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4.20.18 NeSmith Late Models Results

CAMDEN, TN – Christian Hanger of Winchester, TN swept the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series National Tour season opener on Friday night in the series’ first visit to Camden Speedway.  Hanger was the Fast Qualifier to earn the pole for the main event, and led all 40 laps for his first career series victory in the Hanger’s Hardwood Flooring CVR. 


In Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Qualifying, Hanger topped a 34-car field with a lap around Camden Speedway in 14.893 seconds.  By leading all 40 laps; that earned Hanger the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Roll With Cole Award.


               The defending and two-time NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series National Champion Cory Hedcock of Loudon, TN opened the season charging to second from his seventh starting spot in the Eagle Racing Engines Rocket. 


The 2017 Cruise With The Champions Rookie of the Year and 2017 National Championship Runner Up Grant Garrison of Walton, KY finished third in the Darrell Lanigan Racing Special.  Ashton Winger of Senoia, GA took the fourth spot in the Keyser Manufacturing Rocket and was the Cruise With The Champions Rookie of the Race. 


Eric Hickerson of Linden, TN was fifth, and sixth went to Logan Brown of White Bluff, TN.  Jamey Boland of Cuba, AL finished seventh in the Boland Performance Trak-Star, and Jake Knowles of Rome, GA was eighth in the Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Rocket.


               Chad Stapleton of Edinburgh, IN finished ninth in the SSI/Jason Clarkson Logging Special.  Colton Horner of Katy, TX started 11th after winning the first 12-lap B-Main Race, and rounded out the top ten in the Houston Specialty Products Special. 


Bryant Marsh of Corinth, MS started 24th and finished 14th in the Modern Woodmen Trak-Star to earn the Beyea Headers Hard Charger of the Race Award.  The second 12-lap B-Main Race was won by Andy Picklesimer of Ooltewah, TN in the Hyma Motorsports Special.


               Hanger took the lead from the pole position at the start of the race followed by Garrison, Hickerson, Brown, and Hedgecock.  The green flag gave way to the yellow caution flag on lap 1 to necessitate a complete restart after a multi-car pileup.  Hanger once again grabbed the lead followed by Garrison, Hickerson, Brown, and Hedgecock.


               The second caution flag came out on lap three for T.J. Brittain of Centre, AL in the Brittain Hauling Warrior.  Hanger was out front in a row all by himself for the Dixie-Style Double-File Restart with Garrison, Hickerson, Hedgecock, Winger, Brown, Stapleton, Boland, Knowles, and Ben Brocato of Muscle Shoals, AL in the ABC Cash Register Special doubled-up behind the leader.


               Hanger maintained the lead, but by lap 12, Garrison had closed to with two tenths of second behind the point man.  The third caution flag of the race came out on lap 16 for Matt Henderson of Loudon, TN on the backstretch to bunch up the field.  Hanger led Garrison, Hickerson, Hedgecock, Winger, Brown, Stapleton, Boland, Knowles, and Brocato down for the restart.


               After the field went back to green flag action, Hanger pulled out to a 1.4 second lead over Garrison, who was busy trying to hold off Hedgecock for the second spot.  The battle for second heated up on lap 28, and Hedgecock made the pass on lap 29.  With ten laps to go, Hanger held a 1.4 second lead over Hedgecock.


               Hedgecock began to run down Hanger in the closing laps, but a lap 33 caution flag for Jerry Green of Knoxville, TN in turn four let the whole field close in on Hanger.  The restart saw Hedgecock, Garrison, Winger, Hickerson, Brown, Boland, Knowles, Stapleton, and Horner doubled up behind Hanger. 


Hanger stayed out in front of the field, but a lap 39 caution flag for Ben Brocato of Muscle Shoals, AL in turn two before the white flag came out set up a green, white, checkered finish.  Hanger took off at the drop of the green flag, and two laps later he took the checkered flag for the win with a .819 second margin of victory.


The Battle for the 2018 Durrence Layne Chevrolet Cup that will go to the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series National Champion moves to North Alabama Speedway in Tuscumbia, AL on Saturday night.  Round 2 of the season will pay $2,500-to-win and will be 50 laps in distance.


For more information and rules about the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series, visit the series web site at, or visit the series on Facebook at NeSmith Racing.  Becoming a fan of the NeSmith Racing Facebook page will make you eligible for special prizes that will be given away each month.  You can follow us on Twitter @NeSmithRacing.




POS       STRT    CAR #   DRIVER                             HOMETOWN                   LAPS     $ WON
1.            1             29           Christian Hanger             Winchester, TN                40           $2,000
2.            7             23           Cory Hedgecock               Loudon, TN                       40           $1,000
3.            3             1             Grant Garrison                Walton, KY                       40           $700
4.            6             12           Ashton Winger (R)          Senoia, GA                         40           $550
6.            5             B10        Logan Brown                    White Bluff, TN                40           $425
7.            4             232        Jamey Boland                   Cuba, AL                            40           $375
8.            8             66           Jake Knowles                   Rome, GA                          40           $350
9.            9             32           Chad Stapleton                 Edinburgh, IN                   40           $325
10           11           56jr       Colton Horner                  Katy, TX                            40           $300
11.          17           4             Joe Mike                            Mayfield, KY                    40           $275
12.          15           95           Brandon Williams           Crossville, TN                   40           $250
13.          16           18           David Seibers                    Chapel Hill, TN                40           $225
14.          24           1b           Bryant Marsh                   Corinth, MS                      40           $200
15.          23           19           Marcus Minga                  Shannon, MS                     40           $175
16.          22           14           Jerry Green                      Knoxville, TN                   40           $150
17.          19           00           Bronson Berry                  Huntingdon, TN                40           $140
18.          21           05           T.J. Brittain                      Centre, AL                         39           $125
19.          10           22           Austin Burns                     Georgetown, IN                39           $125
20.          13           713        Ben Brocato                      Muscle Shoals, AL           37           $125
21.          12           P1          Andy Picklesimer            Ooltewah, TN                    31           $125
22.          18           19h        Matt Henderson             Loudon, TN                       14           $125
23.          14           C6          Oakley Johns                    Clifton, TN                        11           $125
24.          20           94           Jordan Hedger                 Covington, KY                  0             $125


