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1.1.21 411 Motor Speedway Results

Friday January 1st 2021 | 411 Motor Speedway Results | Tennessee

The 4-1-1 was kicking things off for 2021 with the 11th annual Hangover highlighted by the Super Late Models paying $5,000 to win. The stands were filled to the rim with over 200 cars on hand.

The Classic Car division would be the first up for their 20 lap feature. John Stevens would lead us to green ahead of Mark Sise, Shaun Sise, Hayston Collett and Tim Bounds. Mark Sise was working the bottom under the leader as he tried to pick up his first career win. Collett was also having a strong run as he battled it out for Shaun Sise who had won the previous four straight races coming into 2021. He and Collett would swap the third position several times throughout the feature. Up front Stevens had began to inch away from Sise as they put a lap on Adam Pressley. Stevens would hold on to be the first winner of the new year.

1: #51 John Stevens
2: #35 Mark Sise
3: #3 Hayston Collett
4: #11 Tim Bounds
5: #J16 Shaun Sise
6: #00 Mac Lockhart
7: #98 Adam Pressley

Next up would be the 20 lap Sportsman feature. Brad Seagle would set a new track record in qualifying earning the pole for the 20 lap feature. The green waved and chaos was on display instantly as outside pole sitter Brandon Godsey would loop his #00 in turn one triggering a multiple car crash. Joey Bray, Shelton Nichols Bill Norwood, Jimmy Calloway, Seth Jolley would all be involved. After a red flag it was back to racing with Seagle, Godsey and Clyde Stanton the top three on the start. More trouble this time for the #5 of Joshua Chesney who spin in turn four collecting Josh Sneed and Cody Gloyne. Both Sneed and Gloyne would be done for the night with front end damage. We just couldn’t seem to get this one going as on the restart Godsey and Ricky Smith would get together on the back sending Smith sliding into the infield. Shortly after the race would be called as they had gone over the time limit.

1: #31 Brad Seagle
2: #C11 Clyde Stanton
3: #88 Ricky Smith
4: #47 Jim Gray
5: #113 Chris McKinney
6: #617 Seth Jolley
7: #C4 Eddie Brown
8: #14 Dwight Smith
9: #A93 Nathan Adams
10: #76 Joe Bray
11: #19 Sam Oakley
12: #78 Randy Webb
13: #50 Adam Mitchell
14: #33 Aaron Herbert
15: #5 Joshua Chesney
16: #00 Brandon Godsey
17: #9 Nicholas Shelton
18: #7 Bill Norwood
19: #44 Jimmy Calloway
20: #32 Cody Gloyne
21: #79 Josh Sneed

Next up was the 11th annual Hangover going 50 laps for $5,000 to win. Cory Hedgecock would lead us to green with Clay Coghlan, Dustin Linville in chase. Pierce McCarter was set on go from the green as he powered past Linville and into the top three. There were battles all over the racing surface as Tyler Millwood also moved past Coughlan who would later on pull off track and retire early. McCarter was still on the move as he had now moved into the runner up spot. McCarter and Linville would swap paint several times in the first half of the feature. The caution would wave for the #393 of DJ Hayes who slowed on the track. Back under green and this time McCarter would lose a couple spots on the restart. The strong run Linville had came to an end when his #8 Machine slowed going into turn three with mechanical issues. Hedgecock had dominated all night but would jump the cushion in turn two on the restart allowing McCarter and Drake Troutman to get by. Hedgecock would slow a few laps later with a flat tire ending his night. McCarter would hold on the rest of the way picking up his first Hangover victory.

