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7.30.21 411 Motor Speedway Results

Friday July 30th 2021 | 411 Motor Speedway Results | Tennessee

It was a blistering hot day as the Southern Nationals rolled into town for a big $10K to win feature.

The Classic Car drivers were up first to do battle in a 20 lap feature. Mac Lockhart and Mark Sise would start on the front row for the A main. The green waved and it was a drag race between the two with Lockhart taking the lead as the field completed lap one. Mark Sise, Jimmy Rayhuff, Austin Atkins and Zeke Arms rounded out the rest of the field on the start. As the top two began to pull away the fight for third was on as Atkins began to reel in Rayhuff. As the battle for third heated up, Atkins and Arms would make contact sending Atkins for a spin. He’d pull off track afterwards and retire for the evening. Up front Lockhart would go onto pick up the win.

1: #00 Mac Lockhart
2: #35 Mark Sise
3: #3 Jimmy Rayhuff
4: #207 Zeke Arms
5: #14 Austin Atkins

Rusty Ballenger usually competes in the 604 division but was making his debut in the 602 class. He did so in impressive fashion setting quick time in qualifying earning the pole for the 20 lap feature. The green waved and it was Ballenger who set sail in his #71 ahead of Tucker Anderson, Baily Cardwell, Cody Courtney and Curtis Thomas your top five on the start. Trouble for the #15 of Noah Phillips who went for a wild spin through the infield ending his night early. The cautions weren’t over as on the restart the #9 of Cole Hendrick spun collecting the #777 of Joey Bishop. Back under green and Ballenger began to put some distance on the field. Baily Cardwell has had an incredible 2021 season and was looking to continue it as he worked over Anderson for the runner up spot. Ballenger would pull away in the final laps to pick up his first 602 win.

1: #71 Rusty Ballenger
2: #6 Tucker Anderson
3: #07B Baily Cardwell
4: #C11 Cody Courtney
5: #5 Curtis Thomas
6: #11 Tim Bounds
7: #85 Lee Branch
8: #9 Cole Hendrick
9: #777 Joey Bishop
10: #15 Noah Phillips

Next up was the Southern Nationals Series Super Late Models doing battle for 53 laps paying $10,000 to the winner. Ross Bailes would start on the front row alongside Donald McIntosh. The green waved and trouble would find the #1G of Ryan King early as he went for a spin in turn four on the opening lap bringing out the caution. Back under green and it was Bailes who would lead us ahead of McIntosh, Cory Hedgecock, Brandon Overton and Randy Weaver. Hedgecock had clearly his his setup just right as he was ripping on the inside powering past McIntosh into the second spot. The top three put on a fantastic show for the packed crowd as they fought for the top spot. The leaders began to hit lap traffic and with 27 to go, Hedgecock made his move taking the lead away from Bailes. Randy Weaver was also on the move as he began working over Overton for the third spot. Hedgecock had ran away to a huge lead as McIntosh, Overton and Weaver battled it out for third. With 15 to go Weaver would slip by Overton off turn four continuing his drive to the front. Up front it was all Cory Hedgecock who cruised to the win.

1: #23 Cory Hedgecock
2: #85 Randy Weaver
3: #71 Pierce McCarter
4: #4T Donald McIntosh
5: #2 Cody Overton
6: #17M Dale McDowell
7: #79 Ross Bailes
8: #97 Michael Chilton
9: #83 Jensen Ford
10: #44D Dalton Cook
11: #16 Sam Seawright
12: #8 David Payne
13: #00 David Payne
14: #1C Kenny Collins
15: #11B Stacy Boiles
16: #10 Garrett Smith
17: #93 Benjamin Cranford
18: #1G Ryan King
19: #23 Ahanna Parkhurst
20: #86 Jeffrey Neubert
21: #91 Heath Hindman
22: #C5 David Crabtree
23: #51 Mack McCarter
24: #1 Vic Hill
DNS: #51 Ryan Winchester
DNS: #9 Dusty Carver
DNS: #7 Craig Greer
DNS: #54 Mitchell Burke
DNS: #51 Jed Emert
DNS: #3 Dakotah Smith

The B-Hobby feature was up next. Leading us to green would be the #42 of Robbie Comer and the #32 of Brian Hamby. Comer would put his #42 in the lead ahead of Hamby, Jeffrey Wood and Rocky Ogle. The top three looked to be the class of the field as they pulled away from Ogle and John Stevens who rounded out the top five. The top two were waging a battle on each other with Hamby working the low line off each turn. They found themselves putting on lap on the the #751 of Stevens. It was a drag race off turn four coming to the finish line with Comer getting the win in a near photo finish.

1: #42 Robbie Comer
2: #32 Brian Hamby
3: #818 Jeffrey Wood
4: #9 Rocky Ogle
5: #751 John Stevens
6: #13 Austin Byrd

A very talented field of drivers were on hand for the 20 lap Sportsman feature. Kip Sawyer would take the lead as the green waved ahead of Hayden Cardwell, Sonny Husky and Quincy Adams. Cardwell wasn’t wasting any time as he used the low line to power past Sawyer into the lead. Adam Mitchell didn’t have the best qualifying lap in his #50 but he was picking them up pretty fast as he charged to the front. Warren McMahan was making his season debut at the 4-1-1 as he did battle with Jed Emert and Sylvan Schuette at the back half of the top five. Cardwell would pull away in the second half to pick up another win.

1: #07 Hayden Cardwell
2: #44 Kip Sawyer
3: #32 Quincy Adams
4: #50 Adam Mitchell
5: #6 Sonny Husky
6: #98 Jed Emert
7: #14 Sylvan Schuette
8: #33 Warren McMahan
9: #113 Chris McKinney
10: #7 Bill Norwood

The final race of the night would be the 20 lap Front Wheel Drive feature. James Burdette and Cody Rector would lead us to green ahead of the stacked field of competitors. The green waved and it was Rector who took the lead with Burdette, Jacob Sharp and Ray Wyatt giving chase. Trouble for the #7X of Michael Lambert as he pulled off track with issues and retired for the night. The fight for the lead was intense as Rector and Burdette battled it out door to door. Burdette would keep the pressure turned up on Rector but wouldn’t be able to ever find a way around. Rector would go on to pick up the win in a fantastic race.

1: #46 Cody Rector
2: #18 James Burdette
3: #F17 Raymond Fuson
4: #0 Jacob Sharp
5: #3 Blake Hendrick
6: #6 Jack Gresham
7: #2 Josh Ramsey
8: #27 Travis Leonard
9: #17 Gregory Wyatt
10: #24 Ricky Ritenour
11: #13 Joe Scalf
12: #N90 Nick Adams
13: #39 Bradley Owens
14: #75 Tyler Woodard
15: #72 Daryl Teefeteller
16: #7W Ray Wyatt
17: #7X Michael Lambert
18: #62 Jason Wilde

Friday July 30th 2021 | 411 Motor Speedway Results | Tennessee

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