PROVISIONALS:  Minga and Marsh
LAP LEADER:  Hanger, 1-40
BEYEA HEADERS HARD CHARGER AWARD:  Marsh (started 24th and finished 14th)

MARGIN OF VICTORY:  .819 Seconds
TIME OF THE RACE:  34 Minutes and 31.616 Seconds

NEXT EVENT:  Saturday, April 21, North Alabama Speedway, Tuscumbia, AL, $2,500-To-Win, 50 Laps




1. 29 Christian Hanger, Winchester, TN – 14.893
2. 1 Grant Garrison, Walton, KY – 14.952
3. B10 Logan Brown, White Bluff, TN – 15.054
4. 23 Cory Hedgecock, Loudon, TN – 15.069
5. 32 Chad Stapleton, Edinburgh, IN – 15.134
6. 56jr Colton Horner, Katy, TX – 15.146
7. 713 Ben Brocato, Muscle Shoals, AL – 15.194
8. 95 Brandon Williams, Crossville, TN – 15.210
9. 05 T.J. Brittain, Centre, AL – 15.253
10. 4 Joe Mike, Mayfield, KY – 15.256
11. 19 Marcus Minga, Shannon, MS – 15.325
12. 00 Bronson Berry, Huntingdon, TN – 15.332
13. 00g Ben Garner, Greenfield, TN – 15.444
14. 1b Bryant Marsh, Corinth, MS – 15.449
15. 15 Jason Britton, Alexander City, AL – 15.540
16. 10 Ronnie Cooper, McKenzie, TN – 15.596
17. 115 Cody Gentry, Arlington, TN – 15.647
18. 78 Matt Brocato, Muscle Shoals, AL  – 15.909


1. 98 Eric Hickerson, Linden, TN – 14.917
2. 232 Jamey Boland, Cuba, AL – 14.955
3. 12 Ashton Winger (R), Senoia, GA – 15.071
4. 66 Jake Knowles, Rome, GA – 15.129
5. 22 Austin Burns, Georgetown, IN – 15.160
6. P1 Andy Picklesimer, Ooltewah, TN – 15.177
7. C6 Oakley Johns, Clifton, TN – 15.188
8. 18 David Seibers, Chapel Hill, TN – 15.207
9. 17jr Tyler Wood, Lobelville, TN – 15.210
10. 94 Jordan Hedger, Covington, KY – 15.295
11. 73 Ashley Newman, Ripley, TN – 15.333
12. 8a Scott Cook, Shelbyville, TN – 15.480
13. 19h Matt Henderson, Loudon, TN – 15.521
14. 14 Jerry Green, Knoxville, TN – 15.522
15. 6jr Parker Martin (R), Milledgeville, GA – 18.800
16. 2 Adam Ray, Smithland, KY – NT


B-MAINS (12 Laps – Top 6 Transfer To Main Event):


               1ST B-MAIN:  1. Horner; 2. B. Brocato; 3. Williams; 4. Mike; 5. Berry; 6. Brittain; 7. Marsh; 8. Garner; 9. Minga; 10. Gentry; 11. Cooper; 12. M. Brocato; 13. Britton.


               2ND B-MAIN:  1. Picklesimer; 2. Johns; 3. Seibers; 4. Henderson; 5. Hedger; 6. Green; 7. Cook; 8. Martin (R); 9. Wood; 10. Newman; 11. Ray DNS.



Durrence Layne Chevrolet, Buick, GMC of Claxton, GA is the Title Sponsor of the NeSmith Late Models.  Durrence Layne Chevrolet, Buick, GMC is one of the nation’s top GM Powertrain and Performance Dealers, with free delivery anywhere in the Southeast.  Chevrolet Performance Parts is an Official Sponsor of the NeSmith Late Models.  Hoosier Racing Tire is the Official Tire Sponsor of the NeSmith Late Models.  VP Racing Fuels and Lubricants is the Official Race Fuel and Lubricant of the NeSmith Late Models. is an Associate Sponsor of the NeSmith Late Models.  Beyea Headers the NeSmith Late Model Hard Charger Sponsor.  Knowles Race Parts and Bodies is the Official Parts Supplier for the NeSmith Late Models.  Cruise With The Champions is the Official Vacation and Rookie of the Year Sponsor for the NeSmith Late Models.  David Smith Carburetors is the Official Carburetor of NeSmith Racing.  Freestyle Graphix is the Official Wrap, Banner, and Sign Company of NeSmith Racing.  NeSmith Late Model Contingency Sponsors for 2017 are Out-Pace Performance, CrateInsider.Com, Knowles Racing Parts and Bodies, and FreeStyle Graphix.  2018 Chassis Sponsors are Trak-Star Race Cars, Warrior Race Cars, Rocket Chassis, GRT Race Cars, and CVR Race Cars.

PHOTO CUTLINE:  Christian Hanger of Winchester, TN swept the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series National Tour season opener on Friday night in the series’ first visit to Camden Speedway.  Hanger was the Fast Qualifier to earn the pole for the main event, and led all 40 laps for his first career series victory in the Hanger’s Hardwood Flooring CVR.  (NeSmith Media Photo)