1: #71 Pierce McCarter
2: #H27 Christian Hanger
3: #11 Tommy Bailey
4: #7 Drake Troutman
5: #26 Jimmy Sharpe Jr
6: #17 Steve Stollings
7: #17 Colton Proffitt
8: #1A Levi Ashby
9: #31 Tyler Millwood
10: #J27 Jadon Frame
11: #25 Daniel Richards
12: #23 Cory Hedgecock
13: #D8 Dustin Linville
14: #00 Matt Henderson
15: #14 Johnny Cloer
16: #7G Craig Greer
17: #83 Clint Hodges
18: #54 Larry Barber Jr
19: #6 Clay Coghlan
20: #74 John Minon
21: #393 DJ Hayes

The 604 Late Models were up next for their 25 lap feature. Trevor Sise and Anthony White would lead to us to green on the front row. The caution would wave on the first lap for the #00 of Ruben Mayfield who went for a spin in turn four. Back under green and it was third place starter Will Herrington who took the top spot ahead of Sise and White. The fight for second was intense and it would all boil over as Sise and White tangled on the front stretch sending Sise upside down into turn one. The driver of the #73 would be none too happy with DWB as both drivers would be done for the night. Back under green and the top three began to put distance on the rest of the field. Mack McCarter was on a hot streak at the end of 2020 but would slow with mechanical issues ending his night. Also trouble for Rusty Ballenger as he brought out the caution later on. Kyle Hardy had taken over the runner up spot and was reeling in Herrington for the lead as they picked their way through slower traffic. The low line would pay off as Hardy powered into the top spot with just a handful of laps left. He’d go on to pick up the win in a great race.

1: #C14 Kyle Hardy
2: #14 Will Herrington
3: #R1 Jesse Lowe
4: #M00 Michael Bland
5: #12 Drew Deaver
6: #61 Ross White
7: #7 Brian Smith
8: #41 Jim Couch
9: #96 Josh Vineyard
10: #19 Charles McDonald
11: #4B Richie Edwards
12: #51 Mack McCarter
13: #10 Bradley Lewelling
14: #D11 Daniel Dial
15: #00 Tommy Carlton
16: #A07 Addison Cardwell
17: #32 William Blankenship
18: #29 Rusty Ballenger
19: #71 Trevor Sise
20: #2X Anthony White
21: #89 Brandon Miller
22: #75 Elliott Despain
23: #R00 Ruben Mayfield
24: #11 Michael Persinger

Next up would be the Open Wheel feature. Michael Asbury and Drake Troutman would start on the front row of the stacked feature. The green waved and it was immediate trouble for the #6 of John Trowbridge who slowed with a broken left front tire. Back under green and the battle was on for the fourth spot as Lucas Lee and Trent Young went at it. Lee would get the spot but afterwards would make hard contact with the turn two wall ending his night. Asbury had the second spot but was beginning to show some smoke from the back of his #56 machine as the laps ticked on. Austin Francis would bring out the caution as he crashed in turn three. Under car he’d exit his car and throw a helmet at Zac Harris resulting in his disqualification. Back under green and Wayne James was hooked up as he moved past Asbury and into the second spot. Asbury would finally succumb to his engine issues as he pulled off track. Troutman looked to have the race in hand but he would lose a driveshaft ending his night. That put Wayne James on top of the scoreboard. James would run away in the final laps to pick up the win.

1: #4 Wayne James
2: #14 Lee Merritt
3: #A85 Brandon Hutchinson
4: #J2 Todd Beeler
5: #98 Zac Harris
6: #P20 Ervin Vance
7: #2 Anthony Slusher
8: #56 Michael Asbury
9: #88 Ritchie Overholser
10: #7 Drake Troutman
11: #13 Sarah Patrick
12: #Y10 Trent Young
13: #L12 Lucas Lee
14: #1 Kelly Riggs
15: #KC12 K.C. Burdette
16: #7D Pete Sabatino
17: #J4 Tyler James
18: #6 John Trowbridge
DQ: #1F Austin Francis

