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4.20.18 Sooner Late Model Series Results

By John Rittenoure, ARDMORE, Okla. (April 20, 2018) – Lady luck struck at the worst time for Jason Redman, but it paid off big for Nate Jantz in the Sooner Late Model Series season opener at Southern Oklahoma Speedway on Friday.
Redman jumped into the early lead and raced unchallenged through most of the 25-lap main event. But heading for the white flag smoke suddenly poured from under the hood of the defending champions late model and he coasted into the infield off turn three. Jantz raced to the white flag and led the final lap for the victory.
“I hated to see that with Jason,” Jantz said of Redman’s misfortune. “We race a lot together and he is a solid dude. But you have to take them however you can get them.”
Jantz started third and passed Kip Hughes for second on lap six but was unable to challenge Redman despite two restarts that tightened up the field.
“I don’t know if he changed his line or his motor started going away on him,” Jantz said.I ” certainly could not have passed him.:
Working towards the front was a difficult task for those farther back in the pack.
“There was one patch of mosture in (turn) four and down here (turns 1-2) was slick,” Jantz said, “There were holes that upset the car. I am glad we started third. It would have been hard to come from the back.”
The win might be a good sign for Jantz who is now on a two-race win streak.
“Last year we won our heat and feature in the last race at Meeker, so we picked up where we left off. Maybe we can continue that,” recalled Jantz.
After winning his heat race Redman was just a lap away from a sweep when misfortune struck.
“It felt good. I could go around the bottom with no problem,” said Redman. “I think we lost a motor,” Redman said. “It shook real bad so I knocked it out of gear and shut it off.
“It is a good car and it was dialed in. We just have to get the power plant figured out.”
Chasing Jantz across the finish line was Kip Hughes in his new crate late model. Mark Harrison advanced from the rear of the field to finish ahead of Steven Hawkins and Jay Sale in fourth and fifth respectively.
Sooner Late Model Series
Southern Oklahoma Speedway
April 20, 2018
Car count: 16
Heat 1 (10 laps) – 1. 36-Jason Redman; 2. 1-Eddie Tidwell; 3. 33-Steven Hawkins; 4. 15-Wayne Bush; 5. 57-Mark Shipman; 6. 31-Samy Wilson; 7. 4T-T.J. Sale.
Heat 2 (10 laps) – 1. 99J-Nate Jantz; 2. 4-Kip Hughes; 3. 64-Jay Sale; 4. ZZ-Sloppy Hogg; 5. 55-Zach Nickell; 6. 77-David Lane; 7. 13-David Moore. 8. 81-Mark Harrison.
A Feature (25-laps) – 1. 99J-Nate Jantz; 2. 4-Kip Hughes; 3. 81-Mark Harrison; 4. 33-Steven Hawkins; 5. 64-Jay Sale; 6. 1-Eddie Tidwell; 7. ZZ-Soppy Hogg; 8. 15-Wayne Bush; 9. 4T-T.J. Sale; 10. 36-Jason Redman; 11. 13-David Moore; 12. 57-Mark Shipman; 13. 77-David Lane; 14. 31-Samy Wilson; DNS: 55-Zach Nickell.
Lap Leaders: Jason Redman 1-23, Nate Jantz 24-25.