9.22.17 Patriot Sprint Tour Results - Dirt Racing Report

9.22.17 Patriot Sprint Tour Results

(Dundee, NY) Sprint car veteran, Chuck Hebing proved Friday night at Outlaw Speedway that he still has it by scoring his second consecutive Outlaw Fall Nationals crown over Joe Trenca and Jason Shultz.

After four qualifying heats that were won by Jared Zimbardi, Scott Kreutter, Jonathan Preston, and Chuck Hebing, a six-lap dash would determine the top eight starters for the 30-lap A-Main. Romulus driver, Jonathan Preston would take the win and start on the pole.

Preston and teenage driver, Jordan Thomas would bring the 27-car field to the green with Preston immediately sliding to the top to take the high lane from Jordan Thomas. Hebing however, who started seventh immediately took the low line putting him in the second position immediately behind Preston.

Preston would lead the first ten laps with Hebing and Thomas close behind in lap traffic. The first caution would come out on lap ten as Derrick Juliano and George Suprick got together on the bottom of turn two.

It was double file restarts all night so Preston and Hebing would bring the field back to green where Hebing would get a great run on the outside on the next following restart clearing Preston going into corners three and four. As the field was heading into the turns, Paulie Colagiovanni would flip end over end that would also collect Steve Collins and Coleman Gulick bringing out the red flag. Gulick was able to remain racing, as Colagiovanni and Collins night would be done after ten laps.

Hebing would again get by Jonathan Preston for the top spot with Scott Kreutter, and Jordan Thomas, who was running third and fourth at the time got by Preston for the two other podium positions.

Lap traffic would continue to play a contributing factor as Scott Kreutter and Jordan Thomas would battle for the race lead against Hebing. Joe Trenca, Jonathan Preston, and Jason Shultz Jared Zimbardi would also battle for position.

Then on lap 17, Derrick Juliano would get in Hebing’s way entering three and four making contact between the two but Hebing was able to continue and maintain the lead prior to the yellow.

Hebing would once again take the race lead with Kreutter not too far behind as Joe Trenca was able to get by Thomas for third and where he would continue to track down Kreutter for second. On lap 22, Trenca would get a great run on the outside of Kreutter and get by him for the runner up spot.

A few laps later, Kreutter would lose his left front tire causing him to spin several times in front of the field bringing out another yellow. A fuel stop was required and teams were given five minutes to re-fuel and make tire pressure adjustments with six laps to go.

Hebing would go on to lead the final six laps and take his second consecutive Outlaw Fall Nationals over Joe Trenca, Jason Shultz, Jonathan Preston, and Jordan Thomas. Jordan Thomas crossed the line third at the checkers but was docked two spots due to a restart violation docking him two positions.

Davie Franek picked up traditional Evingham Site Excavation Dash for cash where Josh Weller and Coleman Gulick scored the B-Main events.

Jared Zimbardi was officially crowned the 2017 PST-American Series championship, his fifth of his career which is now the most in series history.

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PST/URC/ESS Outlaw Fall Nationals Quick Results

A Main: 1) 45-CHUCK HEBING (2), 2) 98-Joe Trenca 3) 79-Jordan Thomas 4) 29-Jason Shultz 5) 22-Jonathan Preston 6) 63-Josh Weller 7) 47-Kyle Drum 8) 14-Coleman Gulick 9) 5G-Curt Michael 10) 28F-Davie Franek 11) 36-Matt Billings 12) 97-Cory Turner 13) 19K-Paul Kinney 14) 48jr-Darryl Ruggles 15) 14W-Brett Wright 16) 67W-Justin Whittall 17) 81-Derek Jonathan 18) 35-Jared Zimbardi 19) 49-Scott Kreutter 20) 1J-Derrick Juliano 21) 67-Steve Collins 22) 77-Derek Locke 23) 10PC Paulie Colagiovanni 24) 19G-Todd Gracey 25) 87-George Suprick 26) 10C-Jeff Cook 27) 28Kieth Prutsman

Heat 1: 1) 35-Jared Zimbardi 2) 19k-Paul Kinney 3) 1J-Derrick Juliano 4) 47-Kyle Drum 5) 28F-Davie Franek 6) 48jr-Darryl Ruggles 7) 22r-Mike Koehler 8) 28-Kieth Prutsman 9) 121-Will Glover 10) 10LC-Kelly Hebing

Heat 2: 1) 49-Scott Kreutter 2) 77-Derek Locke 3) 67-Steve Collins 4) 5G-Curt Michael 5) 10PC-Paulie Colagiovanni 6) 63-Josh Weller 7) 99k-Dan Kuhn 8) 75-Tommy Wickham 9) 3-Denny Peebles 10) 53-Shaun Donath

Heat: 3: 1) 22-Jonathan Preston 2) 79-Jordan Thomas 3) 36-Matt Billings 4) 67W-Justin Whittall 5) 10C-Jeff Cook 6) 14-Coleman Gulick 7) 91-Scott Holcomb 8) 14W-Brett Wright 9) 5t-Darrel Bragman

Heat 4: 1) 45-Chuck Hebing 2) 97-Cory Turner 3) 98-Joe Trenca 4) 81-Derek Jonathan 5) 29-Jason Shultz 6) 19G- Todd Tracey 7) 87*- Jason Barney 8) 87-George Suprick 9) X-Dan Bennett

Evingham Site Excavation 9-14 Dash

1)28F-Davie Franek 2) 97-Cory Turner 3) 10PC-Paulie Colagiovanni 4) 29-Jason Shultz 5) 5G-Curt Michael 6) 19K-Paul Kinney

Evingham Site Excavation Pole Dash: 1) 22: Jonathan Preston 2) 79-Jordan Thomas 3) 49-Scott Kreutter 4) 98-Joe Trenca 5) 35-Jared Zimbardi 6) 77-Derek Locke 7) 45-Chuck Hebing 8) 67-Steve Collins