After setting a new track record in qualifying, Curtis Thomas would start on the front row for the 602 feature. The green waved and it would be trouble for the #J1 of Josh Driskill and the #11 of Tim Bounds who got together bringing out the caution. Back under green and Hayden Cardwell had the pressure turned up on Zach Sise for the third spot. Thomas had lost the lead on the start but had reeled in the #19 of Courtney. Tim Bounds would go for a second spit resulting in his night being over early. Sise would take advantage on the restart putting his #9 into the lead. Thomas drove it down deep into turn two trying to get a run on the leader but would spin out instead ending his chances at victory. It was an intense fight for the lead as Courtney and Sise got together in turn three putting the #19 ahead of the #9. However Sise wasn’t done as he chased him back down and took the lead back just a couple laps later. Sise would inch away in the final laps to pick up the win.

1: #9 Zach Sise
2: #07 Hayden Cardwell
3: #19 Michael Courtney
4: #12 Jeremy Broome
5: #J16 Shaun Sise
6: #07 Bailey Cardwell
7: #18 Andrew Littleton
8: #36 Josh Keeble
9: #71 Danny Gill
10: #9 Dillon Peterman
11: #93 Charles Zimmerman
12: #4 Mike Joe
13: #5 Curtis Thomas
14: #23 Charles Devine
15: #66 Lee Branch
16: #79 Dan Duggan
17: #11 Tim Bounds
18: #J1 Josh Driskill

The B-Hobby/Super Street were up next and it was Shannon Emery and Reagan Williams on the front row. Emery would set sail on the start ahead of Williams, Josh Henry, Joe Freels and Alan Rich. Trouble for the #51 of Josh Beal who would go for a loop in turn two bringing out the caution. Back under green and Henry was working the low line trying to get past Williams for the second spot. Emery showed the way as he picked his way around the slower lap traffic. Williams had began to chew into the lead Emery had built up as the laps ticked away. The white flag waved and Williams got a great bite off turn two and it was a drag race into three. The two would make heavy contact with Williams coming out on top.

1: #48 Reagan Williams
2: #M2 Shannon Emery
3: #B00 Josh Henry
4: #03 Alan Rich
5: #24 Thomas Scenters
6: #BR549 Cody Moffett
7: #8X Travis Coggins
8: #K51 Dalton King
9: #5X Joe Freels
10: #42 Jonathan Simms
11: #51 Josh Beal

The final race of the night would be the 20 lap Front Wheel Drive feature. Dustin Duncan dominated 2020 and was off to another great start as he set a new track qualifying record earlier in the day. Duncan would take the top spot on the green ahead of Jacob Sharp, Joe Miller and Kevin Sexton. Miller would see his strong top three run come to an early end as he slowed with problems just two laps into the feature. The racing was intense between Duncan and Sharp as they swapped the lead multiple times early on. A huge crash between the #9 of Kevin Sexton and the #7 of Mike Jones would bring out the caution. Both cars went head on into the turn four wall and flipped upside down. Both drivers would be okay but obviously done for the night. Under the caution, the two leaders of Duncan and Sharp would shockingly exit their cars on the track and have words resulting in both drivers being disqualified. The rain would start falling shortly after resulting in the race being called early giving the win to Daniel Wright.

1: #88 Daniel Wright
2: #132 Brandon Gibson
3: #x50 Jessie Long
4: #25 Billy Long
5: #18 James Burnett
6: #46 Cody Rector
7: #12 Richard Clowers
8: #186 Logan Snyer
9: #7W Ray Wyatt
10: #3 Trey Floyd
11: #24 Dylan Johnson
12: #N90 Nick Adams
13: #R3 Sean Rice
14: #2B John Burnette
15: #72 Walter Walsh
16: #W21 Jason Wilde
17: #7 Mike Jones
18: #731 Tyler Walsh
19: #47 Joe Miller
20: #328 Matt Hargis
DQ #1 Jacob Sharp
DQ #9 Kevin Sexton
DQ #21 Dustin Duncan

Friday January 1st 2021 | 411 Motor Speedway Results | Tennessee

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