ken Conroy and Justin Smith rounded out the top five.

Art Clement picked up the win in the 4 Cylinder division

Bits: A different setting at the Malta oval with some of the Modifieds drivers not present for the night’s action. The Modified point championship title was wrapped up the previous week and feature event winners were not eligible to run in the ‘Maiden Race’… A rare Malta appearance was made by the very popular Lebanon Valley Speedway Modified driver Mike King. He wanted to be part of the ‘Maiden Race.’ King finished third in his qualifying event and ninth in the feature event… The Ronca brothers, Don and Rich, switched cars for the night. Don and Neil Stratton were involved in an incident during the qualifying event and later in the evening Don was pushed into the pits before the green was dropped on the Modified feature… Long night for Sportsman point leader Bobby Hackel, he was hooked together with Brett Wright early into the feature event and then suffered some heavy front end damage when Hackel and Jeremy Pitts were involved. Pitt’s automobile also suffered a busted up front end… Andy Durie was back behind the wheel of the Anthony Marro sportsman car. Durie borrowed Marro’s car earlier in the season and won with it but this time he finished 19th…

Modifed Maiden Feature Results: [35 laps] – 1. Matt Depew, 2. Marc Johnson, 3. Mark Kislowski, 4. Janike Sowle, 5. Bodie Bellinger, 6. Chris Hanson, 7. Rich Ronca, 8. Hector Stratton, 9. Mike King, 10. Neil Stratton, 11. Floyd Billington, 12. Steve Hankle, 13. John Lutes, Jr., 14. Erik Nelson, 15. Chris Busta, 16. Dylan Scribner, 17. Don Mattison, 18. Justin Barber, 19. Don Ronca, 20. Wayne Figler

Sportsman Feature Results: [25 laps] – 1. Mike Tholin, 2. Dave Baranowski, Jr. 3. D.J. Brundige, 4. Mike Ostrander, 5. Mike Burda, 6. Brian Gleason, 7. Frank Hoard III, 8. Tim Hartman, Jr. 9. Adara McAulife, 10. Paul Dunham, 11. Jack Gentile, 12. Jack Swinton, 13. Jon Miller, 14. Dan Santabarbara, 15. Joey Scarborough, 16. Daryl Nutting, 17. Brett Wright, 18. Derrick McGrew, 19. Andy Durie, 20. Jake Scarborough, 21. Joe Orlando, 22. Leo Sousie, 23. Kenny Aanonsen, Jr., 24. Mark Hughes, 25. Butch Wilcox, 26. Jeremy Pitts, 27. Bobby Hackel IV, 28. Scott Duell

Pro Stock Feature: [25 laps] – 1. Chad Jeseo, 2. Ken Martin, 3. Bill Smith, 4. Kim Duell, 5. Dan Older, 6. Chuckie Durabelewski, 7. Kevin VanChance, 8. Jeff McPhail, 9. Dean Charbonneau, 10. Brandon Emigh, 11. Rob Yetman

Street Stock Feature: [20 laps] – 1. David Shippee, 2. Bill Duprey, 3. Mark Lester, 4. Ken Conroy, 5. Justin Smith, 6. Paul Mulrain, 7. Jody Thew, 8. Scott Lawrence, 9. John Hayes, 10. Nathan Dahoda, 11. Rowdy Burch, 12. Jay Severson, 13. Randy Miller, 14. Paul Braymer, 15. Yule Cook, 16. John Lindblade, 17. Matt Mosher, 18. Jason Barrett, 19. Josh Coonradt

4 Cylinder Feature: [15 laps] – 1. Art Clement, 2. Phil Defiglio, 3. Chris VanDePutte, 4. Anthony Alger, 5. 6. Dave Labarge, 7. Keith Tesiero, 8. Keith Tesiero, Jr. 9. Pete Vila, 10. Stephen Goodress, 11. Dan Older, 12. 13. Mark Drescher, 14. Mehmet Guler