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4.20.18 Bedford Fairgrounds Speedway Results

The racing weather in Bedford Friday night was winterlike cold, but Dave Troutman was hot for 25 laps. Troutman, who waited a decade between Bedford feature wins before scoring last week, jumped back in only seven days later to score again in Friday night action. The recent pair of wins doubled Troutmans career total to four Late Model wins at the track, the other both coming in late 2007. In other action, first time winners reigned as Kyle Ganoe scored his first career 305 win and Troy Johnson took the EMod event. Josh Frankenberry took the Pure Stock event before Wayne Brenize ended his short retirement with a 4 Cylinder win.

A bit of luck accompanied Troutman for the evening. As only the second event of the season, the lineup was determined by pill draw and Troutman was not handicapped in the field as the recent featuire winner. Then Troutman again benefitted as front row starters DJ Troutman and Nathan Lasalle both failed to answer the call for the start, moving him two spots forward.

Chuck Clise led the field to the green flag, but Troutman shot ahead on the first lap. Troutman led as Clise held off the pressure of both Jeff Rine and Gene Knaub. That trio closed on the leader by lap 14, as Troutman encountered lapped traffic, but Troutman got by cleanly. Knaub made the big move in the action, clearing both Rine and Clise on lap 14 to set out after Troutman.

Troutman hekd the distance for a few laps but Knaub closed dramatically over the last few laps before running out of time and settling for second. Rine, Clise and Andy Haus completed the top five. Knaub and Lasalle won the heats.

Late Model heat two was bizarre as Matt Parks dominated the distance until he dropped out with a fuel pump issue. As DJ Troutman inherited the lead with two to go, his motor erupted, giving the lead to Matt Sponaugle who also retired before the lap was completed. That gave the last lap win to Lasalle who lost a motor taking the checkered flag.

Kyle Ganoe took measure of the 305 event leading from the drop of the green. Ryan Lynn and Scott Lutz went at it for second the whole distance, alternately closing on the leader and falling back. As the laps wound down they closed on Ganoe with Drew Ritchey in hot pursuit but they finished in that order. Ron Aurand was fifth. Heats went to Ganoe ad Lynn

In only his second career Bedford visit, Troy Johnson took measure of the EMod field. He shot by Rick Singleton on the first lap and never looked back. Opening day winner Mike Altobelli Jr came from sixth to close on Johnson late but Johnson was never threatened seriously.

Altobelli, Alyssa Rowe Drake Troutman and Mike Meck completed the top five in the depleted field.

Josh Frankenberry led the field in the Pure Stock event, holding off a mob for the win. He got by Shawn Shoemaker at the start, then held sway as two Weyandts chased him down near the end. The Weyandts closed but did not threaten Frankenberry as he scored the win in the division’s opening act of 2018. Kyle Weyandt beat out Erik Weyandt for second, Dalton Ritchey came from tenth to get fourth followed by Barry Weyandt. Preston Imler and Frankenberry won the heats.

Wayne Brenize’s retirement from 4 Cylinder racing lasted only one week as he returned and won the evening closing event. Brenize started last in the field as a late arrival and picked his way forward as Steve Frederick led. Frederick looked to be on his way to a first career win with Brenize in pursuit, until he overshot the runway and blasted the turn one wall on lap 11.

With Frederick limping around, Brenize led the last lap for the win. Todd Price, Garrett Watkins, Chris Reckner and Adam Pluebell trailed.

LATE MODELS 25 LAPS 1 Dave Troutman, Gene Knaub, Jeff Rine, Chuck Clise, Andy Haus, Jaymie Beck Matt Parks, DNS Nathan Lasalle, DJ Troutman, Matt Sponaugle.

305 SPRINT 20 LAPS 1 Kyle Ganoe Ryan Lynn, Scott Lutz, Drew Ritchey, Ron Aurand, Reed Thompson, Jim Kennedy, Brad Mellott, Bob Garvey Jr, Ray Sheetz, Donnie Hendershot, Jonathan Jones, Eric Husick, Matt Kline, Randy Sterling, DNS Jimmy White, Jim Kanooski

EMOD 18 LAPS 1 Troy Johnson, Mike Altobelli J, Alyssa Rowe, Drake Troutman, Mike Meck, Rick Singleton, Dave Brown, Mike Altobelli Sr

PURE STOCK 15 LAPS 1 Josh Frankenberry, Kyle Weyandt, Erik Weyandt, Dalton Ritchey, Barry Wewyandt, Trent Clark, Laura Chamberlain, Dave Lambert, Dakota Foor, Denny Pittman, Nathan Gilliland, James Foor, Delmar Delmar Donlan, Darren Howsare, Shawn Shoemaker, Preston Imler, DNS Kevin Weyandt, David Reaugh

4 CYLINDER 12 LAP 1 Wayne Brenize, Todd Price, Garrett Watkins, Chris Reckner, Adam Pluebell, Rusty Martin, Steve Frederick, Dustin Kinser